Sale, Baby Doll Yorkshire Terriers For Sale, Gorgeous little Honey: SOLD Honey is too beautiful for words! We have a white male available. Little Aramis is a miracle puppy! Lucy is our pretty baby dollface yorkie puppy X Maltese.Our little Lucy has been adopted by Janis & Denis from Windsor.Congratulations on your little Lucy. Our puppies are so loving & are perfect for families. Max is so gorgeous and he is perfect size. !Our puppies are friendly, playful and healthy!! (Morkie, Linnois, Yorktese are all names for combinations of Maltese mixed with Yorkshire Terrieror Yorkies. But all our puppies are very lovely and healthy and beautiful. Beautiful Bella is sold to Tanya and her daughter from Sudbury!We breed our beautiful Maltese with our gorgeous Yorkshire Terriers to give you the prettiest & healthiest Morkie puppies you have ever seen!We have a T-Cup Yorkshire Terrier puppies X  Maltese puppies for sale on our TEACUP PAGE.PARENTS OF PUPPIES ARE YORKSHIRE TERRIER DOG     X    TINY  MALTESE DOGYou are welcome to meet mom and dad when you meet their puppies.Both mom and dad are very sweet and their puppies are very friendly and playful and will make excellent pets for your family.

Dallas, little Benji and Trixie are sold! He comes to work with me and is enjoyed by all my co-workers as well as my clients. Quote from Michelle, his owner:"He's so wonderful and affectionate. He loves to play with them on his morning walks. This is the best health guarantee offered with any puppy purchase in North America. Tiny Teacup Charlie is sold! Our gorgeous Timmy is sold. I just wanted to give you an update on precious Butler aka Biggie! He fits into the family so well and made the transition easily. He looks so adorable! We do not breed any Yorkies or Maltese even though we could. I can't thank you enough for sharing this wonderful gift with me. Some puppies take after the Maltese and have thicker coats and some have thinner coats like the Yorkshire Terrier dog has. After that we began to see her bright, playful little personality come out! Keep in touch!!! It made me laugh so hard. Our Teacup Morkie puppies Toxic to my Morkie (dog).

She is one of our golden morkie females, now an adult, living with Claudette and her family from Windsor, On. Marty aka Tommy enjoying fall with Trevor! Wants to be friends, very sociable and loving. He was the easiest dog ever to train and he is so obedient and loving...cannot imagine our lives without him. Our Gorgeous Golden male Morkie puppy, Sold.

They have an older cockapoo named Skipper, he lets Abbey lay on top of him. This is Abbey with her owner, Trevor enjoying their boat! Why Men are Never Depressed Lisa had her beloved rare white Powder Puff Chinese crested dog, "Kizmit" stolen from her. Definitely a favorite! Below are pictures of our Morkie puppies from previous litter, all of these are now sold. "Wow!" Little Shadow Morkie has been adopted by Susan, Alley, Matthew and Peter from Toronto. Trisha is the sweetest puppy, she lets tiny Ribbons play with her, she rolls on her back so she doesn't hurt her. Thank you so much for raising him as well as you did since birth. Also you see her temperament, so sweet & gentle, she is amazing! Not shy or too nervous like most small dogs she sees. Our morkies are worth the wait!All of these morkie puppies from this litter are so beautiful and their temperaments are excellent.They are playful, but calm and smart little dogs. We have beautiful female and male Morkie Morkies available and ready for the end of July 2011. Thundering Hill Very Tiny Yorkies 2 1/2 -3Lbs. Our little Blossom/Hello Kitty morkie is going home with Dany and Neena from Sudbury, Ontario.Tiny Blossom morkie is one of the tiniest morkie puppies we have ever had. I'm bright & gorgeous because I'm so healthy!

Winston has been adopted to William from Toronto and will play with his daughter's puppy, Travis. He is friendly, playful and the nicest little morkie boy.Pete/Nu Nu morkie is sold to Janya from Sault Ste Marie. A special thanks to all the families who adopted from us!

Violet is sold to Patricia from Calgary, Alberta. He has made many friends in the neighbourhood, other dogs as well as many of the children. We breed sound health and all of our puppies have amazing temperaments.Our clients are more then satisfied! Estimated adult weight is 6-7lbs. At we care deeply about the health of both our parents and our puppies and their futures. If you are looking for a Maltese | Yorkie puppy and you live in Toronto, Mississaga, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, we are very close to you. Unfortunately many breeders give little thought to what they are breeding and have only started breeding Morkies or maltipoos or yorkiepoos because they realize it is such a fast growing popularity trend.They are not concerned about quality, rather they just want to sell a "popular" puppy.We do not breed anything "Poo". WE OWN YOUR PUPPY'S MOM AND DAD! He is only 3 1/2 lbs. She says he is more beautiful then she thought he would be. Puppies will be picked in order of deposits received.

Stunning, tiny male, James is estimated to be 5-6 lbs estimated adult weight.

Thanks for looking after our Pup. She is adopted by Jennifer and family,  She is adopted to Jennifer, husband and their daughter, from Mississauga.

This little guy holds his head up with pride, he is extremely intelligent.He also likes to burrow his way into my arm and stay there until he falls asleep. Blossom has personality,she is a little sweetie and will cuddle with you, Her coat is amazing. She is such a joy, and we all love her, me especially. She is also Bailey, Davis and Tiny Timmy's sister. 3lbs. I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful princess Roxie is doing amazing. Ellie is doing great. Please get your morkie puppy from a reputable breeder. Teacup Morkies have nicer temperaments then Teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppies because the Maltese is the sweetest natured dog. Introducing little teacup Logan morkie puppy: SOLD. You're going to love this perfect puppy! Tiny, yorkie, Nanci at home with Morkie puppy "Becks". Notice the outstanding beauty in our puppies, how bright their eyes are, their beautiful coats and how happy and playful our puppies are! Black and tan or tri color Morkie Rex is small is a small build, tiny parents, but he is strong & solid so he will weigh 5-6lbs,Rex Morkie is sold and is going home with Nayera from Oakville.