That was when Doyle decided to make one more circle to check the runway. The stunning super STOL favorite, Draco, was totaled in a takeoff accident this week as owner Mike Patey attempted to leave Reno-Stead after the National Championship Air Races.

For a builder, this method allows a quick and simple build of an airframe that is square and true. "We definitely had a better day Saturday than Sunday," he said. Proceeds from the SUN ‘n FUN Holiday Flying Festival and Car Show will benefit education and scholarship programs at the Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE). Byrd’s is located in … This round will be open to all competitors, with up to 125 competing for the top six spots in their class. Additional features include the display of outside air temperature, groundspeed, true airspeed and wind on the attitude indicator. Lesson #1 – If the crosswinds make taxiing difficult, taking off won’t be any easier. During World War II, General Motors shifted gears from making cars to building warbirds. The worst thing you can do is to baby the engine.

Open Practice will be Dec. 3, with the first round of competitions on Dec. 4. A Bonnier Corporation Company.

Its a trap commonly succumbed to among all of us across the ranks. According to the Board’s report (PDF), the aircraft came in too fast and bounced on landing, touching down a total of four times before the right main landing gear collapsed. The plane appears to be a total loss but on the positive side, there are a few things that pilots can learn from the Draco crash.

Probable cause: The pilot's improper preflight fuel planning and in-flight fuel management, which resulted in fuel exhaustion and the subsequent total loss of engine power. Probable cause: The non-instrument-rated pilot's improper decision to conduct a flight in which instrument meteorological conditions existed along the route of flight, which resulted in spatial disorientation and a loss of airplane control. Though some pilots have told me this is flogging a dead horse, a few recent fatal events have revived that horse, and it’s important that pilots and aircraft designers should revisit the corral. Patey noted that there were multiple warning signs prior to takeoff that should have made him rethink the decision to continue. Some links on this website may be affiliate links. I don't know the dates when it started, but it faded out and was replaced by Valdez in around 2006. I choose to fly, both literally and figuratively. My name is Kevin. Big Tire Pilots - STOL Pilots- Backcountry Pilots- Mountain Pilots has 22,509 members. NTSB Cites Pilot Error In Earnhardt Crash, NASA Begins Wind Tunnel Testing For Electric X-Plane Props, FAA Wraps Up UAS Integration Pilot Program, Canada Launches Advanced Air Mobility Consortium, Can A Computer Think Like A Pilot? The pilot "couldn't quite make the runway, and got crossways in the gravel," shearing off the left landing gear, as Doyle recalls. This was the first warning sign. "There's been some controversy over whether we should have pressed the 911 button" on the transmitter, Doyle said. What Pilots Can Learn From The Draco Crash.

Now that’s something to get excited about, Of Wings & Things by Frederick A. Johnsen, Bomber escort failed, but chin turret scored, GA envisioned a plane for everyone after World War II, Confession: I’m superstitious about shoes. Lesson #3 – If you don’t like the conditions once you’re lined up on the runway, abort the takeoff. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In a final accident report published on Wednesday, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found decisions made by the pilot and copilot to be the probable cause of the 2019 crash of a Cessna Citation 680 business jet carrying former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., his wife, Amy, and their 1-year-old daughter, Isla.