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They have a younger brother and sister. From the moment they were born, the Rainman twins were unlike any sisters on planet earth. Rainman Twins (290) IMDb 8.2 50min 2008 ALL. The Rainman twins are NOT dead. ", Mysterious Orange UFOs - Forensic Investigations & UFO Surveillance - UFO Presence at Two of America's Top Research Facilities, NASA Astronaut Gordon Cooper Explains his UFO Experience, NASA Discovers Strange Object in Space - NASA & Scientists are Unable to Identify It, Nazi UFO Conspiracy - Secret Flying Saucer Technology, New NASA Footage - UFO Filmed by Astronaut - Strange Object Seen by Astronauts, New Zealand Releases UFO Files - Over 2000 Pages of Files were Released of UFO Reports, O'Hare International Airport UFO Sighting - Unidentified Flying Objects Spotted at Airports, Official FAA Cockpit Recordings of Pilot UFO Sightings - Commercial Pilot's During UFO Contact in Mid-Air, Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Could Planet Earth be the only Planet that is Full of Life? Drinking To Oblivion sees Louis Theroux set about spending some time in the world of extreme drinkers, getting to know people who consume alcohol not just to excess but to the point of total oblivion... Childhood 2.0 isn't a typical tech documentary warning you of all the dangers that lurk behind social media these days (shots fired at Netflix :P). The Rainman Twins Flo and Kay Lyman were Unlike any Sisters on Planet Earth Flo and Kay Lyman were unlike any sisters on planet earth, they are among the most brilliant people the world has ever seen. Team of Experts in China Release ‘China UFO’ Findings, Tennesse UFO Sightings on the Rise - Bright White Lights and Strange Triangular Shaped Objects, The 2004 Mexican UFO Incident - The Objects Could not be Seen with the Naked Eye, The British UFO Files - Sometimes the Truth is Stranger than Fiction, The Coyne Incident - Coyne Helicopter UFO Incident, The Day Before Disclosure - Condemnation Without Investigation is the Height of Ignorance, The Flytrap German Saucer - Top Secret Nazi Scientific Technological Device, The Guardian UFO Footage is Considered to be a Hoax, The Hubble UFO Asteroid Mystery - 90 Million Miles from Earth (P/2010 A2), The Roswell Incident - Military Operation Dedicated to Recovering Alien Craft and Aliens Themselves, The Secret KGB UFO Files - The Truth is Finally Out, The Skylab III UFO Encounter - Skylab Probed by 800 Foot Long UFO, The White House Opens Up about UFOs - The Paranormal Report, Tinley Park Lights - Five Mass UFO Sightings, Tony Dodd UFO - Ex-British Police Officer Describes UFO Seen, Top Secret Army Majestic-12 UFO Crash and Retrieval Manual, Travis Walton UFO Abductee - Best-Known Instances of Alleged Alien Abduction, Triangle UFO or TR-3B Man-made Triangular Craft, Trumbull County Ohio UFO Sighting - Police Witness UFO and Multiple 9-1-1 Calls, Turkey UFO Sightings - Regarded to Some as the Most Important UFO Images Ever, TV News Crew Capture UFO - St. Paul Minnesota August 10th, 2010, UFO Believers Seek Info from President Obama, UFO Caught Spacewalk 2010 - Ground Crew Notice an Object on the Shuttle's Infrared Camera, UFO Closes Chinese Airport - Sightings have Increased in China in Recent Months, UFO Connection - Betty Hill - UFO Encounter and the Extraterrestrial Map, UFO Disclosure May Be Imminent - Reality of Flying Saucers and Extraterrestrial Races, UFO Disclosure Project - Nonprofit Research Project, UFO Documentaries - Best UFO Documentary Videos, UFO Footage During Police Helicopter Chase - California's Long Beach Police Department's Helicopter, UFO Footage STS-48 - "Abrupt Turn" - Full Length Original, UFO Hovers over Jerusalem Shrine - An Unknown Object was Seen over the Skies of Jerusalem, UFO NASA Archives - More Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film, UFO over Honolulu 2007 - Two Lights Circling in the Sky, UFO Sighting By America West Airlines Flight 564 - Large Unknown Craft Spotted in the Sky, UFO Sightings Over Mexico City - Mass Sightings over Mexico, UFO Triangle in Borrego?