Not PS4 games that’s for sure, maybe PS3.

Inch your way up by answering questions, completing tasks and occasionally trying to trip-up your fellow contestants, all in the name of jolly-good fun. Of course but England is not whole Europe right?

Friday 13th looks and sounds almost exactly like that horror one from the other month. It locks some content I believe, some modes. I didn’t even know about this until I saw your comment. I hate PvP. But why would that bother you when you say you don’t like online games?….will wait for reply.

3rd why you are not ps plus member if you think these games are so great?

Well it had an update 18hrs ago and is being taken over by a whole new development team for future work on the game. wakey wakey. On the good side, at least there’s no more in the multiple vs 1 horror genre left to give!

always a great sounding rumor or 2 around leading up to these.

Did all the budget go on September’s games??

What’s Loyalty got to do with it when all rival consoles work on the same model. I was expecting a LEGO game – which we never got -, but this is far the worst month in the life of PS+. It’s your chance to step into the shoes of one of Camp Crystal Lake’s ill-fated student counsellors, or strap on the iconic hockey mask yourself and go hunting for helpless teenagers.

I wouldnt give Sony a single dollar if it weren’t for that single reason. ??

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Thank you to the one person that tried to be helpful. Producer, Square Enix, Gavin Moore

This morning when trying to play, it won't work.

In the meantime, why not check out September’s line-up to make sure you didn’t miss anything: That’s all for now – join us again next month to find out what big games will be coming to PS Plus in November and let us know how you get on with October’s games over on Twitter and Facebook. If you hate PvP maybe try one of the other 3 games available that are single player. Last time I checked I paid a subscription for these “free” games. Well it’s an optional service so not forced. like that Michael Jackson song, “all I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us”.

Willing to play em but already own Friday 13th and haven’t played it since there’s no future content for the game pretty weak month but oh well.