Privacy Policy, The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut – How to Build a Winning Party. Fighters will always deliver, whether it is DPS, Tank or a combination of both roles. Your shield will block all of their attacks and your Champion counter attack will hit them back for each time they attacked you for about 30 points of damage each. Shield Bash – Can stun melee attackers when you block them, and you will block about 100% of the time. Gear is the primary means to increase Attributes so make sure it fits the build to maximize performance. which refunds action points for team members who move towards the Fighter. They have skill paths for every weapon, with the exception of Daggers, and can wield Shields with lots of defensive bonuses. The best Race for the fighter will depend on your desired role. Play as Bard, Fighter, Practitioner, and Rogue, each featuring 60-70 skills and collectively unlocking 21 unique classes. Build a party that suits your play style! Biting Insult + Taunt can be very useful against Armored opponents to soften them up and then smack them over the head so that it hurts a lot. Unlocks the ability: Head Knocker which causes high physical damage to enemies that stand in front of the fighter. Fighter is one of character classes (called Archetypes in game) in Bard's Tale IV. He has a high constitution in comparison to other character classes. You have 30% chance to cause enemy to bleed. Taunt and Biting Taunt – make them attack you, strip their armor, and then retaliate with Champion.

You’ll want maximum Intelligence to maximize your mental attack damage. Unlocks the ability "To Me!" Unlocks the ability: Storm of Blades, that doubles physical damage to a unit within range.

Unlocks the Sundering Smash ability which causes physical damage to enemies and reduces their armor points at the same time. Rogues are a deceptive bunch with a myriad of tools at their disposal. A Fighter is a character class with high amount of constitution in comparison to other archetypes. You get a 20% possibility chance to reset cooldowns on your other abilities. A well-chosen team can transform into an unstoppable force, which will make hostile units crumble. If you want to play this class, the best culture choice is the dwarf. Your choice. If you have Battle Standard then allies use no Opportunity to move towards you. Outlander Human Bard – come on it’s Bard’s Tale for goodness sake! Recommended compositions - a team of four in The Bard's Tale 4 Game The Bard's Tale 4 Guide and Walkthrough. Love for RPGs started with Fallout 1 and 2. It is best to position your DPS allies next to you so they can benefit from Guardian and Drill Master Skills while they attack. That's why he's great as a front-line fighter, shielding the weaker representatives of your team. Build an array of characters to make every playthrough a unique experience.

In the following chapter you will find tips on how to play a fighter class. Unlocks the ability: Lumbering Strike, which causes heavy physical damage to a selected enemy that is closest within range. It is here where you unlock Heavy Armor, many Constitution passives, Armor Class upgrades and Shield abilities.

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Next Party A team of six Prev Party Managing Teams. This is a brief guide on how to create a Bard’s Tale 4 party that will power through your foes.. We hope that this guide will help you. “Tankiness” is not their only strength, as Fighters can also deal high Damage with any Weapon.

The Attack Skill Tree is primarily for DPS oriented Fighters and it offers a variety of offensive abilities that are tied to the equipped weapon. Champion – maybe the best (other than Shield Block) fighter skill in the game.

Using a Shield for Tanking is recommended because of passives such as Critical Block that completely negates damage received or Shield Bash that stuns the attacker. Baed Human works great with all builds and classes due to bonus Skill Points. Vanguard – all your Fighters should have Vanguard so they can use 2H Swords and shields. The Fighter self-buffs using Deflect Stance to increase armor rating, making himself even tankier. Like many CRPGs, some race, class, and skill choices are better than others. Fighters are best used in Front Row to protect others or deal damage. Quick Reflexes – once you get this you will block nearly 100% of incoming attacks and take 0 damage. The Fighter has the following default stats: Default skills of this character archetype are: Allows you to carry out a long-range blow. DPS and Tank Roles need different things so you need to be careful if you want to maximize a Fighter’s effectiveness. A very important element of fighter's equipment is a shield. If you want to play this class, the best culture choice is the dwarf. I found the ranged multi target damage of the ranged Rogue was way better and more versatile than melee even through melee does do better single target damage. Sweeping Slash – Great to hit 3 melee foes at time, makes your front line fighter good damage dealers, although with Champion, you can really just stand there and watch melee opponents die. A Fighter is a character class with high amount of constitution in comparison to other archetypes. While DPS Fighters need a balanced build, with a focus on Strength, Tank Fighters need only Constitution and Intelligence. DPS Fighters also needs to invest some points into the Defense Skill Tree to increase Constitution and unlock Officer’s Mail Medium Armor. Best Race for Fighter. You should take note that the Biting Insult skill causes Taunted enemy to half their armor, making heavily armored enemies easier to kill. Be sure to get the Grand Rabble Rouser skill. Science gives you the possibility to create such potions: Lesser Draught of Power, Lesser Elixir of Focus, Lesser Tonic of Armor. For example Drill Master lets nearby allies copy the Fighter’s Stance which can be really useful. The primary Attributes for Fighter Tank are Constitution and, Armor Class, and Intelligence. Craft your Party, Your Way. Read this brief guide to understand how to build a strong party that will … Fighters are sturdy front liners proficient with almost every weapon and shield and can fulfill both Tank and DPS Roles. Higher Intelligence is important because it helps sustain stances. “Tankiness” is not their only strength, as Fighters can also deal high Damage with any Weapon.