I am going to be a grandma soon. Our great-grandmother was an immigrant from the Stavanger district. We did have cute names for them when we were little, but after we hit about 10 we called both sets Grandma and Grandpa. My grandma (on my mother’s side) and one of my favorite people of all time was called Mimi, pronounced mim E. When I was young, I would get so upset when people called her Meme. I’ve thought about this often, what will my future kids call my parents? It sounds like too much work to me ; ). We were boring :). We called my grandmother Sweetie Pie. My daughter has a Doctor Grampa, Oscar the Grouch (Grandpa), Motorcycle Papa, and Papa. A cool nickname for a beloved, oftentimes cool, grandfather. ABUELA- GRANDMOTHER The best I’ve ever heard was a coworker whose grandmother was called Granky, or “Grank” for short. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Boompa, My dad’s parents were Nanny and Paw Paw (southern U.S.). He calls my dad Grandpop and his wife Grandmom Carole. There are two kinds of bumpa: the tso bum, or main vase, and the le bum or activity vase. Dad’s side – Grandma and Grandad My parents are Omi (a younger feeling version of Oma? Occasionally it is shortened to Grams and Gramps. She was my favorite. TIGERS! Growing up, we always referred to my maternal grandmother as “Mamo” (rhymes with “camo”), because my older sister couldn’t pronounce “grandmother.” Since the birth of my nephews and nieces, my mom has also adopted “Mamo.” And if I ever find myself with grandchildren in the future, I also intend to be “Mamo” – such a great way to remember the original :). That is so funny, I have never met anyone else who used that name. I am Minnie and my husband is Grampaul. My grandparents were bubbe and Zayde, and his grandma was Savvy (like savta), Geepa & Mima (maternal); Nana & Papa (paternal). One settled on "Lovie" and the other is still undecided and waiting for one of her three grandkids to be old enough to talk. But she always told us how her mother was only called “Mother” and “Grandmother” nothing else! What do you call your own grandparents? She was not a warm and fuzzy person.

We didn’t wa t to be called grandma and grandpa and we came up with these names ourselves. Blimey!! Further information may be obtained by. BUT MY 7 GRANDCHILDREN CALL ME “ABI” AND I LOVE IT. She was extremely taciturn, and her zone of what she considered her personal space was at least a four ft. radius. They never knew my husband's mother as she wanted nothing to do with them, so that saved us thinking of a polite word to call her. My son’s dad is Filipino and we call his parents Lola and Lolo. My girls call my mother in law Grammy and my parents inherited Bueli & Tata <3. So that’s happy. My husbands parents were called Baba and Dzedo – Slovac. My nephews and nieces are much older than our little one, so we had no choice but to call my in-laws “Papa” and “Grandma”. She called my parents Grandma and Grandpa. My paternal grandma is called Mama only by me, and I can only assume it’s because that’s what my dad called her. Now 7 grandkids later it has stuck. My step-mom gladly goes along with it. My maternal grandfather died before my mother married and my maternal grandmother died when I was about 18 months old, so we didn't have names for them. Was (or Is) this common in New England? I call them grandma and grandpa. I called my only grandparents, mama Rosa and papa Jose. Ann, my brother was 17 when I was born, and he was not amused when people thought his baby sister was his daughter!

My nephew now refers to my mom as Yaya, dad as Papa and his other grandma as Gigi. Yesterday was a very sad day for me. To this day, she calls me IA. I didn't fancy Grandma, Nanny or Nanna so went with Minnie as my boss at work was called that by her grandchildren and as I am very short, it suits. My parents are Nana and Bapa, which is what we called my mom’s parents growing up. Then my children call their grandparents Bubbe (though we aren’t Jewish) and Papa (my side) and Nana (my hubby’s side). I have always heard Granny among Scots. I wanted to be Granny, but the first little one said Nana in his attempt, so I've been Nana to all of them--four step-grandchildren and their nine offspring, and one single grandson. We call my mom and dad Nonna and Pop-pop too!! Thanksgiving is this week, and Christmas is 31 days away (but who’s counting? In my family me grandparents were Grammie and Grampa. Click here for further possible spellings of Bumpa. My husband’s family calls them “thatha” and “pati” :) This was 100% of all the recorded Bumpa's in the USA. Although she was raised in Boston, my mother spent her early years in Vermont and New Hampshire, and all her extended family lived there as well.

My son (20 months) calls his my mother ‘Ama’. I always called both sets of grandparents grandma and grandpa, but I had friends who had interesting names for their grandparents. How I should like to see and hug her just now…  Anton really looks like your Dilly! Grandpa was too hard for my elder brother to pronounce, apparently…so as a toddler, he shortened it to ‘Bump-ah’ and Bumpa has stuck ever since. My kids call my parents Nana and PopPop; my husband’s father and stepmom are called Papaw and Grandma; and his mother and her partner are called Grammy and Myra. Census records can tell you a lot of little known facts about your Bumpa ancestors, such as occupation. :-). We always referred to our grandparents as Grandma and Grandpa Shannon and Grandma and Grandpa Joey ‘n’ Jenny, because those were their dogs’ names — not sure how that got started!

Her mother was called Granny Pickle (her married last name). Gram - An alternative for Grandma that feels a little less formal and stuffy. It’s very easy to pronounce and I love hearing the songs he comes up with when singing Lolo’s name. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting gallery. I will no doubt be 80 by the time my kids decide to have children but I've already decided I'm holding out for Nana. I call my French grandparents Mamily and Papily. Far= father. I called both my grandparents Memere and Pepere, and I will absolutely be a Memere when I have grandchildren! He calls my husband’s parents aji (grandmother) and Abba-grandfather (my husband is from India and these are the classic names used in their part of India-however, anyone in the grandparent age range is called aji/Abba!). Well Skibby, that pretty much settles it for me. ), so as people gear up to see family, I’m curious: What do you call the grandparents? My mom’s mom was Meamaw too, but when talking in conversation we’d call her Meamaw Pat to differentiate. How to Navigate a Special Needs Encounter, ‘Ten Things I Always Tell Pregnant Women’, 21 Completely Subjective Rules for Raising Teenage Boys, One Thing That Has Surprised Me About Parenting, Motherhood Mondays: ‘I Had a Stillborn Baby.’, Five-Ingredient Dinner: Baked Salmon With “Everything” Broccoli, “The Rules” Book, Revisited 25 Years Later. My Mom is now "Grammy First Name" to my kids. Yet. He even looked like a Bop.

I remember that he was sitting up in bed and that the sheet was tented over his feet and legs. popularity and diffusion. They also call my husband and I by our first names from time to time.

The similarities to your Nana and Bumpa names must be more than coincidental! Vee, DH and I married when he was 20 and needed parental permission back then!

Our Country Grandma lived next door and Town Grandma lived in town a few miles away :), The only unusual name besides Grandma/Grandpa is Puckie- Puckie is my grandpa on my father’s side, and when I was a baby I just started calling him Puckie and it stuck. Mother's dad or dad's dad. My neighbors called their grandmother “Judydear” because that’s what they heard their grandfather calling her.

One of my cousins dubbed my mother's parents Mammy & Pappy, My dad's mom died before I was born, but we called his father Grandpa Greener. If I was referring to them when I was younger, I’d refer to my Dad’s as “Pop-Pop Clair” which was his name. ), So my mom’s grandparents we called Grandmama and Grandpapa, I love being her aunt. In our family, the grandpa’s could care less but the grandmother’s both chose their own names. So perfect. But they are stand-in grandparents for all my friends children. And I remember that I was cautioned not to bump the bed. My nieces referred to their distant grandma as “Freeway Grandma,” and then shortened it to just “Freeway.” I always thought that was excellent. It’s a fun family tradition now :). My maternal grandmother named herself ‘Mamoo’ and my grandfather ‘Papoo’, and they stuck! I come from a small family and only knew my Mother's mother who we called Nana. I didn’t think anyone else called their grandparents that. Definition of bumpa in the Definitions.net dictionary. The surname Bumpa is mostly found in Asia, where 82 percent of Bumpa are found; 79 percent are found in South Asia and 68 percent are found in Tibeto-South Asia. Which I first heard it, I found it so endearing… and strange but now I refer to them as that too! There’s such a special bond between us. She used to soak paper towels in bleach and then put them in zip lock bags! I don't mind as long as the children speak clearly. In my language we have "amma" and "afi" for the female and male grandparents, respectively, and that's it. At first, I thought it sounded silly but almost two years later, Nani is the perfect name for her. Thank you. In my family, Grandma has been used for father's mother, and Grammie for mother's mother, for several generations that I am aware of. I can still remember the shivery thrill I felt at the words and his hearty laugh as he’d scoop me into his arms and tickle my neck with his whiskers. My mom wanted to be called Nanny but I warned her that people might assume that she’s the nanny so she settled on Nani (pronounced naw-nee). How Did You Know You Were Ready to Have a Baby? Our grandsons call my husband and I Annie and Itchy at our request. And it’s stuck. There are 642 immigration records available for the last name Bumpa. For a number of generations our family lived in northern New England and Canada so it could be a regional tradition. That’s hilarious! They call my mother Seanie which is short for the Gaelic, Seanmhair. I want to be RaRa (my name is Robin), and my husband has not decided yet. My grandparents were Nanny and Grampy (maternal) and Gunkie (my creation!) There are 1,000 military records available for the last name Bumpa. At 21 he emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada and, in 1874, came to the United States and entered Boston University School of Theology. Malibu for serious re-hab on his Old Milwaukee and bumpa-car issues. grandfather (n.) early 15c., from grand-+ father (n.), probably on analogy of French grand-père. But 'social distancing' would have been no problem for her.