I still can't believe I finished the whole thing I'll miss my lovely vampire brothers and I must know what happens next WHERE IS SEASON 2!!!! I hated the ending though it's not just going to be left hanging like that I must know what happens next so there better be a season 2 and fast. Before he leaves back to the manor, Drogo also tells her about Viktor and his own crude rules where he forbids Peter to read poetry and playing the piano, resulting him to rebel him. I did buy the $9.99 pack they offer you in the beginning because I do enjoy supporting the developers but I personally can’t afford to play this game to the extent that will keep me interested in it. This story has been so addictive that I have purchased some additional reading time but with a little bit of self control, you don’t need to spend much with the daily gift to keep the story alive. Feedback or Complaints? It’s torture. Is It Love? Drogo's story shares some similarities with Twilight: When the player begins to be attracted to him, a similar reference to one Bella Swan says when becoming attracted to Edward. Choose your relationship in this interactive story: drama, romance, decisions. I really enjoyed the story line. An update of Is It Love? As soon as Sarah took care of her grandmother, the player went to the storage room to find out more about Viktor.

They would make much more money allowing you to watch more videos to get even more energy, which would in turn keep players interested in the game. Seriously, 300 a day IS NOT ENOUGH. As a result, Viktor mercilessly beats Peter into a pulp and both him and Nicolae couldn't stop him until Lorie intervene to stop him for hurting Peter. Sebastian - Adventure & Romance. . There’s also the welcome energy when you first download it so add those up and see for yourself ♥️. It has some slow areas in the plot, but you can’t be be full throttle 24/7. That means that you DON'T CARE OF WHAT PEOPLE ARE TELLING YOU because the only thing you think about is MONEY !!!

But at the second season shows Drogo being a heartbreaker which he admitted that he had never had a single relationship with any women because of his behavior after both Nicolae and Peter sarcastically stares at him. He has plenty of knowledge and BIG past mistakes that come in the package with this bad boy. I honestly could of got me new shoes!!! They do help you with free points but there is a certain amount a day (still grateful). If I didn’t the energy problem I would literally read it in 4 days. You get obsessed with the game the farther you go the more you want to play all of the characters are great Drogo becomes the sweetest and most romantic vampire ever the love is very intense and seems so amazingly real if only there was love that amazing and peter and nicolae are so sweet and protective.