Besides benefiting from the effectiveness of the police laser absorbing Veil coating, even if you have no such protection on your vehicle, suggesting that it’s not important if your detector has the ability to reliably alert to police laser is like suggesting that it’s not important if your detector isn’t able to alert to instant-on radar, especially if and when you are the one being targeted without any advanced warning. Additionally, you can see the current speed, the battery voltage, the altitude, and the time. Anyone who tells you that the ability of a radar detector to detect police laser is not important, either doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about or are trying to sell you expensive laser jammers, or both.

It’s not only the threats in front of us that we should be aware of. Near SPECTRE RDD (Radar Detector Detector) Immunity. Uniden R3 vs DFR9: Which Radar Detector is Better? Generally, with other detectors, it stays muted until the signal is lost and the detector finds the next detection. Once you drive by the source again, but the detector will stay muted. While Cobra and Whistler have in the past offered bright, colorful displays, Beltronics and Escort have been struggling to do so. The R7 has eight colors, which include red (default), white, violet, blue, amber, green, pink and grey. The manufacturer isn’t only important, so you can show off later. offers Canada’s best radar detectors, laser defence, and dash cameras. If you have any questions or comments about the Uniden R1 or R3 tell us in the comments below. Using DSP technology, the digital platform provides much more accurate frequency for highest performance, sensitivity, and false alert filtering. The Uniden R3 and R1 have three sensitivity settings: CITY, CITY2, and HIGHWAY. They can definitely spot a radar of any band from a long distance, giving you a lot of time for response. Your email address will not be published. In a number of instances, it even has the ability to retain satellite acquisition without a clear line of sight to the sky. The voice qualities and alert volumes of the Uniden R3 & Uniden R1 are exceptional and very discernible. amzn_assoc_linkid = "d42e813579ced77fd62610a4b865d29c"; Uniden, like Radenso, offers a very useful feature, called K NARROW, where the frequency range swept in the K-band region is reduced and more centered around a properly tuned police radar gun. They both feature blue color OLED displays. Especially with the R3, this is really the only detector you may ever need. Uniden R3 ($299) Best radar detector under $300. Unlike the sharpness and quickness of the R1’s and R3’s alerts to radar, detections to the laser last too long. We think that it’s safe to say that with these two radar detectors, the R1, and the R3, Uniden will no longer be a “sleeper” manufacturer within the radar detection industry.

CITY2 not only reduces K-band sensitivity, but also disables X-band if the band is not already disabled in the menu configuration.

They have additional K filter, Ka filter ad Traffic Sensor Filter. We soon learned that advanced filters do really help with the false alerts you get, mainly from other cars that you drive past, although with the Uniden R1 and the Uniden R3 you will still get some. Both Uniden radar detectors reviewed in this model are one of the best long-distance radar detectors, and that’s definitely a big plus. I would recommend you to never purchase a radar detector that doesn’t get firmware updates at all. That’s an accomplishment for the ages. 2020’s Best Dash Cameras [Top-Pick 2K] Thinkware QA100 Elite [Top-Pick 4K] Thinkware U1000 4K [Top-Pick] Blackvue DR900S 4K [Dual Lens] Uniden DC720 Recommended Power Management Blackvue B124x Battery Pack (6,000 mAh) Power Magic Pro, Radenso Theia is the next-generation radar detector, featuring AI technology "RAI" - the artificial intelligence software platform. In one sentence I can surmise this entire review: I believe the R1 and R3 are simply the best radar detectors you can drive with today, regardless of price. What RLC (red light camera) quiet ride allows for is the setting of a speed that if you drive below it, the detector will not provide an audio alert to  red light cameras that may be located just off of a highway at the end of an off ramp . Knowing that with GPS inside the radar detector you can be protected from all sides, it puts your mind at ease.

CITY mode reduces K band sensitivity which can help reduce falsing to stationery K-band door openers you’ll encounter around town, but it also reduces the range that your detector may alert to the K-band collision avoidance systems that can still make it through the filtering. Since 2011,…, What is AL Priority Multipurpose Laser Defence and Parking System? Therefore, problems, bugs, and any false alerts are being minimized. With the ‘User Mark Ahead’, you can add your own alerts for known red light areas or for areas where police tend to use radar guns. The sheer performance of the R3 and R1 has redefined what we believed is possible in a radar detector. The sheer range of the R1 and R3 are mind-blowing. The Uniden R1 and R3 have a multitude of display settings: DIM, DIMMER, BRIGHT, DARK, and off. Run “Uniden R … In this case, Uniden is a really popular and well-known brand with one of the best products in their line-up. For those interested in knowing the battery/alternator voltage or their current altitude, that information can also be at your fingertips. We get asked this question frequently. For example, Uniden R3 radar detector has GPS which provide 360 degrees protection even when driving in urban areas.

If that isn’t stunning enough, these Unidens are quieter and less false prone than anything to ever come out of West Chester, Ohio or anywhere else for that matter. My preference would be for the R3’s MARK button to be tasked to do both marking of locations and changing sensitivity. And in this Uniden R1 VS R3 review, we want to give you the full rundown on how both detectors can be beneficial for you. In this article you will find an in-depth review of  the Uniden R1 and Uniden R3 radar laser detectors. As soon as you start to make the most of the GPS technology, you will notice a greater reduction in false alerts, so take the time to program in areas you frequently drive through. Since 2011,…, What is AL Priority Multipurpose Laser Defence and Parking System? Radar detectors were first made widely available in the late 1960s.... 8 Features to Look for When Choosing the Best Radar Detector for Your Needs. BSM Filtering that Actually Works (K FILER). Enjoy our newsletter to stay updated with the latest news and special sales. What I didn’t expect is for Uniden to attain this level of refinement in such a short period of time.

Police radar technology uses microwave in X, K or Ka bands, and a radar detector works by detecting radar signal from afar, warning the driver to slow down before police radar unit can measure the vehicle’s speed. But, I’ll tell you this, they’re darn close and with each subsequent release of new firmware, they’re getting closer. The packaging of both of these Unidens is superb, starting with the sturdy carrying case capable of holding everything that comes with these detectors, which is a lot. The Winner Is- The Uniden R3. Visually, you will be presented with the primary detected radar band, its frequency, and its signal strength with five bars of varying colors indicating the levels and relative proximity. When you drive by the source again, the detector will still detect it, but the detector will remain muted. This includes facial details and license plate numbers which can be difficult to remember or describe without any photo or video evidence. Which brings me to the ability to detect police laser. Design by Basico Marketing. For even greater flexibility, the R7 has an ambient light sensor that aically adjusts the brightness of the screen when driving during the day or at night.

But don’t worry – we have solutions for you! You should consider radar detector as an investment you will make, which will save you from getting speeding tickets in the future. Not only does this further cut-down on falses from these automotive annoyances, they can also effectively filter out stationery K-band drone signs that you will often encounter in construction zones. Total Shield technology by Beltronics and Escort Radar eliminates leakage signal from radar receivers. Address: 3298 Breezewood Court, Moundridge, KS 67107 Phone: +1 (203) 768-1089 Email:, Home About Us Contact Us Affiliate Disclosure Privacy Policy. As mentioned before, Uniden is working on constantly updating the firmware of their radar detectors, and I would recommend you stay away from radar detector that doesn’t have updatable firmware. The OFF display mode, turns the screen completely off and it remains so even during detections, providing only audio alerts. This site is owned and operated by They’re really impressed with the range and sensitivity of Uniden R1 radar detector. KMPH is an authorized retailer for Thinkware and Blackvue, and Uniden dash camera brands in Canada. Interestingly, the sensitivity is so high on these detectors, that even when neutered somewhat on K, tthe R1 and R3 still provide plenty of sensitivity. The R3 has a darker chrome top while the R1 has an all-black top cover.

They’re usable from the moment you take them out of the box. The R1 displays your vehicle voltage, while the Uniden R3 allows you to change the display to show the altitude, compass, or speed. The Uniden R1 and Uniden R3 provide three sensitivity settings: HIGHWAY, CITY, and CITY2. Quiet Ride – 30 – 50 km/h (or any personal preference so radar is muted under set speed); can be set for higher 70-80 km/h in Vancouver BC and locations where police K-band is rarely used. We’re a news & analysis website covering anything related to cars, cars accessories and driving. Like the Valentine and Whistler detectors, in particular, the R1 and R3 turn in essentially perfect performances when approaching quickly triggered instant-on police radar traps. OLED Displays are both multi-colored, but you have different display options. Uniden R1  R1 is the…, KMPH has the most complete selection of radar detector accessories for Uniden, Escort Radar, Radenso, and the discontinued Beltronics radar detectors. If you live in a province listed above, or plan to travel through the eastern provinces, you will need an undetectable radar detector, designed to be stealth and invisible to police Spectre radar-detector-detectors (RDD). We will put all of the specifics in a comparison chart and add some pros and cons to help you decide which one is right for you. We only recommend dash cams supporting Full HD at 1080p and 30fps recording quality. CITY mode reduces K band sensitivity which can help reduce falsing to stationery K-band door openers you’ll encounter around town, but it also reduces the range that your detector may alert to the K-band …

No other detector comes close to providing all of the information, especially in an eminently readable manner.