Lead the little guy to the far right and hit the switch to trap him atop the pressure pad.

There's a second trophy immediately after the previous one.

Once you are in the area, grapple all the way on top of some pipes with a walkway to find the collectible. The station is directly south from the Clock Tower. Lock them in place, and lean left to move the free box. Now pull the slat back out of the way, and do a running slide through the small opening, past the shut-off valves, and into the container.

In the corner of the same room is a crate.

Trophy #3 The Riddler pad is on an overpass near Miagani side of the bridge. On the east side of Kingston, on a building across from the terminal proper. Doing so frees the trophy and starts a timer.

Use the Voice Synthesizer to command the bot across the floor, bringing the trophy to you. “Are you suffering from a mental split? There's another puzzle in the other windowed room on this end of the set. You need to command the Riddler bot to bring the trophy to you, so use the Voice Synthesizer to do so. Batman: Arkham City Riddler Challenges Walkthrough Video in High Definition===================================All Riddler Trophies Locations in Wonder City0:00 - Riddler Trophy #223 (Nr. Trophy #8 There's a weak wall just a bit higher up from the warehouse you just entered. After the Cloudburst Device has been dispersed, return to the Miagani Botanical Gardens and scan the large red plant using your Detective Vision to complete this riddle. Head past the Newton Fairgrounds and you will come face to face with a couple of Riddler Bots. You need to complete a Riot Bomb Puzzle in order to acquire this collectible – you can check out the video above for detailed information! To get around this, you need to crawl through the nearby vent, then send a Remote Controlled Batarang all the way back through. Blow through it with Explosive Gel to find a Riddler puzzle on the other side. Open the airlock facing Airship Alpha and step on the pressure pad. You need to head over to the water’s edge near the Perdition Bridge and find a locked gate with a generator nearby. Hook it with the Batclaw to bring it down. You need to head over to the north side of the Founders’ Island and make your way to the Trade House. Using the Batmobile's Forensics Scanner on it will cause Riddler marks to appear. Once you arrive at the location, head over to the top floor of the building and search for the collectible on top of a yellow cabinet. Tucked in a corner just before the winding path to Stage B.

In case you have already done it, travel to the Pretty Dolls Parlor below the Ryker Heights and head inside the floor grate inside the building to find the collectible in the adjacent room. You simply need to blind the turrets in order to find the collectible. Use your Batarangs to hit the remaining switches and unlock the collectible. Trophy #15

While in the Subject Testing Area, you need to head over to the southern edge where you will need to solve a puzzle in order to claim the collectible. Bleak Island: Militia Shields continue on the next page!

There is an old manor on the lower west side of the island, near Port Adams. You need to look for a large crane right next to a building and smash through a boarded up wall to find the collectible inside.

Score! There's a storage unit atop the shop. “He saved the date! There's a small building below Merchant Bridge. You'll find another trophy among the shelves on the first floor. You need to direct the Riddler Bot towards the far wall and use the generator to crush it under the wall. Once you arrive in the area, scan the magazine sitting on the small magazine to complete the riddle. Use the Batmobile to blast through the sealed wall and claim the collectible inside.

There's a large neon sign for the Vicki Vale Show near Grand Avenue. You need to use ‘Semiconductors’ as password and complete the puzzle inside to claim the collectible. Head down the bridge and look for an old shack containing the collectible. Use the Batmobile's Forensics scanner on the green symbol to make Riddler marks appear on the ground. Once you have done it, use the ‘?’ sign to revive the Riddler Bot and use it to stand on the Pressure Pad and claim the collectible. 3 of Row #3)13:32 - Riddler Trophy #236 (Nr.

You need to head over to the Gotham City Trains near the Wayne International Plaza. This collectible is located inside the AK HQ building. Head inside to find this behind the counter. The Trade House sits at the docks at the northern edge of the island.

“A former warden who had a Strange turn, his appointment as mayor was a cause for concern.”.

You need to head inside the farthest room from the entrance in the Airship Alpha – Human Testing Room. Stagg Enterprises Airships: Riddles begin on the next page! Once you are inside, use the Batclaw to open up a box and scan the contents. No, I am not the UFC fighter, but I did win a bout of fisticuffs against him once. Once this is done, follow the trail of the signs toward the collectible. You need to make your way to the entrance of The Gotham Pony and use the Winch Marker to pull the door and head inside to find the collectible. “He lives and dies in seven days, this beast you’ve tamed but his song still plays.”. While they're out, switch back to Batman and guide a Remote Controlled Batarang through the holes in the container to hit the switch on the far side. Found right on the western border of Kingston.

Find a vantage point where you can hook it with the Batclaw.

“Overgrown, abandoned, the inmates set free, madness could never be held in me.”. Do so, then grapple into the alcove to grab another trophy. There's a cemetery in Drescher. Take out the green guys, then hit the switch with a Batarang to change the orange guys green. Once you reach the Main Area of Stage-C, form 4 identical shapes on the Slot Machine to score the collectible. This one's quite simple. Order it onto the pressure pad to release the trophy. You need to complete the first available Riot Bomb Puzzle to acquire this collectible. Take the elevator up using the REC Gun and use the Explosive Gel to claim the collectible. At street level, you can find a winch panel and a cracked piece of the wall. Just scan Catwoman when you first meet her. You need to head over to the far-bottom of Stage-B and make your way through a wall vent in order to reach a small room containing the collectible – throw a Batarang in the next room to access the collectible. You need to head over to Grand Avenue, near the intersection near a skybridge over the street.

Check the southernmost corner of the facility to find a green symbol, and use the Batmobile's Forensic Scanner near it to trigger Riddler marks on the ground.

You need to head over to the main floor and head inside a locked door on the right-side using Voice Synthesizer to acquire the collectible. You need to head over to the opposite side of the moat and find the collectible on top of a small room.

Grapple up there, then drop into the open end to find a trophy inside.

Stepping on the pads closes the hatch above, so use the Line Launcher to wire walk out and grapple up. Inside the Foyer (where a bunch of boxes are hanging), use the REC Gun on the door of a shed with a green light around it and head inside to find the collectible.

Use the Remote Hacking Device and ‘Bamboo’ password to free up the chimp and use the Pressure Pads to acquire the collectible. Scan them to solve. This collectible is located on the rooftop of a tall building with several Riddler Bots roaming the area. 5 of Row #4)24:34 - Riddler Trophy #247 (Nr. Command the bot to grab the trophy and bring it you. To get at them, you'll need to latch onto the tower base with the Batmobile's winch and rotate the glass until the windows give you access. There's a trophy beyond. Stage B There's a trio of buildings in central Otisburg. Bagels sign) to stun him. Do so to find a trophy on the other side. 1 of Row #1)2:08 - Riddler Trophy #224 (Nr. In west Otisburg, you'll find this green panel on a building. You can also acquire it by climbing the small building bearing the ‘Gotham Pony’ signboard and dropping on the other side of the building. Slip through the vent to find this in a back corner.

You need to head over to the cemetery on the east side of Founders’ Island (near the church) and scan the shrine to Saint Dumas to solve the riddle. Hello, trophy! It may take a few tries - make sure you hit the center mark last - but doing so will net you another trophy. You simply need to scan the collar around Catwoman’s neck in order to solve this riddle. There's a shutter by the water immediately south of the bridge. Trophy #3 There are 282 Riddler Trophies found throughout Arkham City—247 for Batman.

Now take that trophy!

You need to use ‘Gradient’ as password to acquire the collectible.

“A souvenir from a previous life, why hold with a hand when a hook will suffice?”. Trophy #5 Third Set: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green. Disable the turret again and throw another Batarang to find the electrical charge and hit the switch near the turret to claim the collectible. To safely cross, you'll need to find a good spot to dive bomb and speed-glide your way into the cage and over the red pads to secure the trophy.

Once you manage to head inside the newly opened area, blow up the wall using the Explosive Gel and claim the collectible.

Do so, then grapple up to the hole to find a trophy inside.

Scan this to solve.

You need to check the bottom of the stairs to find the collectible sitting on a small chair.

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