Once it's fully charged, remove it and take it to another statue. It can be swung like a regular sword and send out electricity to stun nearby zombies and Margwas. Inside is the championship belt. Once all four rituals are completed, you should’ve four Gateworms which are required for the next step. I trap the shadow man but I'm locked on completing it myself. The microphone is located through the Rift in the Subway Station. Get the four Gateworms from the previous step and head inside the rift which can be accessed from any of the three districts. This is essential to make the flag spawn into the subway. Additionally, a workbench can be found in the Footlight District High Street. Look through windows to find these red symbols. The items can be found in any order, and the rituals can be done in any order, but the items must be used for rituals at specific spots. Beast mode will now be usable for an infinite period of time. Finding Shadow Man and How to Kill Golden Fountain Pen: Found in Junction in a wooden crate. Again, I have another post which details the steps required to claim your sword. Four stone basins must be recharged to allow all four players to become the beast. Shocking the Worm If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Call of Duty: Black Ops III. When you're ready, set the course from one district to another. Detective's Badge Ritual. Once you’ve acquired the upgraded sword, head down to the subway area below through the rift and acquire the flag. You earned it, soldier! It creates a black hole that sucks in all nearby zombies, killing them instantly. All items require becoming the beast and interacting with a wooden crate or generator in some way. How to activate Music Easter Egg in Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil zombie map. You can always make the zombies into crawlers to stop more from coming. For example, if you're the boxer you must go to the Boxing ring. This weapon will take up one of your weapon spots and disappear from the workbench immediately after.

If you hit a wrong symbol, you'll have to wait until you can become the beast again during the next round. The ritual for the Detective's Badge is done inside the Ruby Rabbit in the Canal District. You’ll have to complete this step about 4 times which involves killing the spawned zombies to bring Shadow Man’s shield down and attacking him. Keep an eye on the gauge in the lower right corner to see how long you can use it.

When this happens, you must run to one of the green orbs floating around the map to prevent yourself from going down. This is the red building to the right of the monorail station. Finding the Elemental Sword When he's directly above the altar, place the Summoning Key on the altar to trap him inside. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Detective's Badge: Found in the Canal District. For more help on Black Ops 3 Zombies, read our Buildable Parts Locations, Shadows of Evil Strategy and Shadows of Evil Perks Locations. To access this building, become the beast and melee the doors open. Three players must be positioned at each of the three monorail platforms in the three districts, but one has to be in human form to interact with the monorail call button.

Any fan of Treyarch’s Call of Duty games should know by now that the developer enjoys stuffing as many Easter … Unlike Easter Egg featured in zombies mode in earlier COD games, the Easter Egg in Shadows of Evil can easily be completed in solo mode. To get this item you must become the beast, grapple onto the eagle heads in the area just before the gate to the next part of the Waterfront District, grapple to the next eagle head nearby, and melee the hanging, glowing wooden box. The fourth player must be near the giant gateworm and the three gatekeepers around it. All rights reserved. Purchase the door leading to each district, then become a beast to power a generator revealing a staircase to the areas holding these pieces. Easter Eggs. Quickly follow the path around to a generator and zap it to open up the staircase down to the spawn area.

For the second speaker, you need to head over to the boxer’s ring and make your way to the first floor. Grab the Apothicon Egg from the swords and place it on the beast statues around the map. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. While in the subway station, look for a wall with five glowing ruins. Kill the beast and pick up the dropped heart to add it to your inventory.