She still routinely shaved her undercut but had grown out the hair on top of her head and it was braided down her back. He gave Jester a playful smile.

What if Caduceus met the Mighty Nein right from the beginning and knew that therapy was an option for these poor assholes? Ah, vindication. “Come on, Caleb,” she’d said, voice muffled behind the white-painted porcelain mask, the rest of her face bandaged up in cloth. His undercut had grown out to match the rest of his hair and there was only a bit more black than gray in it anymore. The man sitting across the table from him doesn’t look like his usual clientele—unkempt, is perhaps the kindest way of putting it. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. He now must learn to navigate this new group, new hierarchy, new rules without failure- for he knows pain what failure brings. It’s the smallest, shittiest island he’s ever seen but it’s a place to anchor the damn boat and a place to sleep, so it’s good enough. “No, I... I’m not the dancing type, I’m afraid.”, “No need to be afraid, no one’s watching. Things have gone a bit wrong since then and he might be the only one who can set things right… since it’s the Mighty Nein themselves who’ve gone wrong.

He watches, dumbfounded, as Molly secures his right hand and foot in the rope and lets it hold his weight so he can lean over the deck and gesture to the reef they’re rapidly approaching. Running July 8 - 14 2019 There’s no watches, since they’re on the only land for miles, and everyone is trying to prepare themselves for the journey ahead. "Your decision. “You sure you want him to wake up and think you still have that giant stick up your ass after all these years?”. "Mollymauk Tealeaf." The rest of the group is asleep and so is the world. "You're Mollymauk Tealeaf?" At the shout, Fjord looks up, tired and resigned to hear about yet another disaster. "I'm Vax'ildan, Champion to the Raven Queen, I'm here to take you to the Moonweaver's Domain.

Beau reached out to put a hand on Yasha’s arm. I've lived a life I'm proud of.". He can't quite bow, but he manages to duck his head in somber respect, and throw his arms out in a show of personality. It's a risky question, there's probably a rule against questions like the one he just asked. Theon risked a glance at Bran, who met it and shook his head, as if to say, I can’t say.

Summary: Ways the Mighty Nein did not meet Caleb and Nott.. 1. She was wearing a handmade dress decorated with buttons and embroidery.

I didn’t think anyone knew? He’s been in a boat... twice? he asks, gesturing to his newly acquired plant matter. Essek: Dangerous (and pretty!) Really, the only spots of color belong to the blue feather in his hair, and a strange pin made of, what appear to be, dragon scales. Fjord stepped around the table to stand beside Jester, gently pulling her close and kissing her hair.

Now—” Molly pushes the deck forward across the tavern table, indicates with a sweep of his hand for Caleb to pull from the top, “—let’s see what’s in your future.”, (Struggling against some writing block this week, but here’s some fjolly shenanigans for day 3 of @mollymauklivesfest !). It’s just Caduceus, cooking over a campfire. Save us both a bit of time and I can still give you a glimpse of the future, if a narrower view.”, Caleb smiles a little—at least, presses his lips together in something close to a smile. It’s going to be a long night. His usual armor had been put aside for today and he was wearing a loose gray tunic and black pants. 426 notes. I'm sorry [and super embarrassed] I have added the right tag. This story focuses on Caleb, as the latest addition to the group, recently recovered from a police raid into a countryside home, owned by one Trent Ikithon.

He sits up, tentatively touching his face, only to find more flora.

The diamonds are heavy when they carry them in. He anchors himself like he would in an acrobatic act, as if the force of the water is the same as gravity and wind resistance. It's a man's voice, speaking in accented Common. He stumbles off the boat in a daze, finds a spot next to the island’s single tree, and sleeps through the whole day, not caring if he’ll fuck up his sleep cycle. We are not here to discuss him though, we are here to discuss you. Tell me, Mollymauk, do you wish to be revived?". Caleb is lost, but quickly found by the colorful whirlwind that is Mollymauk Tealeaf.Caleb owns a bookstore, Molly just started working at Orly and Jester's tattoo shop. Come on, I’ll swim us out.”. “Rock band looking for a drummer!” the poster read.

"It's good though, she's alive. Theon squinted, and counted the figures out. Fjord shuts his eyes and feels the currents of the water gently shift around them, their hair flying in a slow motion halo around their heads.

It couldn’t be. ... Mollymauk Tealeaf Imagines + Smuts by HollyHolly2221. She’d ditched the corset and her old, green, short cloak but the Traveler still had a prominent place on the sash around her hips. After having their somewhat budding relationship discovered by the team in an unfortunate and totally avoidable series of events, Caleb has some ideas about how Molly can make up for spilling the beans to the rest of the party. I thought it was just Cad—”. Maybe it’s the dubious crab that makes Fjord follow him, taking off his armor and shoes.

Anything you start, you can finish.”, “And you’re the same.

Veth gave her a small smile and hurried over to stand beside her husband and clear the way. "My Lady," Molly says.

They come up to a door that was most definitely not there before, the darkwood emblazoned with the symbol of the Moonweaver. Maybe he can just sleep through his rule mandated time frame? Yasha hesitated in the doorway, then stepped fully inside.

Their feet slide against the sand, cool in the night air. He’s seen oceans on maps and he obviously knows what they are, in theory, but nothing could’ve prepared him for the scale. The table was draped with several blankets and pillows as they poured the diamonds out of the bags and into the center, spreading them out in a single layer.

Tell me you at least know enough to see that you can’t trust her; she’d have fed us all to that fucking hydra if it meant she was one step closer to freeing her patron. Vax'ildan has a look in his eyes that Molly's never seen before, it's none of his business, so he ignores it. As it is, though, Molly stopped caring about the ink a second after it spilled, and the paper barely registers, either. At last, he casts his eyes to the Matron of Ravens herself.

As the campfire dies, and everyone begins settling down in the sand to sleep, Molly and Fjord are the only ones left awake. No, it’s best for Molly to just stay up on his perch and watch the sea. while wizards had to study for their magic, your magic simply happened to be. He had become very free with that over the last several years. 410 1 1. kinda doesn't.

You’re nearly as impulsive as me, the perfect partner in crime.”, “But that’s just impulse.

slightly a spitefic bc FUCK weiss and benioff, It's Molly this time thinking about Caleb, Percival "Percy" Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, Eventual Mollymauk Tealeaf/Caleb Widogast. There was a pop and the diamonds disappeared, leaving a tattooed purple body on the table in their place. “Who are your friends, so we may welcome them more formally to Winterfell?”. I’ll give you back two of your coppers—” one of them looks painted, anyway, “—and instead of doing a full reading, I’ll just draw one card. “Tell you the truth, Fjord, if this was just you fucking yourself over, we wouldn’t be having this conversation—because you do know that’s what you’re doing, right?

Everything about the ocean seems impossible, the waves, the animals, the plants, the salt (he had to taste it for himself, even when Yasha told him not to, and discovered it really is as salty as people say it is. FANDOM: Critical Role (Web Series)RELATIONSHIPS: Minor or Background Relationship(s), Jester Lavorre & Mollymauk Tealeaf, Fjord/Jester Lavorre, Captain Avantika/Fjord (Critical Role)RATING: TWORD COUNT: 805NOTES: Written for Day Six of @mollymauklivesfest: kindness – notes: you kind have to squint a little bit to see the kindness in this (whoops—love missing the mark on a prompt). And look. And there's art!

Fjord rubs a hand over his face. Underwater, it feels like being the center of the universe and completely hidden away all at once.

The Raven Queen is human sized now, standing a few inches taller than Molly. He's floating in this space, he imagines the swords would have made him feel anchored. He knew that whatever time he had was not enough for a long life, and he'd made his peace with that. Who says Wizards need spellBOOKS.

tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10.

It’s then that Fjord realizes how late it is, looking up at the pitch black sky, full moon hanging over head, and stars twinkling out of the abyss. Curious vines of deep green curl around his wrist and up his arms, dotted in blooming flowers. It's all black around him now, the red is gone, just massive tiles of obsidian, and endless space above. Work Search: Ach! Or, high school senior Beauregard Lionett finds friendship and acceptance in the last place she expected: somebody else's garage. “Don’t you want to know your future?”, The man—Caleb—had grunted in response, shifted even lower in the chair. "Does this knowledge affect your decision?". “Caleb said there were ten bags, that’s nine empty bags over there. It looks at home amongst the fine scars that decorate his skin.

He’d always thought Gustav had been messing with him when he told him about the ocean- why is it salty anyway?) No need to be embarrassed! “Let’s get the fucking show on the road.”.

“He can pick.

think of it more as molly acting from a place of kindness/concern for jester, “Alright, Tusktooth, you and I are having a chat.”, “Yes, now.

Fjord laughs and smiles, always happy to just be near Molly and talk, whether it’s ridiculous or serious (though, it’s usually both).

In a quiet moment, they both turn to stare up at the surface of the water, seeing the moonlight meet them in weakened, interrupted shafts. It's an interesting look, to say the least. He's not sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing. ", FANDOM: Critical Role (Web Series)RELATIONSHIPS: Mollymauk Teleaf/Caleb WidogastRATING: TWORD COUNT: 2,190NOTES: Written for Day Five of @mollymauklivesfest: Flowers; both tarot card designs are inspired by @rabdoidal‘s artwork: caleb’s tattoos & molly’s bouquet. "No, I wish though, this would have been cool in the circus.".

Moss clings to his hands, and patches of bark have covered the snake's head.

Not much gets past him, not when it comes to Fjord. He looks so stressed as he dashes from disaster to disaster that Molly feels bad for not trying to help, but he thinks he’d only make it worse with his lack of experience.

None of them had seen it since Luc’s last birthday party. However, the rest of his adornments seem to be in place.

He has no idea what he’s doing most of the time, especially when he’s standing in the ocean with Molly in the middle of the night, after they’ve stolen a boat.