Significantly, Sontag was a lesbian who had a long-term relationship with Annie Liebovitz, a purveyor, in her staged and artificial photography style, of camp, or, more accurately, bad lesbian camp. Forster’s Maurice: A Revolution Out of Time, To Barbara Gittings, 1932-2007: Thank You, EU Countries Divided on Same-Sex Marriage, How ‘santorum’ Helped Defeat Rick Santorum, Burnout Revisited: Women’s Cultural Spaces, Gerry Studds, First Out Congressman, Dies at 69, Terrence McNally: Dramaturgist of a Gay Century, Italy: Politics under the Vatican’s Glare, Apathy Is the Enemy in Wisconsin Ballot Battle, ‘My sexuality gives me a place to stand.’, Vern Bullough, Our Greatest Sexologist, Dies at 77, Armistead Maupin: Leaping to the Big Screen, Marriage Amendments Assault Religious Freedom, Dreaming Opera: Adapting Before Night Falls, Equality Riders Challenge Campus Homophobia, Becoming a Man (it’s harder than it looks), What Ode to Billy Joe (the Movie) Disclosed in ’76, Poland: Gay Pride Parade Is Attacked in Kraków, Israel: Island of Tolerance in the Mideast, Tim Kirkman: Storyteller of Human Complexity.

Is Katy ‘I Kissed a Girl’ Perry Homophobic? Examples would include the exaggerated and stylized streetwalker–stripper fashion co-opted by many contemporary pop music celebrities, from Rihanna to Britney and Christina on down, a performative femininity by females filtered through drag queens that has transmogrified into an arguably more “avant-garde” style (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj) characterized by hyper-self-referentiality, extreme hyperbole, a crudely obvious, unnuanced female sexuality, and even a vaguely pornographic sensibility which, unhappily, is post-feminist to the point of misogyny: a capitulation to the male gaze and classic tropes of objectification to be found only in the worst nightmares of Laura Mulvey. Camp, in other words. She received her B.A. Also gibt es schon auch immer noch bestimmte Hintergründe und Stabilisierungen, die diesen Camp-Effekt noch hervorbringen können.

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. Camp itself should almost be defined as a kind of madness, a rip in the fabric of reality that we need to reclaim in order to defeat the truly inauthentic, cynical, and deeply reactionary camp—or anti-camp—tendencies of the new world order. New Orleans: Birthplace of Lesbian Romance? True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen. Und er dekontextualisiert diese kleine Ballerina und bläst sie auf. Warum brauche ich dann eigentlich Camp noch? (Judi Dench as J. Edgar’s mother telling him she would rather have a dead son than a “daffodil” is quintessentially camp.)

The essay attracted interest in Sontag. It felt like a privilege to pick up this book.

Also er gibt sich nicht distanziert zu diesem glamourösen Trash, wie er es beschreibt, sondern er gibt sich dem voll hin. Welcome back.

One need look no further than battered-wife-syndrome star Rihanna or super-conventional, baby-bump exhibitionist Beyoncé, both utterly content to promote themselves tirelessly in the traditional, subservient wife and/or mother roles.

If I have expressed a rather depressing and unhopeful analysis of camp, or perhaps what might now reasonably be termed “anti-camp,” I can only offer by way of an antidote an express wish to radicalize camp once again, to harness its æsthetic and political potentialities in order to make it once more a tool of subversion and revolution.

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. I didn’t want to go to work tomorrow and thought I’d get off because of the snow but it looks like we’re not getting any. Koons steht für Kitsch-Art - eine Kunst, die mit der Ästhetik der Massenkultur spielt. Roenneke: Das ist schon eine grundlegende Komponente.