Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney. Julia, I had already read about the lawsuit filed by the NC couple whose house was featured on “Love It or List It”. "We are aware of the lawsuit," Maria Armstrong, chief executive officer and executive producer of Big Coat Productions/Big Coat TV.

You might watch the show for the home renovations, but Hilary and David make the show enjoyable while they bicker in competition with one another. You’re still famous! We think you’re going to make Hilary look good.” The producers weren’t wrong.

I really do enjoy watching Love it or List it, but the one MAJOR thing that bothers me is Hilary always wins. To everything, there is a season. If homeowners think they are going to get something for nothing, shame on them. Great presentation of the facts in this blog post. . I have always felt that some of these shows are more staged than real…like the show House Hunters….so sad to hear this and hope that this couple receive a good resolution to this horrible situation. We make each other laugh a lot.” Doesn’t that make you love the show even more? BTW, this reveals another truth about the show — that they’re not seriously looking for houses to buy with host David Visentin on the show. Oh, boy.

This might be disappointing to fans, but the endings of the show are usually faked and scripted for the camera. I’ve been noticing a backlash against Love it or List it for some time now. It was 100% cheaper than going with a contractor. Sorry, but I have even seen staged things on the wonderful Fixer Upper. Now the problem is they have shoddy reno work to fix before they can put it on the market. I just like to see design/interior decorating ideas!

Then there is Grand Design where they are owner builders who can afford the Architects and Site Managers who make sure everything is done to high spec and all the parties involved have to have a licenc including the owners, and if the property is grade 1 or 2 there is another set of rules you have to follow (or else) they make you do it again, of course you need lots of cash for this. I’ve always suspected that the work being done wasn’t high quality. . Like the other couple, she wasn’t able to list her house until after the show aired, either, probably because they don’t want the outcome to be spoiled. But I don’t believe at a lot of it is real. After they looked at the first ‘dud” of a house with David on my favourite walking street, there was a montage of the homeowners walking up to a few houses, cut to them walking away complaining to David about said house, and David walking down the street talking to the camera in frustration. He stated that she arrives late in the day for her shots and they are told to stay away from her. My father was a carpenter so I recognize when those guys are looking like someone is just wasting their time trying to do something they can get done in a nano second. My husband did some work for a home featured on the show Rehab Addict- it was the series done with Lebron James for his charity in Akron Ohio. According to the suit, in 2015 Big Coat "agreed to hold $140,000 for [Murphy and Sullivan] and disburse that sum to Aaron Fitz (along with $11,000 collected for change orders) to pay for renovation of their home, Big Coat paid only $85,000 to the nominal general contractor, keeping the $66,000 balance for itself and never disbursing the funds as agreed.

They had a professional renovation on their home, and they decide to keep it that way. They “listed it” but were never planning to move. You live in what ? Many costars don’t actually get along behind-the-scenes and when fans find out about this, it can be disappointing. Its a shame HGTV cant produce more realistic and original home renovation shows. Like many other reality TV renovation shows, Love It or List It follows a strict formula. She covers entertainment news on Screen Rant for Valnet, Inc. She has a passion for everything Old Hollywood, particularly her favorite show of all time--"I Love Lucy."

For the “big reveal,” about 99% of the work was complete. I would never sign up for one of these. Although this also is formulaic, it’s still too fresh and new to be tired.

They were left to deal with “disastrous work done by Big Coat and its subcontractors.”. They start a project but they don’t finish them. Interesting! It looks real … it looks legitimate. The suit alleges that Big Coat's "business model is bizarre -- homeowners pay large sums of money to Big Coat, who then produce a cable television series called 'Love It or List It' which offers a dramatized version of the renovation of their home.". It was so interesting to hear how things really work as opposed to how they appear on tv! They all seem like they like each other and enjoy their work. The “Love It or List It” show is simply unwatchable to me – two spectacularly bad actors sniping at each other and berating the “lucky” homeowners, who are even worse actors.

Like any projects, there is always SOMETHING left to do after the deadline is hit.

Just good old fashion design!!

Of course on that show, the homeowner has the opportunity to purchase any furnishings that they like after filming is complete.

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The couple, who went by Deena and Sully on TV, were on LIOLI episode 152, which filmed in 2015. In 2013, an episode was filmed a few blocks away from where I live, partly on a street I walk through several times a week- it’s how I got interested in the show, actually. NEXT: 20 Secrets You Didn't Know About Say Yes To The Dress.