[11] Creator and executive producer Cheryl Heuton acknowledged in an interview with TVGuide.com's Michael Ausiello that Larry is a fan favorite. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. We were at the doctor to do the eight-week ultrasound, and I could clearly see that there were two fetuses on the monitor. Wanting less complexity and more structure in his life, as well as time to be with Megan, Larry states that he has decided to buy a condo. If you watched both versions of The Office, which one did you like better?

Amita further points out that this is in line with his spiritual endeavor, after she says that he wants more from life than his recent habit of just walking in gardens, and he shares the same view. In the episode "Brutus", it is revealed that Larry's divestment of his personal property was in anticipation of being selected as a payload specialist on the International Space Station. and then we were friends. Eventually, he cuts his hair and has his notebooks (that he worked on in the desert) sent to the Eppes home. Don asks Larry to provide the math for the case. Farr: I'm writing a book about mixed-race couples in America and what you have to overcome. Dr. Lawrence Fleinhardt holds the Walter T. Merrick Chair of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Science, CalSci (a university based on Caltech and located in Los Angeles in the Numb3rs universe). Let our new Online Video Guide dial up some Numbers clips for you. Is Larry (Peter McNichol) leaving the show?

TV Guide: Were you good at math? Fitzgerald will play Emma, a mysterious young woman who shows up in the Hamptons with a hidden past and. Former NUMB3RS star Dylan Bruno is heading to NCIS: Los Angeles, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! In "When Worlds Collide", it is revealed that Megan is leaving the FBI to go back east, to which Larry says that their relationship has never depended on geographic proximity. We'll probably keep that going. - Ileane Rudolph TVGuide.com: Congratulations! He returns later that same season in "The Art of Reckoning" episode 21. Running is easy for him, as he doesn't have to determine his path, though he promises to let Charlie know where he is to receive the wedding invitation. Along with Alan, Fleinhardt provides words of wisdom to Charlie, reminding him that human behavior is unpredictable. Here's the real scoop about what happened to actor Rusty Stevens and his character Larry Mondello from the classic TV show \"Leave It To Beaver\". Alongside Charlie and Alan, he has been coaching the struggling CalSci basketball team with his physics calculations, but he is not above shouting and even getting NBA players to achieve a win ("12:01 AM"). Didn't Diane do something like that?Farr:I used to teach acting in a maximum security men's prison. Here's the real scoop about what happened to actor Rusty Stevens and his character Larry Mondello from the classic TV show "Leave It To Beaver". Contrarily, Megan finds his situation oddly attractive. In "Killer Chat", Larry's fulfillment of his dream is called into question as a rival in Massachusetts (at MIT) told NASA that he had been living in the steam tunnels. [Laughs]. The only thing he remembers of his mother is her warm smile and tweezed eyebrows. It was easy and it was fun and it was good people.

They even start sharing each other's predilections. Larry was a favorite character for CBS executive Nina Tassler. Eppes is concerned and just wants his buddy back. A lot of times on television they show a very successful woman at work who goes home and eats pie filling out of a can with her nine cats!

That's what I like about Peggy and Millie, and it's what I insist upon. The character evinces a distaste for number theory and cell phones, but enjoys hiking. Both he and Charlie are members of the North American Sundial Society, and they have worked together on various contests for the physics department, including a paper airplane contest. Larry Fleinhardt Full Name Lawrence Fleinhardt Nickname(s) Larry Biographical Information Gender Male Occupation Physicist FBI consultant Status Alive Show Information Portrayed By Peter MacNicol First Appearance Pilot Lawrence Fleinhardt (Peter MacNicol) is, in the words of Charlie Eppes in "Robin Hood", one of "the two great adult influences in my life", along with his father. He liked [it], and I decided to go with it. He rarely has spoken of his father, a painter who wished his son had seen the world the way he did and was disappointed by his son's path; Fleinhardt expressed his sorrow with a memory he does not gladly inhabit, stating it is a father's folly to impose their will on their son.

However, life has never been simple for Larry, and Alan has said that simplicity may be impossible for him, so he must deal with structured complexity.