I never liked to drink any other milk & I am 68 now. before the times of adulterated food, we didn’t have to think scientifically when it came to food. Loved this! Like most things in llife there always has to be a compromise—you want a long shelf-life? Yoghurt made from UHT milk is delicious!! Since finding out that they use it too I have asked them not to give it to my son however they ignore my request and have continued to do so. Holstein has A1 proteins. To me the milk boxes taste absolutely delicious, I like their flavor more than raw milk. Raw, generally not sold in supermarkets, fresh pasturised in full cream, 2% or fat free, which only lasts a couple of days in the fridge, and the same three choices of long life (your UHT) and lactose free, usually soya milk. How do you not see the flaw in that type of thinking?Reply It uses heat to kill harmful microorganisms.

I make raw milk yogurt and ice cream, and hope to make lots of cheese this year. It is actually quite shocking to me. will NOT, buy anything else. The lactate enzyme makes digestion of raw milk possible.

I started buying raw milk about a year ago so I could make cheese. High heating removes most of the lactalbumin in milk, making it OK in cheese if that is what you are allergic to. Especially for children and the elderly (and really anyone with a compromised immune system), pasteurisation as an important safety measure.

Except we know the facts!! It means pasteurized milk is not as good for you.–Do heat your milk before making yogurt?

I grew up on a dairy farm consuming only raw milk and butter made from raw milk. *Bad equipment.

Also, pasteurization of milk has virtually no effect on the digestibility of casein, according to the published literature I have looked at. I lived in Central America when my son was less than 2 years’ old. If you’re worried about weakening your immune system, don’t wash your hands so often, then you’ll get plenty of bacteria. I purchase and consume milk everyday, instead of coffee, and i have had some major heath issues arise suddenly.

I am very confused.Reply Janie Surinami saysWikipedia says that 7 out of 10 Europeans drink UHT milk.

You have a skewed view based on your culture and the cohort cold milk you seem to support. Millions of perfectly healthy people drink this UHT milk and never have an autoimmune issue. Which means you ultimately cannot claim it is good or bad and means we are unfortunately using our bodies as testing grounds. It’s beneficial bacteria that line our gut that help the human body to develop appropriate immune responses, to manufacturer vitamins and to digest macronutrients. At present they are treated with almost completely manufactured protein and sugar assemblies that hopefully include all essential nutrients (elemental formulas). I’m a milk-a-holic and drink over a gallon a day born and raised in the United States. So, milk producers got creative. Cows produce milk whether they have just had a calf or not.Reply

, Exactlyy what I grew up drinking – Raw Milk – my parents bought it from a farm just down the road from us – Until we moved & started 5th grade in a new town. I agree. I live in California , Charlotte Reyes Watanabe via Facebook says. This woman does not know wjay she is talking aboit when it comes to UHT milk. I hate that all the milk and cream are uht now and I wish it had never been invented, Such milk has to be produced in designated dairies. And, yes, FunFacts, there is a condition called leaky gut syndrome. Plus, flax milk contains 20% less sugar than traditional milk and is suitable for people with dairy, nut or soy allergies. I moved 2 years ago nearby to a 2 cow dairy farm and have been hooked on raw milk since. I had been on PPI medication ( lansoperozole) for years.

Personally, I cannot STAND the taste of raw milk..it’s too strong…I absolutely prefer the “cooked” taste of UHT milk, especially after refrigerating it. Still UHT milk for example from Uruguay said the label to refrigerate.Also it had a very milky smell. It lasts much longer than the milk from the market frig. We love good, clean tasting milk too much to move back. Without an open mind I would not have known I do best on the old traditional atkins (not the overly advertised new atkins) with whole foods as well as foods that are processed minimally. Come back with some evidence from real experts (see: organic chemists/biologists/what-have-you) and maybe I’ll buy it. amy @ WANF saysThanks for this interesting read…as a mom w/ a toddler who mainly exclusively drinks organic milk, you are def. And so much is irradiated, loaded with chemicals, adulterated and genetically modified. Louis saysI’m from a country where UHT has been prevalent for decades, and as far as I know, health problems associated with ultra-high temperature processed milk is unheard of. Drink your milk and enjoy it.Reply But, according to them, regular store-bought milk is fine. Pasteurization is not a conspiracy, it came about in the 1800’s to eliminate sickness caused by milk. What I learned is to always go into what you see on the news with open eyes but doubtful minds.

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Sure, you can put it on your cereal, but there’s little else you can do with it. I drank uht milk for years. Still UHT milk for example from Uruguay said the label to refrigerate.Also it had a very milky smell. “Reply I’m angry because I was not informed of this on the container. Sure its not a lot, but these are how diseases are born and spread.

I was born in Europe I drank this milk all the time in Europe and I never had a problem. It can be kept “on the shelf” for six to nine months without spoiling. Good taste is often to what you are accustom. However, despite the change in the structure of the protein, denatured protein still contains all of the amino acids that are found in other forms of whey protein. If you do this, you have exposed your milk to far more heat than UHT pasterization does. UHT milk is a popular milk in many countries around the world. In tea, for example, it imparts a unique taste that I find myself craving from time to time. I agree with much of the Weston Price philosophy in principle, but their article about UHT (which finds its way into articles such as yours) is just plain wrong, and maybe even intentionally misleading. My family recently went on a trip of a lifetime traveling around France for 6 weeks. It can also be used in baked goods or as a nutritional supplement. Now I know better, no wonder I never really liked milk except the ones that are pasteurized normally. Then on the other side there are the same tiny tubes where is chilled. Thank you for this information. Made from flax and containing high amounts of omega 3 and protein, this lightly sweetened, vanilla-flavored product is always ready to enjoy in coffee, tea, baked goods and other recipes. It can’t be completely dead if it undergoes this process can it?

FYI my family members have all of the afflictions people would assume.Reply Sure, you can put it on your cereal, but there’s little else you can do with it. Kory saysI believe UHT milk has caused leaky gut and has directly affected my heath over the last 3 years. It’s us that are sick for processing milk the way we do.Reply And not the junk sold in America either Thankfully, I live in Asia where soy milk and rice milk is cheap and is everywhere and where it’s sold as it always has been for hundreds of years. Too much paranoia in the world today! HillbillyBill saysOh boy, can I take a ride in your time machine? CBBaron. Can anyone explain why they have to do this?? People have been drinking UHT milk in Europe for decades and they’re not falling apart with illness because of it. Wow! “Moo-glues” were developed as industrial glues and adhesives and snuck in dairy products as “milk protein concentrates” (MPC), “ultra-filtered milk” (UF), now pitched under the most recent deceptive term” “high protein milk” to keep consumers in the dark through mis-leading labelling. they are using Australian UHT…, There are so many wrong statements in this webpage, I don’t know where to start. Thanks for sharing, I will try to watch out for this when buying my milk from now on. This product also comes in a vanilla flavor for those with a sweet tooth. That way I would have less of a problem with the milk I buy going bad before I drink it. As for the burnt taste this is history the new equipment such as VTIS tubular combinations have even faster heat contact. Cows produce milk whether they have just had a calf or not. The only people vulnerable to this response would be “leaky gut” individuals (if such a thing even exists). Raw milk tastes so delicious and fresh, even after a couple weeks. You have some serious fecking problems in your head and you need to figure them out. Can be found in natural and specialty food stores, including natural food co-ops, independent natural food stores, Natural Grocers, and Whole Food Markets in the Midwest, Rockies, and Southwest. The purple carton is ultra pasteurized- goat milk. UHT is not for our good at all its all about making milk products seem to last longer.

Cow Milk. Grass fed in season too.Reply Organic refers to a) the food the cows are fed and b) the steroids/ antibiotics/ hormones (or lack thereof) involved in both the rearing of the cows and the ingredients of the milk. Of course, to fulfill the purpose of this article, this milk is also shelf-stable and doesn’t need refrigeration until you open the carton.

The introduction to a 2005 study published in the Journal of Dairy Science highlighted the current problems with UHT processing from an industry point of view: Often, heat treatment causes milkfat globule membrane proteins and whey proteins to unfold such that buried sulfhydryl (-SH-) groups, normally masked in the native protein, are exposed to the outer surfaces (Hoffmann and van Mill, 1997). Lee Dexter: likely not a reliable source (ref: http://www.austinpost.org/article/local-farm-plagued-legal-problems).