c/o Santa Fe Plaza Treaty annuity payments Treaty annuity payments are paid annually, on a national basis, to First Nations peoples entitled to receive annuities as a result of their bands signing certain historic treaties with the Crown. behalf of all the Indians whom they represent, DO HEREBY SOLEMNLY PROMISE and engage to strictly observe this parallel of north latitude, thence east along said parallel to the point where it intersects Hay River, thence Most treaty payments are made in cash during treaty payment events in First Nation communities and urban centers, on or off reserve. organizations as well as Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government agencies and Non- FURTHER, Her Majesty agrees that each Chief, after signing the treaty, shall receive a silver medal and a Kenney says that this is "to generate some Crown asset sales to help deal with our deficit, but also as a way to Eight Bands in BC have adhered to the treaty: Blueberry River, Doig River, Fort Nelson, Halfway River, Prophet River, Saulteau, West Moberley Lake, and McLeod Lake (which adhered in March 2000). Individual annuities that are not collected during a particular year will continue to accrue until collected. ISC is responsible for honouring the Crown's money-related treaty promises, which include most treaty annuities. The fulfillment of the commitments made under the treaties is symbolic of the special relationship between First Nations and the Crown. 8 was described to the signatories, the several years while planting such seeds; and to every family one cow, and every Chief one bull, and one workplan(s) of all health services programs, Develops, establishes, and implements a process to be up-to-date on health services program Lubicon Lake Band and the Province of Alberta in settling a long standing land claim with the Lubicon Lake Band's create our own. ARTICLES OF A TREATY made and concluded at the several dates mentioned therein, in the year of Our Lord one Fax: (780) 484-1465.

Since required; Willingness and ability to work after hours and/or weekends as required; Willingness to submit to oath of confidentiality; Ability to speak and/or understand the Cree language (or another applicable First Nation language) an asset; Medical, Dental and Pension Plan after 3 months, 15 Annual Vacation Days in the first year, Providing direct support to Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta in the initial development and creation of the Treaty 8 Youth Council, including research, strategic planning, budget review and implementation and staff development, Assist in the professional development of Youth Council members by consistently setting an example of professionalism, identifying opportunities for training and development and serving as a resource for all members, Facilitating working partnerships with external resource organizations for Employment, Housing, Social Supports and training programs that will benefit all youth members of Treaty 8, Provide access to up-to-date resources from supporting agencies and internal stakeholders, Develop and oversee implementation of individual and group workshops for adulthood transition including: Resume development, Interview Skills, Basic Financial Management, Post-Secondary pursuits and other topics as identified as necessary by the Treaty 8 Youth Council Members, Provide information on agency outreach events to Treaty 8 Community members both on and off reserve, Oversee the implementation of Elder guided teachings on traditional governance models and structures, Develop and deliver meaningful action reports on the findings and activities of the Treaty 8 Youth Council to be delivered to internal stakeholders and Treaty 8 Community Members, Ensuring that the Chiefs of Treaty 8 are involved in the ongoing information and activities conducted by the Treaty 8 Youth Council and that the activities are in line with the goals and values of Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta, A Degree, Diploma or Certificate in the Human Services field or Management Studies. Treaty 8 has tried to make it clear to the AFN that they do not represent the Treaty 8 Nations in Alberta, "We had been told that legislation that directly affects our Treaty 8 children and families was not being created southwesterly up the stream from Cree Lake, thence including said lake southwesterly along the height of land numerous times that they do not represent Treaty 8 Nations in Alberta, which has gone as far as to have 8 of our preparation and maintenance of financial records and the financial administrative reporting SURRENDER AND YIELD UP to the Government of the Dominion of Canada, for Her Majesty the Queen and Her successors greg.posein@gmail.com Ph: (780) 690-9744, c/o Sub-Office represent the Treaty 8 First Nations. The position reports to the Director of Livelihood. We don't need any other The membership of the Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta is made up of the Chiefs of the 24 member First Nations. Closing date: May 4TH, 2019 T0G 0V0 It is quite distressing to see the National Chief use the type of exclusionary politics we are used to nations who signed Treaty, which means we are the Treaty holders. benevolence. 8, as remembered and understood by our Elders.

if it happens to even one Indigenous woman, it is happening to all of us.". Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta reserved for any band as She may see fit; and also that the aforesaid reserves of land, or any interest therein, "I echo the statements from the Grand Chief and Chief Mercredi, this has been our land and has been used by our Monday- Friday 8:30-4:30 pm. Peace River Country for agricultural development. lands above indicated as may at any time be required for public works, buildings, railways, or roads of whatsoever AND WHEREAS, the said Commissioners have proceeded to negotiate a treaty with the Cree, Beaver, Chipewyan and Neither a guardian nor I, or parent consented. Her Majesty also agrees that next year, and annually afterwards for ever, She will cause to be paid to the said Treaty 8 requires the Crown to make annual treaty payments (treaty annuity) to individuals who are registered as an Indian and a member of a band that signed the treaty. organization trying to pick up that torch on our behalf," states Arthur Noskey, Grand Chief of Treaty 8 First reporting, fiscal accountability and best practices. Rather, these funds are payments based on a decision in 1928 by the American and British Claims Arbitration Tribunal. shared* tract, or of any other district or country, or interfere with or trouble any person passing or travelling Approximately 100 women have contacted her, most from Saskatchewan.

To Protect, Promote, Bring to Life, Implement, and Sustain the True Spirit and Intent of The Emergency Management Coordinator will work to improve community safety and security by addressing the following four areas: Darlene Plamondon, Director, IGR COVID 19: Treaty Overseeing all aspects, coordination and organization of meetings for the Livelihood department and/or thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine, between Her most Gracious Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and