Very low volume, 2 shows on one track etc. GregBy: Gregory Ruschman on April 16, 2019, the female that does the news has voice issues..... her voice is so high and annoying that I turn off the radio rather than hear that fingernail/chalkboard

Do you all need money so badly that you are willing to continue trashing the public airwaves even after you are well aware of the damage and shame that Limbaugh's program is bringing to our country daily? But to hear Lewis rant how he is "Sick and tired" of anything Catholic in general rang a little too By: Jared on November 8, 2017, can't we have all of mark Levin when will your financial "experts" point out that the federal reserve and its low interest rates is very anti senior citizens........And maybe roy moore feels he is a king they have been with young women for centuries. By: alan marcus on November 16, 2017, The gary sullivan podcast is almost non functional, worst of the podcasts. We'll send you the latest on TV and Radio playing all over the world. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our policies regarding the use of cookies. New FBI director McCabe testified today that Comey never asked for more money and this is not how their funding works. Cincinnati, OH, USA. PLEASE just listen to Limbaugh's DAILY rants and unbelievable disgusting words! Thanks Diane GriessBy: James R.Griess Jr. on February 8, 2020.

Cincinnati, OH, USA. Get Our Free Newest Channels Feed.

His audience already tends toward hatred and violence toward his targets; and you along with Clear Channel should be ashamed of your part in his hate-inciting for dollars program! WKRC is owned by iHeartMedia under the supervision of General Manager Chuck Fredrick. Ya'll get out here and vote, we'll get into it. I hope this is somehow storm related as there was blank air space for a few minutes when I turned it on. Listen online to 55KRC radio station 550 kHz AM for free – great choice for Cincinnati, United States. His "Life, Liberty & Levin" on Fox News consistently has great interviews with a variety of experts. Listen guys, I know that Catholic bashing is the last Only reason I listened. Privacy Policy. 12, Cincinnati, OH, United States. As regards Glenn Beck's 3 hours on weekday mornings, he is no longer the jokester of 15 years ago. In fact 55krc is getting deleted from my presets. Please tell Brian Thomas to change his show format. WKRC is an AM radio station broadcasting at 550 KHz. This broken up programming really sucks.By: Rambo Felini on May 1, 2014, I agree with Rambo. Orlando Florida Area, Huntsville, AL USA, Urban.

A kindergarten student could come up with better topics to discuss. This site uses cookies. Co-Owned Radio Stations in Cincinnati, OH, ESPN 1530, The station airs news/talk programming and goes by the name "55 KRC The Talk Station" on the air with the slogan "Cincinnati's Place For Talk". How do you sleep at night in your posh homes knowing the disastrous effects you are having on the minds of his audience and the actions they have and will take against others based on his sick blabbering!By: Doris Sullivan on March 27, 2013, Please start airing the complete ground zero show, I know mark leven is popular but its like beatting a dead horse same same all the time ground zero is cutting edge and real much more interesting than mark leven bashing most of the governmrnt agencies all the time please it on a daily basis in one form or another, and I actually He may have a great product and may have a wonderful business model, but his voice is exactly like running fingernails down a blackboard. Yesterday they were reporting from an anonymous source that Comey asked for more money for the Russian investigation even though the administration said it was untrue (although they did not include the administrations comments).

He is a best-selling author and a thorn in the side of radical Islam. I might suggest instead of three hours of Ramsey and two of Levin, how about two hours of Ramsey and three hours of Levin. Install the free mobile app Online Radio Box. Now, I turn in tonight and there is no Levin??