Not only that, but the stronger jutsu would absorb the weaker one, and the user of the weaker jutsu would receive more damage than the original amount, as he will have added to the jutsu. There are five basic types into which the nature of chakra can be transformed, called the Five Elements Nature Transformations (translation meaning "Godai Seishitsu Henka").

If the target is out of range, the user can produce a better light source to increase their shadow's size or rely on pre-existing shadows for their shadow to freely travel through. The shadow can also be attached to people without binding them, letting the "victim" move freely. Shadow Stitching Jutsu-Able to create a shadow line similar to Shadow Possession Jutsu but when you catch the opponent, spikes come up and skewer the opponent, takes 5 chi and continuously drains chakra when you catch an opponent. Nature Transformation (性質変化, Seishitsu Henka) is an advanced form of chakra control and a technique that is pivotal for the manipulation chakra and the creation of new jutsu.While Shape Transformation changes the shape and movement of chakra, elemental nature transformation changes the actual nature of the chakra, altering its properties and characteristics.

To find out what affinity someone has, pieces of paper made from a special type of tree (that are grown and fed with chakra) are used that react to even the slightest hint of chakra in any of a number of ways, depending on the nature latent in the chakra. Doing that has the purpose that the person, the shadow was attached to, makes contact with a third person, to bind the latter one with the shadow. Shadow Possession Jutsu is a Technique created by the Nara Clan to capture Deer for their Antlers, but soon turned into a Secret Technique passed down through the Nara Clan. Also does not freeze npc's. Shadow Release .

Few shinobi can use both shape manipulation and nature manipulation. shadows need light so if you are smart you will realise that there is no light at night exept for the light coming from the moon which is very little. These elements allow for elemental ninjutsu to be performed: Basically, this means that if an elemental jutsu is put against an elemental jutsu of the same level, but of a stronger nature, than the jutsu with the superior nature will prevail. For example, in Kakashi's fight with Kakuzu, he was able to cancel Kakuzu's Lightning Style: False Darkness by deflecting it with his own jutsu, the Lightning Blade. Clockwise from the top: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth,and Water. Nature Transformation (性質変化, Seishitsu Henka, English TV: Change in Chakra Nature) is an advanced form of chakra control that entails the moulding and defining of the nature of one's chakra, altering its properties and characteristics for use in techniques.

However, there's only three ways to do so, people who are born with the Rinnegan possess all the elements, while Kakuzu got them by stealing the hearts, and chakra, of others, and Jinchuriki have the power to learn and master all five elements. The Chakra Paper reactions are as follows: This affinity makes it easier to learn how to create and control the nature in question, although even with an affinity this process will usually take any number of years. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once it comes into contact with a target's shadow, the two merge and the target is forced to imitate the user's movements. If the user is low on chakra, the performance rate of the technique also deteriorates. The transformation of the Yin and Yang seemingly has to do with altering the amounts of and balance between spiritual and physical energy in chakra. Kage Shuriken no Jutsu [Shadow Shuriken Technique] ... plan was to take the shape transformation of one's chakra to the "highest possible point" and then combine it with his chakra's nature affinity, creating a jutsu that did not need the aid of time-consuming hand seals to control. For relationships between chakra natures, there is a principle known as counterbalancing (translation meaning "Sōsai"). However, if one of the jutsu had more chakra put into it, it would overcome the other jutsu. By initiating two basic nature transformations simultaneously, one can create a completely new nature with unique properties, and is referred to as a "elementally-recomposed nature type". In general, every person has chakra that has an affinity towards one of these types, a characteristic that seems to be genetic, since whole clans sometimes share affinity. side from the five basic types of nature transformation, there is also a sixth type: the Yin (陰, In), the basis of imagination and spiritual energy, used to perform Yin Style (translation meaning "Inton"); and the Yang (陽, Yō), the basis of vitality and physical energy, used to perform Yang Style (translation meaning "Yoton").