I have a desktop and mostly use it for my Koyfin stock market research where I do my fundamental research, charting and list management (portfolio company). The best independent market and geopolitical commentary anywhere. Sure, you can assert that no currency-issuing government is revenue constrained when it comes to spending its own currency, but that is meaningless for a country like Turkey when the lira goes into one of its periodic spirals. On the free side, not much has changed since 2013 when I blogged my FREE reading list. For equities, we provide price history, fundamentals, estimates, news, and snapshots. To think even more negative rates are the solution to our problems is madness of the first order.

The currency is a liability of the issuer and and asset to the users. Or search by function name and select it from the list, for example “Price”, “Market Cap” or “P/E” Once you select a security and function, Koyfin will load the page and highlight it … Until then, most stimulus was in the form of lower interest rates, but the GFC brought about a frightening new development of the Federal Reserve aggressively buying bonds. One question I keep getting asked is about my routine and what I read so let me use this post to try and gather as many of my lists as possible. Global equity indices including live prices of US indices and end-of-day prices for global. A great place to start are the podcast archives of Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Barry Ritholtz’s Masters in Business. As for books, JC has a great list of the best technical analysis books. You are reading the blog of Howard Lindzon, notable investor, entrepreneur, and describer of himself in the third person. I started a podcast called ‘Panic With Friends’ in March 2020 and you can find all the episodes on Spotify or Apple by searching my name. The demand for credit is not affected by the Fed’s balance sheet expansion. All-time high lists (on Stocktwits @361capital posts these all the time). Given that banks are generally not reserve constrained, the money from the Fed’s bond purchase does not get loaned out and therefore ends up just sitting within the banking systems as excess reserves. As a bonus, you can find Kevin’s latest on inflation, republished here with permission from his daily letter, below the interview. In what way? All in all, the fact that Koyfin is a free platform makes it still a favorite for many. They are either true descriptions of the our monetary system or they are not. Koyfin intends to always have a free offering but in the future they will have a paid tier with additional data and advanced features. We don't show adverts or sell your data, Ko-fi makes money from Ko-fi Gold subscriptions and donations to our own page over at ko-fi.com/supportkofi . I get my earnings calendar and trending stocks notifications as well. It’s important to understand how. How does Ko-fi Make Money? Thank you! It’s one thing to (correctly) assert that policymakers in developed economies have, for decades, subscribed to misguided notions about debt and deficits, and have failed to “leverage reality” (so to speak) when it comes to spending. ... We work with a lot of professional financial intermediaries: financial advisors and investment consultants who manage money for their clients. Koyfin is the only tool you need for a full picture of the financial markets. @irrelevantinvestor

These fiscal-monetary “partnerships”, along with the advent of average inflation targeting in the US, have stoked inflation worries, contributing to 2020’s record-setting run-up in gold. As for podcasts – I do not yet listen to them on a regular basis. For my daily work I rely on always the latest iPhone and the very newest Mac Air. The private sector refused to respond to lower interest rates. I am a long time reader. ... Stock Split. The reality is that both forces of credit creation are always at work, and it’s only because we have reached an extreme where the private sector cannot provide enough credit creation due to the zero bound that we have being able to clearly separate the two different methods. All too often, Fed balance sheet announcements conjure up comparisons to Wiemar Germany, with warnings that “it won’t be long before hyperinflation sets in”. Koyfin provides free tools to help investors research stocks and other asset classes through dashboards and charting. There is no denying that the Fed’s monetary stimulus was effective at encouraging economic growth. Prices tell me so much and so I look at thousands of prices and charts everyday. (Let’s not get into what it does to financial asset prices). (To be fair, QE programs do indeed “distort financial markets”, but that’s a story for another day.). Sign up today.

On this we are in violent agreement. There has to be (must be) some nuance, and where that nuance comes in is when you start to talk about when and where this framework for describing the system is applicable or, more precisely, where sticking with a description of reality that is technically and semantically correct, will lead you to ruin in the space of a week. Those that believe MMT accurately describes the monetary system, may propose policy prescriptions informed by said description but that’s beside the point. NEW – Brian Lund – The Lund Loop – Intersection of markets, Trading and Life. You either believe that MMT correctly describes macro or that it does not, regardless of policy response. You would think two decades of predicting this outcome in Japan would give the skeptics reason to pause and re-evaluate how the economy works, but it doesn’t seem to sink in. I am lucky that some of my friends give me free access to their premium products namely: Ivanhoff – NOTE – I also contribute to the product with my 8 to 80 list and monthly portfolio ideas. They won’t. US and Canadian coverage including ETFs; Real-time data are available for many large-cap US stocks from IEX. The same works on the economic upturn. US and Canadian equities including live prices, fundamentals, valuation and consensus estimates. You can also click here. Economic data on a country level including historical time series and economic calendar. Recognizing that the govt can expand fiscal in response to a pandemic without 1st checking the balance of the treasury’s acct or the mood of bond vigilantes, doesn’t mean that doing so is somehow the application of some new theory. As any ‘descriptive’ macro framework, it’s not something that you “do”. Momentum Monday ….The Trumpy Bear Market of 2019? Red keys are for stop functions, green keys are … About Koyfin Koyfin is a free market dashboard with a lot to offer. Join the millions and keep up with the stories shaping entrepreneurship. Koyfin offers a broad data offering from various sources. Even if nobody decides explicitly to “apply MMT,” the feedback loop could cause MMT-inspired policies to propagate for some period of time (longer or shorter depending on MMT’s accuracy as a model, I suppose). Landlords Getting Squeezed Between Tenants and Lenders, Cruise cancellations further damage Florida’s struggling tourism industry. Is Florida misleading with its key COVID statistic? The discussion was very helpful and enlightening. Smart, philosophical and funny.

When you borrow money from the banks, they are “creating” it out of thin air. You can learn, great list of the best technical analysis books. Here is the main reason most people believe QE causes inflation; for the past four decades, monetary policy has been the primary tool to stimulate and dampen economic activity. Speaking to that, anyone who’s ever traded EM FX or debt will tell you that no matter how semantically accurate this is, it is damn sure NOT applicable for every nation which issues a currency. In an economic slowdown, the Federal Reserve slashes interest rates to stimulate the economy. Where the framework becomes reduced to just a synonym for deficit spending. It’s either a accurate and/or useful description or it’s not. This incoming stream of total market coverage data can easily be transformed into actionable insights through Koyfin’s built-in charting and dashboarding tools, thus alleviating the need … Nonetheless, Koyfin may seem a crowded platform that creates a lot of detraction. PayPal or Stripe do take their normal transaction fees which will vary based on the type of account, location and currencies used. But let’s not get so circular with this that we’re taking credit for tautologies. You speak as though you’re not a long-time reader (which you are). The site looks to be a great solution for what’s been lacking from Yahoo Finance and Google Finance. What happened when the Dotcom bubble burst and suddenly unemployment spiked? I am loving my new Air and the large iPhone. Urban Equity Group, strongly recommends you consult a licensed or registered professional before making any investment decision. 12AV7 Sensibly equivalent ¶ to: 6BK7B CV10175: Koyfin Extras Koyfin I think the right 30-50 people will get you all the market content, news and idea generation you will ever need. You can minimise the effective fee % taken by payment processors by adjusting your currency and tweaking the unit price of donation in pament settings. Up until that point, lower interest rates do indeed have stimulative effects on the economy. This is known as the debt-trap, or a Balance Sheet Recession. Everyone (including MMT’s staunchest critics) understands it.

In an economic slowdown, the Federal Reserve slashes interest rates to stimulate the economy. If you choose to use Ko-fi Commissions but aren't a Gold subscriber you will pay a 5% platform fee on commission purchases. Does he not understand that the private sector does not want to create any more credit, regardless of how much you penalize them for holding cash?

I’m not here to judge the best way to stimulate the economy.

Absent this kind of nuance, you haven’t said anything that’s worth saying. This is what happened in 2007 when the Great Financial Crisis hit. And I do know your position on the meat of this debate. To test a child’s knowledge of money and math (and as an easy way to make a buck) I will sometimes offer my niece or nephew two nickels in exchange for just one quarter. I rely on Techmeme and Nuzzle for technology news and links. Your retort to the statement that “Erdogan can buy what ever is for sale in lira” is that for one reason or another somethings may not be for in lira. That is a tautology. The Future of Asset Management…The State of Venture Capital…and Goldman Sachs is Spamming me, What I Read, What I Pay For, Who I Follow and How to Get Started Investing. My Stocktwits mobile notification follows (people that burst onto my screen).