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It is most notable for its stubby "bobbed" tail about one-third to one-half the length of a normal cat's tail. The American Bobtail is a sturdy, medium-sized cat of surprising weight for its size. Actual companion pet appearance, price, and color may vary depending on specific animal ordered.

Their gait tends to be that of a hunter and has a rolling grace. Welcomes the companionship of all, including children, cats and dogs.

They also have been used by therapists to calm distraught patients, because they are well-behaved and unusually sensitive to people in distress. Tends to converse by chirping and trilling rather than meowing loudly.

To learn more, visit the Safety Center. Breed : American Bobtail . Home > Browse by Breed > American Bobtail.

Some compare their personality to that of a devoted dog and it is true that they will greet their owners at the door and love games like fetch. Its origin is not exactly known – bobcat (one breed of North American’s wild cats), the only tailless cat that lives on the continent, but its share in the development of American bobtail cat has not been confirmed. Long-distance truckers and Rvers find him to be an excellent companion.

Attractive black bobtail. They come in two coat types – a short, plush like coat that may resemble a rabbit’s fur in feel and texture and a medium-long, shaggy coat. Copyright 2020 American Bobtail Kittens For Sale - All Rights Reserved, Email:

Also, transporting a pet in a car is not ideal since it is very dangerous when not handled professionally. Actual companion pet appearance, price, and color may vary depending on specific animal ordered. Nowadays I live in South Carolina, with my three tomcats!

American Bobtail Kittens for sale. Read more, Copyright 2020 American Bobtail Kittens For Sale - All Rights Reserved, Email: View basket Checkout. Colors: The coat may be any color, but tiger and tabby patterns dominate. This is a group of 8. This is a group of 8. living in New York with new people he socialized about 15 minutes after we took him outside for the first time since nearly everyone stop tuggle and pet him we are introducing him to other cats and puppies as much as possible and so far he mingles with them without any aggression or fear thanks very much, Well she has become the simplest kitten I have ever owned she’s so thinking and smart able to go do anything at anytime she is considerably like Maya because she’s very curious and busy and. He isn’t as vocal as some breeds, but he communicates his pleasure with chirps, clicks and trills, as well as the standard purr and meow. American Bobtail Kittens for Sale Browse by State. The cats have also found a niche with some psychotherapists because of their loving and intuitive nature. Vaccinations : Up-to-Date . Anything Look…Weird? American Bobtails are a very sturdy breed, with both short- and long-haired coats. They also pretend greeting their owners at the door.

Size: Blessed with wildcat looks and a charming personality, this large breed comes in all coat patterns and ranges from medium to large, athletic builds American Bobtails bear bobbed tails that range from one to four inches in length. Available American bobtail kittens For Sale. AVAILABLE KITTENS CLICK HER E . The medium-haired varieties benefit by twice-a-month brushings. REFR BOBTAILS WAITLI... Price: $1200 - $1500 … FIV and Leukemia Free Cattery. Other Cat Breeds to check out: British Longhair. He is my little shadow and follows me everywhere thank you much a lot for giving us such a tremendous cat and starting him of great in life is everything you wanted and more thanks !!!

Cats should have a naturally occurring tail that is at least one inch in length but reaches no longer than the top of the hock. If you are willing to toss a toy for them, they will retrieve it until you are too tired to continue. I’d love to read your comments on my article! They are super social and adorable! it’s tremendous features and he’s so amazing with my two young boys I do not know what they did before him they always attempt to negotiate him coming alongside us wherever we go. Guilty of being a true cat burglar, so keep jewelry and other shiny objects out of paws reach.Highly touted for being an ideal therapy cat to visit nursing homes, hospitals and schools to spread cheer. It is often described as being “dog-like” in temperament. Look at pictures of American Bobtail kittens who need a home. To send us your reviews. Read more, Driving an American bobtail kitten in a car for many hours can be very stressful for the American bobtail kitten. She likes perching in high places and playing with feather toys. Website Updated May 1, 2017 .

Born about August 5, Gunner is the only kitten in his litter to have a full length tail. All Kittens for Sale; American Bobtail Kitten; American Bobtail Kitten /mo for 6 mos. The only real area of particular concern is the tail. Narrow your search down to the state that … Some claim there is bobcat blood within the breed but genetics make this unlikely. American Bobtail cat is a lover with a heart of gold who is devoted to his people, follows them around, loves to play, walks nicely on a leash (after training, of course), and welcomes guests with a smile.

This kind of a kitten is very unique because of its striking orange shade and is a wonderful choice for any family and... Japanese bobtail is a very loving, loyal, sweet and smart cat. To apply for our kittens go to www.limestonepets.or... Butler-American Bob Tail male kitten, ~ four mo.