If you still haven't had Nyx say anything about it, the game is probably still cycling through other story dialogue, because that takes priority over task dialogue.

Zeus boons are incredibly useful when paired with this aspect. This effect is a little underwhelming in lower levels when only two or three shields are being thrown, but at the higher levels the shield gains a mock shotgun effect that can do a lot of damage to anyone in range.

The main dash attack is a hook that deals more damage than the main attack but less than the special. What? This aspect is great for players that like to use Cast and create Cast builds. The special throws the spear in the direction you are aiming. The problem with the spin attack is the long charge time. How to unlock Excalibur in Hades in 4 easy steps. While the shield is being charged it blocks damage coming from the direction you are facing. All rights reserved. This aspect gives a boost of up to 150% to the speed and range of the special. It has a medium-range with a good balance between speed and strength. It will return when it hits an object it can bounce off of or come to rest when it travels a short distance and will stay there until you recall it. This weapon is pretty straight forward. After you have done all of that you need to talk with Nyx, you might have to go on a couple of runs before the dialogue becomes available. Like the Aspect of Arthur, this aspect also has a slower attack speed overall. It can be difficult to master for players that prefer more straightforward hack-and-slash playstyles, but once you are comfortable with the different play style the bow can make quick work of almost any opponent.

The damage from Hangover can then stack with the Doom or Critical damage gained from Ares or Artemis along with your increased attack and Cast damage. The main attack for the bow is a single arrow shot that can be charged to increase the distance and damage of the shot. This is great for dealing with ranged enemies as you can strike them with a thrown spear then rush in close to take them out. This aspect is aptly named. It offers high damage and good damage absorption combined with lower speed. With this combination and a little practice, players can farm troves for their prizes. Each weapon requires a unique playstyle and can drastically change the pace and the difficulty of the game. This is one of the most popular weapons in the game and for good reason. Then you need to invest at least five titan blood in one of the other aspects of the sword. (Don’t have it maxed cuz I don’t like sword so I’ll never use nemesis anyways). The special also steals life from any enemies it hits restoring any damage you have taken. After the special, you can deal up to 40% more damage to any foes pulled by the attack for the next four seconds. If Flood Shot is used the attack does a lot of damage and knocks back foes around the impact making this really good for pushing back enemies that are getting too close.

The effect is further accentuated by any Cast boon particularly those granted by Poseidon and Artemis. The spear now acts like a rocket when thrown and does not need to be recalled anymore. The main attack combo and the special also do a lot more damage but are much slower to execute meaning players will have to combine them with dashes or be mindful of their timing. It slowly moves in the direction you throw it while constantly spinning and damaging any enemies it comes across. In Hades, you play as Zagreus, son to the god of the underworld. The biggest downside to these builds is that they are don’t have a great range.

This weapon is great for handling bosses like Megaera after other foes start spawning mid-battle. The Hera Aspect lets you load bloodstones into your attack. Something that really makes this weapon stand out is that both the main attack and the special have dash attacks.

This aspect can stack with just about any boon but does really well with boons from Athena, Ares, and Poseidon. This weapon is very adaptable for both close and long-range combat and it is the only weapon with defensive capabilities without needing a boon from Athena. The Long Knuckle upgrade from the Daedalus Hammer can help thanks to the increased range, but this effect is still probably best saved for boss and mini-boss battles. Bow – Aspect of Rama Put in five Titan Blood …

The special attack for this weapon creates a small AoE burst around you when used but leaves you stationary for a brief period. This aspect is great for a tank build. If you dash away before it reaches you it will follow you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Unlike the other aspects, it does not become available after you first collect some titan blood. Either be patient and do runs, or fudge them and suicide until it comes up, there is really nothing else you can do to move it along. This aspect is most useful when stacked with boons from Aphrodite and Dionysus.

The damage bonus goes up to 150% when fully leveled. This can also get really frustrating if you happen to miss on your empowered shot. For some players, it can be a devastating tool of mass destruction, and for others, it is an interesting looking paperweight. Hades, the Greek mythology-themed action-roguelike from Supergiant Games, ostensibly gives you six weapons to play with. This aspect takes some getting used to. Malphon is the newest weapon added to the game. How do I get it then? First, you need to unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu. The spear will damage any enemy it passes through as it returns to Zagreus. Something very unique about this special is that unlike the other two aspects you can still perform standard attacks and rushes while the shield is in the air.

This weapon is also called Choronacht in the codex. This aspect changes the special attack for this weapon so the arrow volley targets the last enemy you struck with the main attack. Luckily this drawback can be countered with upgrades like Long Knuckle. The damage from Thunder Flourish also stacks with the two hits in the special and creates an AoE attack that can do a lot of damage. This works especially well with Dionysus’ Trippy Shot and Poseidon’s Flood Shot. Players need to be careful about choosing boons making sure to avoid any that changes the cast into an attack that can’t lodge into foes like Slicing Shot from Ares or Trippy Shot from Dionysus. Unlocking the Aspect of Arthur requires first having unlocked the Aspect of Guan Yu, then having invested a certain amount of Titan Blood into Blade aspects. The aspect definitely upgrades the attack with the damage bonus against foes you hit. Then, to unlock Arthur’s aspect, put in five Titan Blood and talk to Nyx. The Nemesis Aspect costs a bit more to level than the Zagreus Aspect.

If these boons aren’t available when you meet Hermes or if you aren’t seeing him pop up at all you can aim for a super high damage build through Poseidon, Demeter, or Artemis. Players that prefer a longer-ranged playstyle will need to adapt to this aspect or pass over it altogether.

This aspect can add up to five extra hits to the special attack. When stacked with boons like Hide Breaker, Deadly Strike, Deadly Flourish, or Clean Kill it becomes easy to mow down tougher enemies thanks to high Critical damage and Critical chances. This aspect is best when combined with upgrades from the Daedalus Hammer. Press J to jump to the feed. It is really easy to stack the Chill effect granted by Demeter causing enemies to slow down and shatter. The Critical chance increases with each level to a max of 30%.

At the highest level, the spear can actually be thrown completely off the screen. I was like? This is a well-balanced weapon. There can be up to a 40% damage reduction from this aura when the aspect is fully leveled. Players have a set amount of ammo and need to reload manually after the ammo is depleted. That’s it. It takes a moment for the weapon to charge before each attack and you have to time your release just right to get maximum damage. The weapon aspects take this mechanic a step further by slightly altering each weapon. Don't assume I'm an idiot and haven't read. It is unlocked from the get-go along with the Stygian Blade. Landing the 12 strikes needed to activate this effect can be very difficult especially in the early levels of a run. equip aspect of Zagreus and talk with Nyx, Ah, ok. You still need to open the Aspect menu and click the button that is used to unlock/upgrade Aspects (also paying Titan Blood in the process, so if you don't have enough, you may be barred from progressing). This weapon tends to knockback enemies with each attack. Upgrading your Cast attack and ammo at the Mirror of Night can create a very unique build for this blade. When first unlocked, life and healing are cut by 70% so it is better to use this weapon after you have leveled it up some more unless you are going for a low-health build using certain boons and keepsakes. This effect is great for players that like to use the spin attack of the spear. The rush also grants a damage bonus to the next two attacks or casts. This aspect is great for speed runs especially if you have purchased all three levels of Plunder and use items from Charon’s shop to guarantee the appearance of an Infernal Trove. The dodge chance added by this aspect is very useful since the close-ranged playstyle for this weapon makes you easier to hit.