in helps you understand how the moons affecting you at a particular time in your life circle. 1.

I was born on the 4th of August 1991 at 6.35 am Bombay guregoa … I would like to enquire about my love life and my career … my question Is will I be happy with my life after I do love marriage and what about my career which field is more good for my earnings. Hi Swami ji, Which facing is good for my name or my wife's name? Place of birth Trivandrum. Most of the Mesha Rashi natives will win elections, if contest. Please let me know your contact details. Meena Rashi Could you pls let us know wch facing is good based on birth time Thank you very much in advance:-), sir,iam searching for house on my wife name aruna DOB 13-10-191,time 7.30pm.location hyderbad.plz help me which face is good.regards. Till November 2020, Mesha Rashi politicians will enjoy the good times. For Mesha Rashi natives in year 2020-2021 Rahu is in 3rd and 2nd House and Ketu is in 9th and 8th House. namaste swamy my name is rama sarma and my nakshitram is Dhanista 4th padam please advise which facing of house / flat is suitable to me. Its a good period for Mesha Rashi artists. Hi I am suguna Ram, my star is anusham. The distinction of style exists due to each document's place of origin. Please tell me which direction facing house is good for us. We have seen a plot which faces north , will that be good ..? 1. உங்கள் கனவில் என்ன வந்தால் என்ன பலன் தெரியுமா . My son's name tanmay pulipati .his star is phubba.sir please let us which facing is good for us. நிம்மதி என்பதே இருக்காது! Thanks in Advance. We want to buy a house in my wife name pls suggest the best home direction ... sir my name is tammana veera venkata satya sesha srikanth nakshatram purvashada rasi dhanu rasi my wife name is mani lakshmi iam nakshatram moola rasi dhanu rasi going to buy a flat in apartment which facing is suitable for me and my wife. Read more, subscribe with us. Could you pleaae assist us for purchasing new house.. which fase is suitable for me Details are below.Name:sathish chandra bhanumurthyStar:HastaRasi:kanya, Sir my birth star is uttara, my husband name is Satyanarayana his birth star not available on we are planing to construct a house in west facing or north facing on my name.

Hi Sir,My name Kishore ,my wife name Triveni.My rashi Scorpio Star Anuradha ,My wife rashi Scorpio star Visakha.Which facing house will be suitable for us.Kindly suggest us.We have taken South and west facing site at corner of road.Is it ok. Sir My name is Ramakrishna and my birth nakshtra is visakha which facing is better for me. Namaste sir, my brother name is Sasi facing house is good for him? தனுசு தனுசு ராசிக்காரர்கள் கிழக்கு திசையை பார்த்ததுபோல் வீடு கட்டுவதோ, இல்லை கிழக்கு திசையை பார்த்ததுபோல் உள்ள வீட்டை வாங்குவதோ சிறந்தது. The Mesha Rashi businessmen who are into the business of electrical, home appliances, provision stores, fancy items, etc will have good time from June 2020 to November 2020. Please suggest which direction is good. Can you please suggest which facing is good while buying rhe house. Swami my nakshatram is dhanista and my husband aslesha we planning to buy North facing he is Owner is it ok to buy, namaste panthulu garu,my janmanakshatram poorvashada, my wife is moola, we have bought a east facing apartment in a south facing overall building.

My flat entrance is in north west os it ok or do i have to do something for this. Finance probs for appropriate treatment too…tel me sir wat to do.? Aries Rasi and Bharani nakstra English Overview: Here we have Vastu tips for each Rasi in Tamil. your time, everything goes favourable for you. If yes, please advise the remedy .

It will be a good time for contract farmers or tenant farmers. You will become famous among people and party authorities.

Note: If you don't know your Birth star are you want to find you Lucky House Facing according to your Name/Nama Nakshatra. I have seen one house which is South Facing did it work for me. మీ పేరు లోని మొదట అక్షరం తో మీకు సరిపడ అదృష్ట సింహద్వారం దిశ తెలుసుకొనుటకు తెలుగులో వ్యాసము కోసం ఈ  లింక్ పై క్లిక్ చేయండి. Greetings of the day from Siddhivinayak Solutionss!! My dob is 21/08/1980. And the Names for the 8 pada is given below, 25 Vayu (Roga), 26 Naga, 27 Mukhya, 28 Bhalata, 29 Soma (Kubera), 30 Sarpa, 31 Aditi and 32 Diti, So out of this 27, 28 and 29 Dwar Padas are advisable the rest will create problems as per the relations, if you have already bought the flat then you can do the remedies accordingly, 8 doors, 4 big windows, 1 small window in kitchen and 1 exhaust in each bathroom (2). By the date I am Aries. Sir my name is Vishal date of birth is 29-June-1985 at 10.30 PM Telangana,Sir which facing is best for me.Thanks. WEST facing plot/House: Mithuna, Tula, Kumbha Rashi 4. So felt lonely , only my sister,brother and mom understood the issue they stood beside me and taken me to the safe path. There are chances of monetary gains falling in your lap.

DOB-11-03-1989 We are bachelors . Should I only prefer east facing? எல்லோருக்கும் தெரிந்திருக்க வேண்டிய தகவல்கள். He dont know birth star.

Hai sir my name is Adarsh , utarashada nakshatra, dob-23-06-1986 , west facing door is suitable for me or not sir, I am interested in 1 house which has west facing so I am asking sir, My name is Adarsh , utarashada nakshatra , dob 23-06-1986 , weat facing door is good for me or not i want to know, My star is prohibited and my name is Veera gangadhar.which facing house is suitable for me.some at saying south is first choice and east also better.but above list says rohini first choice north.i confused so.plz tell me which is suitable for me, Hi Swamiji Garu,My name is praveen kumar, DOB: 03/07/1984(afternoon) magha nakshatram, which facing is best for me.Best Regards,Praveen. Namaste Sir, My husband's name is Rambabu, his janma nakshatra is Mrigasiraand my name is Sujatha and Janma nashatra is Sathabishamour daughter name is Nikhitha and her Janma nakshatra is Anuradha..please advice me right direction for our house entrance. You may get some properties on your name. ரிஷபம் ரிஷப ராசிக்காரர்கள் தெற்கு திசையை பார்த்ததுபோல் வீடு கட்டுவதோ, இல்லை தெற்கு திசையை பார்த்ததுபோல் உள்ள வீட்டை வாங்குவதோ சிறந்தது.

Thanks for Reaching me for Vastu needs . If possible please suggest two facings so that we can go accordingly.. Hi, My rasi is Kannya and natkshathiram is Uthiram. Pls tel which facing house is suitable for me...My name Nagaraju...Anuradha star...Scorpion.. My name is Nagaraju...Anuradha star..Scorpion..dob- jun 20,1983...Which facing flat is suitable for me sir...Pls help me... Hi swamiji,My husband nakahatra is aslesha and mine is purvashada please let us know which facing is suitable.

My name is sandhya 21/12/1989 kanya raasi hastha nakshatra.. iam vishranthi I want to know my carrier govt job or business which one is best nd marriage life, education iam nt completing my studys can u pls help me hw is my jatakam iam nt working iam stil dependent due to stress gyng to depression how to move frm dis problems, Am shobana.G my dob is 18.3.1991. Thanks in advance, Sir namaste,my husband name is nagaraju Scorpion anuradha 2nd padam,my name is parvathi kanya raasi uttara 3 rd padam which facing suitable for my names.