I think LTSQs are just on pause for Christmas, like thet were over Halloween. The name of the quest that awards this achievement is "Quest for the Quidditch Cup". This content is SEASONAL and will only be available in DECEMBER. Merula is an antagonistic Slytherin that players duel on multiple occasions throughout the course of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. It may be that the same thing is happening now because of the Christmas Events. I have over 300 house points and do every single side quest. This quest was removed for adjustments. Several people on this sub reported getting back to back timed sidequests at the start of November when the Halloween stuff ended. Final reward: A suit of armour, 100 Empathy. Hogwarts Mystery's biggest flaw is it commits the cardinal sin of free-to-play games: it imposes restrictions on players long before they ever have a chance to be hooked. There are actually some moments in the game where players have to make choices about which friend to take with them on certain quests, and it's possible these interactions will influence which characters will become romance options later on. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. Now Jam City has started a new event in the game, and its punk rock theme gives players the chance to collect even more unique cosmetic items for their character. Howling Halloween was limited by the real life date as it was specifically about Halloween, but Honourary Rocker should trigger whenever a new player gets to the initial checkpoint in the same way the vast majority of LTSQs do.

They can build energy past their limit by routinely tapping on the pets in their dormitory throughout the day, which can help fill the time between now and the addition of new story content. It's a basic bitch of a mobile game, where all gameplay is boiled down to just tapping the screen until I run out of energy, participating in rock-paper-scissor magic duels, or making friends and advancing the story through question and answer sessions. Final rewards: 150 Empathy, 1000 XP, Unlocks Dobby as a friend. Final rewards: Werewolf Capture Unit uniform. Final rewards: Chiara's friendship, sunrise picture, 100 Empathy. It’s clear Portkey Games thinks the allure of a new mystery at Hogwarts will be enough to snare long-time Potter fans. This quest was removed for adjustments. As the first title from Portkey Games, the label founded last year by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to publish games based on The Wizarding World, Hogwarts Mystery casts players in the role of a new student at Hogwarts years before the arrival of Harry Potter with a dark family history of their own. London wouldn’t confirm that queer relationships will appear in the game, but told Polygon the studio is committed to incorporating more diversity. He was roughly 15 when that began.

For some, it might be. The Curse-Breakers event in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery gave players the opportunity to earn one of the most unique event-specific cosmetic items in the game to date, featuring an outfit that resembled the one worn by Madam Rakepick. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery studio Jam City confirms that romance options of some kind will be coming to the popular mobile game as part of a future update. I make friends, Rowan Khanna and Ben Copper, and find myself a rival in Merula, a Slytherin student. The name of the quest that awards this achievement is "Head Boys and Girls", Final rewards: 1000 XP, 100 Empathy, Item of Rowan’s Clothing, The name of the quest that awards this achievement is "Searching for a Comet". The relationship also won’t make it into Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the first opportunity Warner Bros. has had to introduce the relationship. For every game I cover, there are three or four I play for a day and move on from. “Our studio is 100 percent in favor of supporting diversity in all aspects, and we’re hoping to pursue that actively and presently,” London said. This shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise for long-time Harry Potter fans.