Use our calculator to find the exact amount of gravel you need. Our class 1 gravel is made of sand, clay, and rock. The steps for the gravel calculation are: 1. For this size of project, consider purchasing pea gravel in bags of 0.5 cubic feet. There are some other expenses to consider before installing pea gravel. Gravel is usually sold with a guaranteed maximum particle size, e.g. - for bags of 75 lbs it divides the number of lbs to 75. It provides the measurement of the excavation and it returns the area and volume of the excavation and weight of the gravel required. You want to surround your home with a grass yard and a pavement made of tiles. Let our gravel needed calculator take the work out of helping you to determine the exact amount of gravel you need to purchase from the store. Our Gravel calculator allows you to estimate the quantity of gravel required for your project. Inch Calculator. Go back to the How much is a yard of gravel? Although there are various kinds of gravel, there are certain varieties that are more popular for driveway construction than others. The gravel calculator takes account of the following data that should be provided: - length of the space/shape expressed either in meters, feet, inches or yards; - width of the space/shape expressed either in meters, feet, inches or yards; - depth of the space/shape expressed either in centimeters, inches or feet. It is further categorized in several types, listed in the table below [2]: For small projects, you can buy pea gravel in small bags, but for larger projects, you would need to buy by the cubic yard or by the ton (cubic meter or tonne). This type of stone aggregate is very small and features an assortment of yellow, gold, tan, white and brown colors which recalls to the conscious mind at the beach. If the bacteria don’t have a cozy gravel bed to live in they will find other places, but may not grow in ample quantities to keep the aquarium safe for your fish. For example, landscaping gravel would last longer than mulch or pine straw, making it great for outdoor spaces requiring a durable material, while construction gravel provides solid footing for construction and landscaping. For a colored variation, expect to add an extra $20 to $50 to those prices. Use our tools and resources to plan your new driveway project. These may include: When laying out the gravel in your landscape, whether for a walking path or garden, there are some tips to keep in mind: When it comes to landscaping projects around the home, you can be most successful with proper planning.

There are multiple types of gravel … "Aggregates for Concrete" (2015) lecture for the University of Washington [online] Available at, [2] Wikipedia "Gravel" [online] Available at: Square Footage = Square Feet = SqFt = Sq Ft = sq ft = ft. First measure the length, width and depth of the excavation. We have to sum up these four different areas to get the area of the whole yard. Note that different materials have different weights. Recycled Crushed Concrete Class 5 and 6 St.Paul Fra-Dor . If you are going to use sand instead of gravel, try our sand calculator or the paver sand calculator. A square meter of gravel with a depth of 5 cm weighs about 84 kg or 0.084 tonnes. Estimation of the total gravel mass needed either in tons or kilograms, by transforming the volume as follows: 4. Class 1 gravel typically has more clay than class 5 gravel. of 75 lbs bags needed = 2,423 bags, Total no. Most jobs take at least two hours. We will also talk about the different types of gravel to help you make the right purchase. Gravel Bank run gravel 1:2-2” Screened gravel 1:2 1” and 2” Gravel 1:2-1 cubic yard = 2 tons 3”-6” oversized rock 1:1.5 8”-18” oversized rock 1:1.5 -1 cubic yard = 1 1/2 tons Crushed Aggregates #1 Crushed limestone 1:1.5-1 cubic yard = 1 1/2 tons #2 Crusher run limestone 1:2-1 cubic yard = 2 tons . You can get a free online gravel needed calculator for your website and you don't even have to download the gravel needed calculator - you can just copy and paste! Pea gravel is small rocks typically 3/8” in size that are naturally weathered. See average costs and learn more about what factors determine the price. and ; Paving mix - 1:3½ cement:all-in ballast or 1:1½:2½ cement:sharp sand:gravel. If you want to apply them in a normal depth 50 mm for a driveway. Used as concrete aggregate.

They range between ½ inch to 1 inch in size, should be treated in the same way as pea gravel i.e. Decorative Rock, Sand & Class II Base Material: SQ. and ; Paving mix - 1:3½ cement:all-in ballast or 1:1½:2½ cement:sharp sand:gravel.

Gravel is categorized in two main types under the Udden-Wentworth scale: granular gravel (2 to 4 mm / 0.079 to 0.157 inches) and pebble gravel (5 to 64 mm or 02 to 2.5 inches). Installing a new concrete driveway usually costs between $4,000 and $8,500. Again, the gravel calculator will do this math for you. The more comfy habitat is for your fish, the less stressed and more healthy they will be. © 2020 Square Footage Area, All rights reserved. Sector 2: the area is equal to 4 yd multiplied by 0.5 yd, which gives 2 yd². Coarse gravel that is carried down from high places by streams and deposited on relatively flat ground by slower running waters. Just ensure that your measurements for the width and length are correct and in feet, and the depth desired for the gravel is in inches. Free gravel calculator online: estimate how much gravel you need for your construction or gardening / landscaping project in tons / tonnes or cubic yards, meters, etc. White marble chips offer a touch of elegance to any property. Gravel Calculator. Two Concrete Calculator are provided for different concrete mixes: General mix - 1:5 cement:all-in ballast or 1:2½:3½ cement:sharp sand:gravel. When using our calculator you need to measure the following: Our calculator takes each of the measurements you gave in feet and divides it by three to find how many yards are in the length and width measurements.