Vesta = Virgin and Lillith = whore. You’ve given me so much information here, I can’t say much without doing a chart analysis. And having it appear reciprocally and represented in both dimensions gives it an extraordinarily strong influence as compared with the other interaspects. Hey there, this is quite an old post but i don’t think anyone – least of all ME – is saying Vesta is ruled by Virgo or Scorpio. But I like the idea of it being an eternal flame, and where I may [not] be (un) conventional. His Vesta in his 1st house. I don’t have any major planets in Kataka but I guess I can relate to the ‘small enclosed spaces.. not being constricted’ as I don’t like to be and particularly where I live however I find that hard to reconcile against my Saggi nature as it could just as easily be that. Real men don’t run from feelings homegirl x, but some people do need time. aspects to sun | aspects to moon | aspects to mercury | aspects to venus | aspects to mars | aspects to jupiter | aspects to saturn | aspects to uranus | aspects to neptune | aspects to pluto | aspects to ascendant | aspects to midheaven. The one description that made me laugh in the list above was the small places one, like: DON’T PUT ME IN A BOX being one of the boxes astrologers are trying to put her into. I’d love to find my soulmate, but I don’t want to feel owned either. Life backs you and your decisions with your reasons and intent. Venus conjunct vertex synastry. Lovely connection.

I have both my Sun and Vesta in 7 Virgo (work?) I’ve never done it and imagined I’d I have Vesta in aquarius on my 7th house…let’s just say service and focus are my middle names, which being a gemini sun/cancer ascendant makes me feel very contradictory indeed… These three bodies are in the karmic houses; 4th house Saturn, 8th house Vesta, 12th house Uranus. I love your interpretation AR, this is very thoughtful and it also makes sense to me. Hi! I am a mother of three (last baby graduates from highschool this june) So all i can feel is that i was a vestal virgin in a past life who broke the chasity vow (i have venus square neptune opp. ?Astrology, Mythology, Asteroids and Metaphysics? In fact, the only stressful aspect here is the square. Uranus and Neptune both loathe anything ordinary, but whereas Uranus rebels, Neptune simply takes your mind away to daydream land. I have Vesta conjunct Lilith in my 5th House of Leo. @no-perspiration The healer with the warrior and emo-mama-at-home creative vibe. And once, fire more closely repsented that effort. I have asked God about this and for Him to help me with this attachment. gemini rules my 10. and now the eclipse at 0 gemini. I know people will say… Read more ». Thought provoking article and not a synastry topic I believe I’ve ever seen covered before – kudos! In a nutshell, this linkage makes the parties more concerned with giving to each other than with what they get back from the relationship. It has been a while, hasn’t it? PS – another interesting article you have written, thanks. EARLY SPECIAL $90 (We will be running this special randomly so don’t delay!) It says an asteroid is smaller and irregularly shaped, but a protoplanet is big enough that its gravitation pulled it into a sphere shape. Often these are done for the security and well-being of these same children. Or would a transit effect each personal individually and WE blend the energy? Thank you so much for this article. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology. totally with Mystic. Stabbing eye with spoon was a hot fantasy that week. My obsession isn’t with sex but with being financially more than reliable. I’ve only slept with 3 men, yet I feel that’s 3 too many. It seems to me you travel your shamanic journeys very much in sync with your individuality, but you are also a strong homemaker. This asteroid is named after the virginal goddess of the hearth fire, and gets lost in the rush to find juicier interaspects. In return the Vesta person offers warmth, loyalty and devotion to the Chiron person …. Keeper of the sacred eternal flame. This is the first time I’ve looked at Vesta. Looks like I have homework to do . Conversely, this could be someone who only focuses on pleasure and social situations and refuses to work at all. Thinking about my own Vesta, I always had a thing for groups. our “hearth” is our home and our relationship. Don’t know how slowly Pluto moves in retrograde then forward, so don’t know when this Vestal “waking up” will occur. Interesting! Often, when a man’s BML is contacted by a woman’s planets/angles, he feels some fear and pulls away. I have Venus in Scorpio. Vesta is in my 10th house, Cancer, right next to Mars.

5) a shared interest in spirituality, religions, reading, learning, communicating, expanding, growing. Maybe detached air sign with … i dont even know how to describe Taurus, slight clingy – earth sign = this sort of human. I am driven. – Vesta trines my South Node – I am not so across the astrological Vesta. i was a serious wild child.

Most days I even question astrology. Check out the links provided below!. I really didn’t appreciate her because I would ask questions and tell her my exact ideas to make sure I was doing the assignment correctly and yet she loved giving me C’s and D’s and ridiculing projects that I loved and was proud of. Also, this is especially significant going into the Cardinal Zap Zone. Where Juno is in your chart, is where you will desire to be LOYAL […], -+*In one of the chat rooms we were talking about healing from past pain versus letting go of the idea of having […], -+*We’ve just started talking about dwarf planet Ceres in MoonPluto Land and I was telling folks that wherever Ceres is in your […]. Regarding your 5th House Vesta…it can also mean devotion to your child (or anything you create). . It also means I could never stand to have bosses over me, there would always be conflict. one more. I am thinking this through as I write…let’s see….for me, it’s conjunct Mars. Thank you!! There has got to be a lesson in there somewhere. The one thing that stands out though is: “Vesta in the chart is where you give away sexuality and/or romance in order to be fiercely independent” I don’t understand that. Nice article! Ever wonder why women are cast as harlots, etc if they do not use discernment with this energy? There are 5 planets in 2H Sagittarius, neptune, mercury, saturn, sun, venus, between 4-12 degs. @Richelle Smith She is the most important planet in love synastry. Do you think the water is putting out the flame of Vesta? i have Vesta conjunct Sun and MC in Aries, opposition Pluto and Saturn, trine Neptune, sextile North Node, trine South Node, trine Vertex, opposition Part of Fortune and square Pallas Athena.

Societies that used them picked girls and psychologically preped them their entire life for a particular lifestyle. Tradition also doesn’t feel right, that was not the motivation, it was about keeping the flame lit on all… Read more », Forgot to add my name to the above answer to Creatrix’s Vestal memories…. I want him in my life but he does but gets scared and kicks me to the curb and thinks that is ok. He’s a Taurus / Gemini. However… vesta falls smack bang on the venus of the guy I’m totally into a.t.m… Read more », Vesta – the Goddess of the Hearth and Prosperity – The tarot. We where inseparable! Any info on that? oy. Linda Goodman believed pluto venus aspects represented strong soul mate indicators. But it works differently from Cinderella and Sexual Linkages in that what it does is to foster lifelong (Chiron) friendship (Vesta) grounded in a very deep emotional sympathy for each other. You will be glad you did! Got to go. I definitely like the idea of Vesta as a Yin Warrior Goddess standing between Eros/Chaos and the Hearth. Also part of a Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto mystic rectangle.