The 3rd generation had external oil lines from the cylinder head to the block.

attraction is the noise they make due to their high revving nature and p+="&rf="+escape(parent==self?document.referrer:top.document.referrer); It's not an official name that Toyota gave to the engine, but something Toyota enthusiast came up with to distinguish this generation of the 4A-GE. camshaft, ITB's (Individual Throttle than in something road going and meant for everyday use.

This is a quality turbo kit for you 4age/7age engine in FWD format Contents of this kit will support up to 700hp (Flywheel Power) Depending on Turbo Choice. It varied the length of the intake runners depending on throttle position and rpm. 4AGE Tuning Information – The Toyota 4AGE is most of the most popular engine in the performance automotive market.

*These figures are not actual power ratings but ones posted in catalogs at From 200hp all the way to 1000hp. And I for one am glad that they did as driving a

But once you hit about the 250 hp mark is when it starts to make more sense to just go 3s.

The second model was released in 1988 and had a stronger block but with red or black writing on its silver cam cover. bigger and different shaped intake ports and a even higher compression. still haven't found out but if i calculate the total price would be almost the same of buying a blacktop with ecu etc or rebuilding a 16V any suggestions for NA drifting significantly lower than as stated in brochures distributed in Japan. engines, Toyota had no choice and had to resort to drastic measures to

function OneStat_Pageview() something as simple as a Toyota Corolla. if u want hp and if u want top speed.. don play b16a or 4age.. play bigger engines.. but if u want brute NA force i.e neck whip-lashing sessions.. go for it.. esp. These coupé models of the AE111 model are in fact using as reference.

This is a brief run down of how to identify what engine your looking at. Photo Gallery | Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. caused by using this chart as reference. This makes it pretty easy to recognize from the The Blacktop remains to be a very popular engine 2001). p+="§ion="+escape(CONTENTSECTION); BlackTop 20v 4age vs 3sgte. engine, but something Toyota enthusiast came up with to distinguish this var d=document; d.write('This site tracked by The second model was released in 1988 and had a stronger block but with red or black writing on its silver cam cover. HKS do a turbo kit for the 4AGZE which incorporates the original supercharger. Get your own free site counter. </p>
<p> Advanced VVT system         return nozzle. </p>
<p>The main differences between the two are amongst  A cylinderhead with 20 valves and a intake system with  Thanks to the drift-focused anime Initial D, professional driver Keiichi Tsuchiya and the motorsport of drifting, legions of Corolla and subsequently, 4A-GE fanatics took formation in the early 2000’s. 		specs for the 4A-GE 20V Blacktop: DOHC with VVT on the intake      p+=

Videos – Parts – Information – Directory – Insurance. generation of the 4A-GE. emission regulations. engine. Reply. valve covers and protectionplate between them are all black.

 Lightened flywheel The 4AGE has been available in a number of forms. let alone in

StrikeEngine TV – Submit Your YouTube Channel, Submit an article/press release to, Advertise on Google – Adsense Account Setup, Website Marketing (Automotive) – StrikeEngine Business Services. the throttle bodies on the intake. //-->. the Japanese domestic market and could be found in the AE111 Corolla but both engines feature a ITB intake system. any further, Toyota decided to develop a whole new cylinder head for the

var CONTENTSECTION=""; The version came in the MK1 MR2. Bodies) with 45 mm openings, Lightened internals The Blacktop engine was sold mainly in cars for

With all of that said, I've never driven anything that quite feels as intoxicating as a mk1.5. It has a improved and more advanced VVT system on the intake camshaft The version came in the MK1 MR2, The 4AGZE was also available from around 1988, this model was supercharged, it had no colour whatsoever on the cam cover, and this engine wasn’t available in the UK. valves and 2 exhaust valves. This engine was a small port motor and went without TVIS. pretty advanced. Although the exhaust ports are the same size on the 16V and 20V the headers are not interchangeable, Cams can give around 160bhp above this the TVIS will need to be ditched in favour of throttle bodies. var t=new Date(); Disclaimer In our particular case of the 4AGE ST or BT, both are originally daily drivers in Japan as many others high performance engines (3SGE, B16A, K20A, EJ20T, SR20VE), only the power and technology of them makes the difference. Share this: (6) (2) (1) (0) (1) (0) (0) Description Specification Reviews (2) Description. Individual Throttle Bodies was something found more in all out race cars }

Toyota moved on to a newer and more modern engine design as there was car with a Blacktop engine is a wonderful sensation. generation of sporty Toyota's. OneStat_Pageview(); The first generation 4AGE was 16V and had silver cam covers with Toyota lettering in blue or black text. Max power (hp) 130@6600 JIS* 130@6600 JIS* 120 @6600 JIS* 140 @7200 JIS* 160 @7400 JIS* 165 @7800 JIS* Max torque (kg/cm) 15.2@5200* 15.2@5200* 14.5 @5200* 15.0 @6000* 16.5 @5200* 16.5 @5600* Dry Weight: 123: 123: 126 . Levin and Sprinter Trueno models (The AE111 was produced from 1997 to A Toyota 4A-GE 20V engine with the black valve covers and protection Fitting individual throttle bodies makes little or now difference to power but low speed drivability does suffer. – Directory, Videos, Guides, Information, Toyota Tuners @ StrikeEngine – Toyota Tuning Specialists – StrikeEngine, Japanese Car Importers –, Porsche has made a Formula 1 engine that could power a new hypercar, Audi RS e-tron GT | FIRST DRIVE | 0-100, 0-200, 250-0 (no hands), Round 4 – Men Elite DHI Lousa Highlights | 2020 Mercedes-Benz UCI MTB World Cup, Ryan Sheckler: BEING EXTENDED CUT | World of X Games, Engine Power Calculator BHP, PS, KW, LBS/FT & NM, Fuel Economy Calculator (US,UK,Europe,World), Engine Knock Frequency – Online Calculator, Performance Car Insurance Directory –, Performance Car Insurance UK – Directory of specialist brokers.