The 'H' stands for hidden, 'C' for chest. A.J. Azure Dreams is a fun time if you are down for the Rogue treatment, with all the re-starts and failures that entails. scott_b: I enjoyed the first Vandal Hearts game a lot but never got around to playing the second.

Maciejewski for Guides on May 15, 2019. Finding every single treasure and hidden item in Vandal Hearts II is tricky so here's a handy guide that you can reference as you play. If I see it at my local game store, I might get it if it isn't too expensive. ===== After the battle you'll get access to the shop. What I liked most about VH was the variety of objectives from one level to the next. If chest, you have to open with UNLOCK.\rAs far as the item on this map goes, it's useless and I'm not picking it up.\r\rKinda like a test-fight or whatever you wanna call it.\rIt's almost impossible to lose here.\r\rAll you have right now is normal attacks and slow movement, but as you get further you get customization and class choices. I really didn't get very far in the game, despite investing dozens of hours, but did enjoy the challenge and the experience while I tried. Hint-4 (Accessory) Hidden V3 H14 2. Comments for Vandal Hearts II Treasure Guide.

Vandal Hearts 2 Walkthrough 100% Part 3 First Battle - YouTube Vandal Hearts II.

Lists 9.1 Weapons 9.2 Armor 9.3 Items 9.4 Spells 9.5 Shops 9.6 Bestiary 10. Map-8 (Accessory) - talk to a middle-aged man (Darius) in the tavern. Sections on this page: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Final Chapter, Optional Maps, Altered Maps, and Special Maps. V-Hearts (Sword) - after obtaining the Clod, Dirtball, Clump, Dustball, Lump, Clay, and Mudball, push triangle on them in the inventory screen to reveal 7 prisms then meet St. Nirvath at Lugusta Ruins. Btw, what did you think of Phantasy Star IV? I originally wrote it for GameFAQs but took it down from there so I could put it up on Video Chums. Really kept things fresh. To obtain treasures much easier, equip at least one party member with Wings Armor along with the Unlock ability from Bowie (Knife), Searchmark from Antennae (Knife), and Blockmake from Pickax (Special) as soon as possible. Maciejewski (crazyaejay): I'm playing through Fell Seal, too! About the game: Vandal-Hearts is what I would classify as a Strategy RPG. The fact that you move at the same time as your opponent makes it require much more strategy than the average SRPG. B-light (Bow) Chest V15 H23 Yuta Plain (E) 1. Vandal Hearts II. Written by A.J. Jbumi: Nice!!

Novacula (Dagger) Hidden V0 H14 2.

Final Fantasy Tactics. I've finished it a few times without a single one of my party members perishing which I think is a huge accomplishment. Hint-2 (Accessory) Chest V20 H10 Yuta Plain (W) 1. Aided by the power of a sacred sword, Nirbath led the blessed. Which means that it's not really like the standard RPG games, being that you don't get to wander about on your own, encountering things and exploring and such.