Step 3: Touch Add image if you'd like to individually add photos from different albums.

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You can add the photos you want to use in the Albums tab.

In the change tab you can set the wallpaper to change every few minutes, hours, or days.

I was running IFTTT and there is an applet on there that changes you wallpaper to the NASA pic of the day... so I deleted the applet and it's been fine since. Another popular auto wallpaper changing application available on the Google Play Store is the Casualis.

Completely different settings menu.

I'm not 100% certain, but I do believe it changed itself pretty often while I was charging.

Tell us which app you liked the most. Do you want to change the wallpaper of your Android phone every day automatically?

Under select wallpaper section, click on any of your favorite category whose wallpaper you want to use. My phone seems to automatically change my wallpaper everyday.

I not sure what I been doing but I just change to our pictures and show it to her she was happy as hell.... =.=''but not for long the wallpaper changed itself without my concern, when we meet up she saw my wallpaper changed. I have seen some antivirus applications cause this issue.

The issue has pretty much resolved, but I think that is because I cleared out my "gallery". so I changed it to "NEVER" and so our relationship back to normal =D. After this, a pop-up box will appear where you will be asked if you want to download future wallpapers on Wi-Fi connection only.

If you want to download future wallpapers on mobile data also, then uncheck the button and click on the, Now the app will download your first wallpaper. To enable this feature you need to go into the app’s settings and swipe down to the Auto-update wallpaper feature. It is not a huge problem considering I rarely turn the phone off, just curious. Only relating to updates for the galaxy wallpaper app.

That issue being:  For no apparent reason, sometimes when I pick up my phone, the wallpaper has changed.

Hi guys.

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid' started by bclipscomb, Apr 27, 2010. Beautiful Wallpaper Apps to Spice Up Your Android Phone.

Just select the option you want and exit the settings. I try explain and started compare her note 9 with mine so I found this column which her's stated Never and mine stated Using Any Network. Avoid the hassle and have a wallpaper changer app change your Android device’s wallpaper automatically. How do you look to see if that is turned on? Here is how you can deactivated it Setting--> Wallpapers and themes--> Menu Button "" --> Show Recommended Content --> Change to / < Never>, ShortcutMain Screen--> Hold on empty area or use pinch gesture --> Select "Wallpaper" --> Menu Button "" --> Show Recommended Content --> Change to / < Never>. but not for long, my gf demanded we should use the same wallpaper to show our relationship can't be seperated -,-.

( I don't have the automatic change on from the OnePlus pictures by the OnePlus shot) . When the wallpaper/theme was changing on its own, I was using a live wallpaper (a "GO" wallpaper, Lord of the Rings themed and Blue Planet). Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET Step 2: Open the app and decide which method you want used for changing the wallpaper. Thanks to everyone for helping. I do have a "task manager", but I believe that was on the phone when I got it. Check out this app to set up an image rotation for your wallpaper. There doesn't seem to be any setting for this at all. Leave a comment below and let us know. And some suggest it could be if a person is using another launcher instead of Touchwizz. How to Fix 'No SIM Card Detected' Error on Android, How to Fix the Obtaining IP Address Error on Android, 15 Android TV Apps to Supercharge Your Smart TV, How to Install TWRP Recovery on Android without Root, How to Set Up XBox 360 Controller with Your Android Device, 7 Best Android File Manager Apps for 2020, How to Find Downloaded Files on Any Android Device, 5 of the Best Markdown Editors for Android, How to Turn Flashlight On and Off on Android. In Settings you can adjust the image position and image size and choose random wallpaper and even a static wallpaper mode for when your device has issues with live wallpaper. Tired of seeing the same thing every time you glance at your phone?

This app like other, lets you change the wallpaper automatically.

You may have turned it on by accident. Are you charging with a wall charger or USB cable connected to your computer? Here you can choose from a set time at which the wallpaper will be changed or each time the screen is unlocked. I have the same problem and Zedge is not installed on my device nor on my wife's which does the same thing. Oh well. I use both a wall charger and a car charger, never have used a … Zedge actually has an option to rotate wallpapers. I am not running anything custom.

Here we have explained two of them -, You have to download at least two wallpapers to use, Here are a few more advanced features that are available in this app -.

There are some very interesting wallpaper options and apps in the Google Play Store. Related: Beautiful Wallpaper Apps to Spice Up Your Android Phone. the auto wallpaper changer feature …

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You can even add the images that will appear as the wallpaper since the app doesn’t include any. These apps also offer.

A useful feature this app has is that you can also change the wallpaper by shaking your phone.

You can choose from categories such as Unsplash, Funny, Black, Romantic, Cars, Quotes, Wildlife, and more! I'm also now using a picture saved in my gallery (from Zedge). You have more important things to do than worry about changing your Android device’s wallpaper. Zedge is one of the most famous wallpaper apps, if not the most famous.

Open the app and you would be asked to allow access to your device's storage.

When it comes to wallpapers, IFTTT syncs up with your social media accounts, so you can get it to change your wallpaper to correspond with the latest picture by one of your favorite Instagram photographers, or to set up a carousel when a new photo folder gets uploaded to your family Dropbox account. rialcoleman- If you're trying to think of which collection of photos to use, here are some ideas and how to get started: Step 1: Grab a copy of Wallpaper Changer for your Android device.

I use both a wall charger and a car charger, never have used a USB cable with the computer. This is a great app for people who travel a lot or are just busy and like to be reminded of the people and things they love each time they look at their Android device. Just tap on the cog wheel below the My Photos option, tap on the plus sign at the bottom, and select the images you want the app to choose from.

The first time this happened I thought I was crazy. Waller comes with a large variety of full HD wallpapers. Tap the. It is not a huge problem, but can be annoying.

You can use voice commands (or just typing) to get your phone to, for example, send you alerts when deals come up on eBay, or send you notifications when certain news stories happen. Do you love art? Completely stock 2.1. Also, is it a specific picture that continues to disappear showing the default image?

I can set my wallpaper to a live wallpaper (Water with leaves). Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it would be appreciated.

An app that offers various options when it comes to changing your wallpaper is Wallpaper Changer. The drawback of this Wallpapers app is that it doesn't allows you to create your own custom collection of wallpapers. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox.

I might like to go back to the Blue Planet theme, or one of the LOTR themes if I am sure it will stay put lol. 1. Android smartphones come up with a few built-in wallpapers which were added by the manufacturer. I am here to help with your wallpaper!

Hi, so this happens to my Note 9 as well. Luckily, there are a few third-party apps that you can use to automatically change wallpaper on your Android phone daily.

Please let me know so that I can further assist. Above is today's wallpaper of choice. As soon as you launch the app, it will display a window where you can set up how often you want the wallpaper changed. This option is a real time-saver.

I have the same problem... it started after installing the NASA daily wallpaper app... continues even though the app was removed and the phone factory reset. Waller.

The changes will be applied immediately. Step 1: Grab a copy of Wallpaper Changer for your Android device. Alternatively, you can tap Add folder, which will require you to select at least one photo from an album before all of the photos show up in the app. @bbbb0417: When 'NEVER'  might mean forever... Glad you found a way to fix things - and thanks for sharing with us! Moreover, there are very limited wallpaper categories available.

The daily wallpaper can also come from the images from your Android device’s gallery. We charge using the AC adapter.

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Whenever you want to take a break from the daily painting wallpaper, you can modify the source of the wallpaper.

You do not have permission to remove this product association. "

The Kindle Fire automatically changes the wallpaper each time the device wakes from sleep mode or is turned on.