The exclusive design kills and contains the mouse. There are no harmful chemicals or poisons, and all ingredients are food grade. Tomcat has you covered with effective rodent control products to help you deal with the problem. You’ll still have a bunch of unpleasant broken mouse bodies to deal with. You’ll need to smear the peanut butter on the inside of the glass. Although the snap tracks do work well, there are some electronic traps that can kill numerous mice within seconds and there is no unnecessary suffering involved. The advantage of wet pet food is that it is more likely to stay in the trap, whereas dry food may roll out. After baiting the trap, place it where mice are active. If for any reason you, the consumer, are not satisfied with this product, mail us your original proof of purchase to obtain a full refund of your purchase price. When the mouse eats the bait, it lessens the weight enough on the mechanism to spring the trap. Baiting is a crucial element of successful mouse trapping. With the other two, you’d have to check the trap more often to make sure the bait is still in place. Mice may seem cute on the surface, but don’t be fooled.

Glue mouse traps are usually used for mice and small juvenile rodents, and they are very easy to use and dispose of.In addition to being extremely user-friendly, these traps can be used on a number of other pests, including snakes, scorpions, spiders, and a variety of small insects. And that’s when you’ll get your mouse. If mice aren’t eating your bait, try something else or re-site the trap. Oily 'rub' marks on baseboards and walls. If you see a trap has been tripped and the food has gone, you’re using the wrong bait for that trap. If you use candy or nuts, they may not stick effectively. If you have put out the right kind of bait, are using the right type of traps, and you have put them in all the right places but still haven’t gotten anything, you may not even have mice. Place the traps in one night, don’t mess around too much, avoid toxic looking things and you are as good as gold. Pesticide-free, non-toxic way to effectively control mice. You can opt for premade traps, and learn how to set a mousetrap, or you can make your own trap. Remember to put the traps all over the house on the first night, as this will enhance your rates of success. Most glue traps are scented to attract mice to them anyway, but you can add bait too. We appreciate you taking the time to spread the word about the Pros! On top of all this, those sprung mousetraps don’t just disappear. This non-toxic spray kills larvae, eggs, and adult insects by breaking down their exoskeleton. And getting this scent all over the bait will cause the mouse to scurry away from it.The easiest way to solve this problem is to use gloves while handling your bait. If not, dispose of it properly by placing it into a bag and throw it out as soon as possible. If you have the wrong bait, the mice won’t be tempted in to the trap.

How can you stop a mouse stealing peanut butter from a trap, and is this really the kind of trap you should be using? The blow that killed him also busted the little plastic trap. Improves trap effectiveness. Ceiling and wall voids (specifically ones near a heat source). These usually have an enclosed bait tray so you can use any type of bait as it will not be knocked out. ® & ™ denote trademarks owned by or licensed to The Scotts Company LLC, its affiliates, or partners. Your Pests Are Not Mice. The two-way entry allows mice to enter the trap from either direction. You don't always see them, but they leave clear signs. If you need a bait which will stick to a trap rather than risk it rolling off, you can use a strong cream cheese as well. "border='0' width='88' height='15'><\/a>"), Reason #2: Your Traps Are in the Wrong Location, Reason #3: You’re Using the Wrong Type of Trap, Bonus Tip: How To Deal With Sneaky Ninja Mice, 4 Reasons Your Mouse Traps Aren’t Working, and How to Fix Them (+Bonus Tip!). Easy to use, the trap is great for tight spaces and sets with just one touch—AND, you don’t have to see the mouse to know it’s been caught. Are you slightly squeamish when it comes to seeing a dead mouse? 19 Commerce Park Rd Unit A It is also covered so kids and pets don't snap fingers or paws. Pocasset, MA 02559. Some of the best places to place mouse traps include: These are all places where mice are commonly found, so it is a good idea to put your traps in and around them. Tomcat is a name you can trust when it comes to mice and the Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel is no exception. This means you should either set the trap by pulling the lever back. If you have children, you should look for non toxic traps which won’t hurt them if they end up finding and touching them.

Get the trap you bought, place it where you want to. If you end up putting too much bait, it can overweigh the trap and trigger it on its own.

Setting your bait properly is just the tip of the iceberg.

All you need is a peanut size piece placed on or in your trap and the mice will come to feed.

If the trap has a bait well, sticky baits still work, or you can use seeds or candies.

I won't use those Tomcat plastic clamp-style ones again. Enjoy. Tomcat Live Catch Mouse Trap is a catch-and-release option for your mouse infestation. – Expert Advice. There are some tricks you can perform and get your mouse in no time. The teeth of the trap should be facing the wall.

Easy to use and easy to set, this trap is safer around kids and pets versus conventional wooden traps. "": Tomcat® Kill & Contain® Mouse Trap kills mice, guaranteed! Mice are animals which build nests and which tend to move in up to a 100 feet radius of this nest, and that’s more to find food than to explore.

One of the most popular types of trap is a baited mousetrap. You want mice gone, but everyone has different preferences when it comes to trapping and killing them. Remember, if you were a mouse you’d want to make sure your surroundings were safe first before you eat, too. Always read and follow the product label before use.

Provoke Professional Gel can be used with types of mouse trap. Now, remember that the most important bait you can have in this situation is patience. Place trap where rodents travel, between 10 and 30 feet from nest to their food source. Need an answer to a product question? *Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. And that’s exactly where you should place your traps. If you have put out the right kind of bait, are using the right type of traps, … © 2002-2020 The Scotts Company LLC, all rights reserved. The long nozzle on the tube is ideal for placing the bait on to any kind of trap, whether it’s a snap trap, mechanical or humane trap, and the smell had been designed to work just as well as peanut butter. Poor mouse, poor me. Too lightweight, insufficient tension to kill, probably too small to catch even a mouse. For the most effective rodent control, use a variety of Tomcat products together for a complete system. Electronic moue traps just need to be activated via a button. One big consideration is the bait you use. If mouse is not caught in 2-3 days, place trap in alternate location where mouse activity is suspected.

You are here: Home » Pest Pro News » Why Is My Mousetrap Not Working? The Tomcat® Mouse Snap Traps is the pesticide-free, non-toxic way to control mice. If you are not concerned about seeing the dead mouse or actually want to see the evidence, tomcat offers other highly effective, easy-to-use solutions.

It can be used with Tomcat® Attractant Gel to attract mice. Never handle bait with your bare hands. First of all, don't feel overwhelmed. One thing I learnt when trying to clear an infestation is that’s it’s not enough to just put bait down and hope for the best. , If you are using an ineffective trap, a regular mouse will most likely not fall for it. Many good baits are items which you find in most homes, but there are also professional baits which have been specially designed to lure mice. Mice have a sweet tooth, and will be attracted to any sugary smell, and the good news is they don’t mind what sweet treats you leave out.

Tomcat Mouse Snap Traps - Mouse Killer - Safer Around Children and Pets Than Conventional Wooden Traps, 2 Pack 3.8 out of 5 stars 441. Thanks for visiting, we all know how much of a pain mice can be, so i’m here to help you get rid of them! Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you can recall that peanut butter is the best bait for any kind of mouse trap.Sure, cheese is conventional bait, but peanut butter is so much easier to and more convenient to use. It's a chilling thought. Each pack contains six traps that are effective against mice, as well as other pests like insects and scorpions. It looks like you’ve got the video answer here in your comment as well as in an Answer below. You do the easiest of these tricks with a glass and some peanut butter.

A more advanced form of traditional mouse traps, the patented interlocking design makes escapes virtually impossible. Pro-Pest Rat and Mouse Lure is another professional bait to help you attract mice, and there is no danger to other animals.

So check so that it hasn’t fallen and triggered the trap or anything similar. Cape Cod Pest Pros

This is because you don’t want your child to get all the bait (and get hurt in the process). It won’t be able to resist your bait. Hi guys! Honey and jam: These are a good choice for any traps because, just like peanut butter, they will stick to any surface. Place trap where rodents frequently travel, usually between 10 and 30 feet from nest to their food source.

That’s all folks. Certain kinds of mouse traps are more effective than others, which is why it is important to find the right kind.

When you use the right type of bait in your traps, you will find that the likelihood of actually getting them will increase significantly. 4. Find out which product works best you. Effectively kill mice for clean and no-touch disposal. This is mostly because it will stay in place wherever you smear it, and it won’t fall or trip the trap. Baiting is a crucial element of successful mouse trapping. It’s easy, efficient and you don’t have to do anything but let us go to work. Click here to review us online. Tomcat Mouse Traps & Rodent Control Products - Tomcat Peanut butter contains fats and proteins which are both essential for a mouse’s diet.