In reaction to the news that the Facebook application was in legal jeopardy, two groups made a "SCRABULOUS" music video spoof of the Fergie song "Glamorous." Lexulous is an online game designed for 2 to 4 players. This followed a ruling by the Delhi High Court that although the game Scrabble itself could not be copyrighted, and the Agarwalla brothers could therefore continue to offer their similar game online, they were however not permitted to use the name Scrabulous or any other name similar to that of Scrabble.[31]. So we really struggle to form words using that extra letter. What's going on with Scattered about the board are special tiles that are called multiples. Return to Word Games Index from Lexulous

Beat players at the easier levels 1st and then obtain a go at the toughest word mobile game players in the world! [29] Less than a month later, the game was also pulled in all other countries but India. While there are a wide variety of sites where you can play this game I am going to tell you what you need to set yourself up for playing on two sites. [20] Facebook was also asked to pull Scrabulous from its site's application database, but initially demurred.[21][22]. To play live you simply choose a room and enter and you will be matched with players. [16] It was reported that the Agarwallas had also been looking for other potential suitors who would be willing to pay higher premiums. Or you can use a special code that the site gives you to invite friends on Twitter or other sites to play by email. The game can also be played on Facebook, a number of games sites, as well as on mobile phones. Bug fixes and enhancements. ", "The Bigger Questions Behind the Scrabulous shutdown", India Knowledge@Wharton | Scrabble over Scrabulous, "Latest status info on Serial Number: 77304811", "Big surprise: Scrabble manufacturer targets 'Scrabulous' online game", "Mattel takes on Scrabulous in war of the words", "Scrabble Tries to Fight a Popular Impostor at Its Own Game", "Hasbro sues, seeks to ban Scrabulous from Facebook", "Game Over: Scrabulous Shut Down on Facebook", "The game is won, the name lost - Brothers get court nod for online wordplay, but can't call it Scrabulous", "On Facebook, an 11-Letter Synonym for Scrabulous Turns Out to Be Wordscraper",, Pages using infobox website with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 04:33.

Lexulous is like yoga for your brain - you'll learn fresh words daily while playing this cool game! The object is twofold as you want to try and be the first player to use all your tiles and you also want to score the most points. If you exchange tiles, your turn ends and you have to wait until your next turn to play a word.

[[[Same as Scrabble but the point values are different]]] The above statement appears incorrect. It seems that when it comes to playing Lexulous my skills need a bit of sharpening as skill level 3 gives me quite a challenge. New Features:

Lexulous is the ONLY word mobile game application that offers this option. [5] On 1 January 2009, Lexulous was activated on Facebook. ★★ Features ★★

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The Scrabulous website was launched in 2005, and the game was added to Facebook as an application in 2007, quickly becoming the most popular game on Facebook. While some games can go quite quickly other games can take a week or more as players take a turn whenever they happen to be online.

When playing with others you can join a public table, create a private table or start a private game with a friend. Does anyone know why lexulous is down today? Q: What to do if problem is at server? See which words you missed and play like the pros! Electronic Arts' version had about 586,000 while RealNetworks' version had 357,000 users. Lexulous is an online game designed for 2 to 4 players. However, it does take a couple of games to get used to the board and really get into the swing of things but, once you do you will find the game increasingly addicting. While this seems like a minor change, it actually makes the game considerably more challenging. This change occurred on 3 December 2008, and saw score multipliers moved around the board, and the point score of tiles no longer matching those of Scrabble.

The first person to use all his game tiles also scores a bonus of all the accumulated tile points still being held by the other players. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet, and it would seem that a game of Scrabble called by any other name is still hugely popular. Imagine the advantage of being able to use the 12 point Z and the 5 or 6 point K in a triple word score! It is often said that our minds are well-suited for processing up to 7 pieces of information at a time, but beyond 7 it becomes significantly harder. After each play the player will be given additional tiles to keep the total tiles he is holding at 8 until all the available tiles are gone. The Scrabulous site opened in 2005 and in 2007 it became a Facebook application, which was an instant hit.

Mind your P's and Q's and other large value letters and get them played near the start of the game. [12] The former Scrabulous website made several references to Scrabble, and previously provided a link to the rules of Scrabble and promoted itself as the best place to play Scrabble online. It had also been reported that Scrabulous fans had written to Hasbro and Mattel demanding that the companies make "the right decision",[9] and threatened to stop buying Mattel and Hasbro products if they shut down Scrabulous. The third difference of note is that the premium squares, while the same as in Scrabble, are located in different places on the board. Move & Mobile game scores, along with total Wins, Bingos played etc.- Now optimised to consume 60% less data! In Lexulous the Q and the Z are both worth 12 points instead of 10, and the T is worth 2 points rather than one. These extra points are double and triple letter scores, and double and triple word scores. [26] Scrabulous users reacted by creating a group called Save Scrabulous, asking Facebook to shut down the game on its site. A 4x multiplier had been added to the game, however this feature was removed the next day. It really is that simple. "[24] Both viral web videos were mentioned in the February 22, 2008 issue of Entertainment Weekly. The result of these lawsuits was that Scrabulous got pulled from the Internet.

The first player gets double the score for the word he has played. Answer Save. As of early 2011, one of the original Lexulous features, ordinary seven-letter Scrabble (including solitaire and versus the robot) became available again on the Lexulous website for users outside of USA and Canada. A word game that is addictive & challenging! However, regardless of who goes out first, the person with highest score wins. One thing about the robot or practice play that is a little bit unnerving is that the moment you post your word the computers word appears immediately after. The player also has the option of replacing one or more of his tiles back and getting new tiles during his turn.

App is available for all Apple and Android devices. The next player in line must then play a word using one of the letters from the previous players word. The biggest tips & tricks library, search for hack and cheat codes for top mobile games and apps. Leaving them to the game's end could give your opponent a big advantage. 6 Answers. Lexulous also altered the layout of the game to differentiate it more from Scrabble. Play fair, and have fun!

We would love to hear from you! Since I consider myself to be a fairly good scrabble player I decided to start my Robot competition at skill level 5. [9][27] Reportedly more than 54,000 fans have joined this group. It has a live version and practice mode, and an option for play by email. In reality, Lexulous really isn't that different from Scrabble, and if you are a die-hard Scrabble fan, chances are you may see this game as a poor imitation. An extra bonus is given to any player using all 8 tiles in one word. Wordscraper is a Scrabble-based word game application available on Facebook, also created by the Agarwalla brothers, which received an influx of people from the closure of Scrabulous in North America. Remember to try and save an S, I, or A or for the end of the game to fit into a small place and allow you to score.

[28] On 29 July 2008, Scrabulous was shut down on Facebook for users in North America, with the error message, "Scrabulous is disabled for US and Canadian users until further notice." ★ Feedback ★ Got suggestions or just wish to say "Hi"?

[33], " Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa", "Facebook game 'Scrabulous' returns as 'Lexulous, 'Scrabulous' disappears from Facebook after Hasbro suit, "Hasbro withdraws suit against Scrabuluous creator", "Kolkata brothers 'scrabble' Facebook's hottest game", "In Facebook, Investing in a Theory (page 2)", "Scrabulous fans fight back to save game", "Networking Your Way To a Triple-Word Score", "Scrabble's C&D Spells the End for Scrabulous? Simply post the status of your latest game and see how many secret Lexulous players comment on your post. On the official site you have the option of playing with friends, playing with strangers from all over the world, playing or practicing with robots, or playing the game by email. Relevance. - Connect and play free android games with mates from all over the globe through Facebook. this has been going on since last week, i totally lost it, tried to delete my game, then went to APPS and pick a scrabble game but I cannot input my password ***** Facebook anymore and EA want me to input my password ***** had with you and that didn't work for EA account. If you are really committed to this game, try finding some words in the dictionary that use a combination of large scoring letters. (If you don't already have a facebook account you will need to create one.). Both of these sites offer free play so you can enjoy hour after hour of word fun. Though I haven't actually tried the other methods of play on the official site yet, they look easy to get into. [25][26] As Hasbro controls the rights to Scrabble for North America with Mattel holding them for the rest of the world,[25] the Facebook application is available only to players outside the United States and Canada. ★ Analyser Mode ★ - Analyser allows you to see the best possible moves after a mobile game is complete. Lexulous (formerly Scrabulous) is an online word game based on the commercial board game Scrabble. The object of the game is to make words using the letter tiles that are drawn. Whilst the game had an appearance overhaul, it still maintained the essential elements of the Scrabulous version including all of its past records, user IDs, and saved information. It was reported inaccurately that Wordscraper was released after Scrabulous was shut down; however the application has been available since January 2008. As of 23 March 2009, the application had about 585,000 monthly active users. If you can't reach a double or triple word score grid then try and use a shorter word that your opponent can't add to in order to keep them from using the grid.