The building was the town library until 1985. For all you ghost hunting enthusiasts, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from an expert and explore a real haunted hotel. I stayed in an upstairs room in the modern building with a wonderful balcony view of the river. 3 The Klondike Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in Iowa and it is a popular spot for teams of paranormal investigators to visit. cold spots, uncomfortable feelings...) A great place to visit for ... Students like to tell of a triple suicide that occurred on the 4th floor. Choose to stay in the historic hotel, the adjacent modern motels, or riverside cabins. Witnesses have seen objects moving by themselves in the kitchen and heard whispering and voices in the bathrooms. From opening and closing doors and strange lights to disembodied voices and apparitions, this historical building will be sure to give you the creeps. A grandfather clock located here is said to have been donated by her parents; it used to be in her dorm. Known as a "textbook haunting," this home-turned-museum offers plenty of history and scares for visitors. This historic hotel was built in the early twentieth century for workers constructing a nearby lock for the town dam. Keosauqua, IA 52565. Many theories surround this strange occurrence, including the belief that Teresa was secretly a witch and cursed the statue to protect the family's gravesite. The origin of the hauntings at this restaurant is uncertain. This upscale restaurant is housed in a historic building, and staff and diners report that the women's restroom is haunted by a lady in an old-fashioned dress, who has been known to walk through the walls. The next day, the jar was taken back to the forest ... Actual details of this alleged haunting seem to spring from a single source, a local paranormal group who claims the house is haunted. Several guests have reported seeing a foggy apparition of a boy on the landing who constantly plays tricks on people. Hotel Manning is a historic hotel located in Keosauqua, Van Buren County, Iowa, United States on the banks of the Des Moines River. Local legend sayd that if you park your car on these railroad tracks and shut it off, an unseen force will push you off the tracks. The Hotel Manning Preservation Group welcomes you with true Midwestern Hospitality to stay awhile, relax, and enjoy. Bentonsport, Iowa Visitors also report hearing ghostly voices and seeing strange light anomalies floating throughout the cemetery. Bayliss Hall, room 1117, is haunted by a former occupant who delivered a baby in secret, threw it down the trash chute, then hung herself in the closet. The tugging continued for several seconds and then it suddenly stopped. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Cries and moans can be heard in her room. Many travelers enjoy visiting Bentonsport National Historic District (5.6 miles). It was installed in 1912 to mark the sorrow of Teresa Feldevert after losing her young son and husband. This meetinghouse was once a school, and it is said to be haunted by flickering lights in the night. The Hotel Manning is a community-owned boutique hotel located along the Des Moines River in downtown Keosauqua. It is said that many pairs of glowing eyes, belonging to the many graveyard spirits, can be seen by those who drive past. Reports say that back in the 1950s, she was thought of as the benevolent spirit of the cemetery, protecting it from vandals. Reports say you can hear footsteps in the gravel while the spirits of children are pushing your car. It is said that if roommates get into arguments, their ghosts will step in to restore harmony. Spooky tales told here revolve around a ghost named Lucinda. With its rich history, the hotel is also rich in paranormal activity -- it is thought to be one of the most haunted inns in Iowa, with up to 100 spirits inhabiting it at any time. Sometimes it has been known to roll out onto the stage during rehearsals or performances. 1.2K likes. Make yourself at home with these hotel amenities. This Super 8 has been the site of numerous strange happenings. Some say the clock is where her spirit lives, but she may come out at ... Is it an optical illusion or a spirited trick? Visitors can step back in time and relax among the historic treasures that distinguish the hotel, or head out to enjoy serene river views from the hotel’s wrap around patios or from the newly renovated riverside courtyard and bar. The Manning family continued to operate the hotel for another two decades until hard times in the rural farm economy in the mid-1920s forced the Manning bank into receivership and Hotel Manning sold with its other assets.[4]. According to stories told by locals, one day in the 1960s a regular patron named Hazel visited the library. The Mason House has withstood 5 major floods throughout the years and it still stands to this day. [2], The Hotel Manning was constructed in the late 1890s by Edwin Manning.

Voices, slamming doors, shadow people and orbs commonly appear. This address, at the corner of Muscatine Ave. and Dearborn Rd., is now an antique store that is rumored rumored to be haunted. This spot, near where Kentucky Avenue and US 218 meet, is said to be haunted by a local girl who hanged herself from the bridge after having an affair with a married doctor. The Edinburgh property is more than meets the eye. There is a lot of mystery and talk surrounding this cemetery, a family plot near what was once the abandoned house. After closing its doors in 2001 and sitting abandoned for five years, a local couple purchased the building and quickly realized that it was not completely empty. The building was once an active stop on the Underground Railroad and the cemetery marks the final resting place of at least one veteran from every single American war. Something eerie may be going on in this old cemetery. Some of the more popular amenities offered include free wifi, a lounge, and free parking. She is said to have committed suicide by jumping off a cliff when her beloved failed to meet her to run away together.

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[2] In recent years other businesses have also operated out of the Hotel Manning complex, including a tanning salon and travel agency.

What are some restaurants close to Hotel Manning? Nearby attractions include Villages of Van Buren County (0.1 miles), Bloom and Bark Glass Blowing Studio & Natural Farm (3.1 miles), and Lake Sugema Fish & Wildlife Recreation Area (2.7 miles).