Look at her stupid crying face.

Their is nothing better than being a good role model for your daughter. Allegedly Myka is as religious as DT, she just wanted to be YouTube famous and was befriending with Christian Youtubers and then magically became one. Though many of the Stauffers’ fans posted sympathetic comments on their video announcement, some have been more critical. According to Myka Stauffer, Huxley was diagnosed with a stroke in utero, has level 3 autism and sensory processing disorder. Get a bunch of 20-something white women together and they are intent on making your life hell. i've actually blocked out a lot of the she did. The video began like so many others.

I watched a few of 'Crazy Middles' videos before - just because it was wild to me that anyone would be allowed to adopt that many kids, and would even be able to afford it. The psych hospital I did my internship at had a pediatric unit. “Hope this little boy gets a real family filled with love he deserves not just for Instagram,” one person commented on her last Instagram of Huxley.

I've always had issues with attendence due to my mom's neglect and a teacher in middle school called me Ms absent and made the bullying even worse. I dropped out of my first year of Child Nursing (UK, if it makes any difference); the culture of bullying is insane, and there's very little recourse for patients, students and even coworkers. As a nurse, I 100% agree with this sentiment. I fucking hate working with nurses.

Imagine being a grown ass adult and hating a black child smh, I have yet to meet a kind/nice nurse tbh. And this furry guy just happened to be the first animal we saw. Over the past few months, fans of YouTube influencer Myka Stauffer started to suspect something was afoot with the popular mommy vlogger. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. how is that legal? Kicking really hard Popa caught baby a fish Having fun in popa's pond in the back yard Its not easy bein... Daddy and kova passed out, after what seems to be an extremely hard days work. I just commented about that wacko family below. Now, they considering changing careers cuz it was emotionally and mentally draining. would make sense if it's her.

They need specialized care, especially while seeking psychiatric treatment. Welcome to Nakovas baby blog, sorry I haven't updated the blog in nearly a week. Last week, in a vlog titled “an update on our family,” a tearful Myka and her husband James revealed that they recently “rehomed” Huxley out of concern for his well-being. Having fun in popa's pond in the back yard. In an article published in 2019 on Parade, Myka said the couple was originally apprehensive about adopting a child with special needs, as the adoption agency had told them that Huxley had a “brain tumor” and “brain damage.” But then, she writes, “God softened our hearts,” and they decided they “were open to almost every special needs in the book.”, Over the next year, the couple extensively documented their “adoption journey” in a series of 20-some videos, featuring regular updates as well as a “photo reveal.” Per BuzzFeed, one video in the playlist — “5 Things I Didn’t EXPECT About Our China ADOPTION! The family’s announcement — which BuzzFeed News has extensively reported out — has ignited widespread fury, and revived the fraught conversation around the ethics of posting and monetizing a child’s life on social media. Tracy Whited, the community and media-relations manager for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, told BuzzFeed News that authorities have confirmed that Huxley is not missing and that they’re “confident that the appropriate process is occurring.” However, with the help of “several other agencies,” the office says it is continuing to investigate and plans to contact the Stauffers’ other children “to ensure their safety.”. I hope that little boy is safe with a family who actually wants him now.

Our lil cupcake growing in every way, not your everyday baby blog! i mean the name isn’t like Katie Smith Myka Bellisari is a pretty random name. However, he basically called his dad and cried for him to come and pick him up, which he did lol (he had drug issues and it seemed everyone in that family wanted to ignore than and just label him as troubled when it was obvious he had way deeper issues tbh).
I know that people have mentioned the mom in the Strong Mommy Chrissy thread as a "Look at her feeding her kids vs Chrissy" and some of the fonts are like "Yeah but there's something off about that lady and how she rations the food to the kids.". YouTuber Myka Stauffer and her husband James have announced their adopted son Huxley has been placed in a new home nearly three years after he was adopted from China.

They are honestly repeating cycles from their childhoods, and the sisters are just mean women.

This was in the 80s tho.

english was my second language and this was my first day in an american school. In her last adoption-series video, posted in September 2019, Myka said that Huxley had been in applied behavior analysis (ABA), and was “doing so well.” But after that, Huxley started appearing on Myka’s Instagram much less frequently. because they know they're getting people at their most vulnerable and hold all of the power!!!!! i have never met a nurse who wasn't a rude know-it-all. sorry, mods! In a statement to People, the family’s lawyers stressed that the Stauffers decided to rehome Huxley on the advice of “multiple professionals in the health-care and educational arenas,” and that they never considered placing him in the foster system. Lil bean sleeping after a long day at the zoo, baby gator and kova in the exact same pose, Bentlee and Braxtons birthday party sitting pretty with popa. i still have lasting trauma from some of the shit this woman did to me. oop, I submitted this post before tonight's other Myka post was published.

i watched a sub teacher grab my friend pretty much give him a wedgie and pretty much spank him.. just saying this was in the 90”s and she was fired. My mom was a nurse, and her supervising nurse was a total Nurse Ratched who would slap patients to wake them up. Sorry ONTD nurses, but y'all terrify me lol. Sunday, July 1, 2012. Another wrote, “I have respect for you both, but I think a lot of people are going to have a hard time wrapping their minds around this situation and viewing your channel in the same way.”. Josh and I started P90X today, talk about hard. Proud parents Myka Bellisari and Joshua Colliver. ( Log Out /  Our lil cupcake growing in every way, not your everyday baby blog!

I think I found her on facebook; was curious to see if she had posted anything about this bitch. This was the weird thing for me with nurses: I was in a medical coma for a few days in 2016 because I'd tried to kill myself, so the nurses knew me exclusively through my partner at the time and my mom before I woke up. For years, Myka’s channels had included regular posts about Huxley, the 2-and-a-half-year-old child she and her husband adopted from China, in which she shared intimate details about his autism diagnosis — often in…

Does anyone follow Our Tribe of Many on Youtube? I wonder why they fired the other nurse while giving this bitch a warning?

Speaking of crazy YouTube families, I’ve been hearing about 8 Passengers off and on and she sounds crazy, Omg yes! oh like one of those boot camps that accidentally kills a few kids a year? I don't even consider her a christian youtuber tbh since she doesn't really talk about it much? ...this brought back memories of this one male teacher I had in middle school who I kept getting assigned to during free period despite the fact that he knew I had a phobia of animals at the time and he'd let his birds, snakes, and lizards out of their cages so kids could play with them.

Web Counters. She adopted her son Huxley from China, but decided he was too much work and returned him. I spent so much of that year terrified and dreading his free period. The nurses were so mean to him. Buckle up! Eat shit and die, you trash bag person. In addition to Huxley, the Stauffers have four other children. After the scandal went viral, droves of people reported them to Ohio authorities. Myka and James Stauffer are the influencers who gave up their 5-year-old son adopted from China after he had lived with them for nearly 3 years. My sisters experienced toxic work environment and mean-ass nurses who like to bully new nurses. Maybe even worse.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. On Mother’s Day, Myka wrote that the holiday had been the “hardest” she’s ever had; in response, fans grewincreasingly worried about Huxley’s absence.

something to do with a misplaced sense of virtue/moral superiority, probably. Lol I’m glad nurses hospital work-floor and other units are not cliquey or toxic. Over the past few months, fans of YouTube influencer Myka Stauffer started to suspect something was afoot with the popular mommy vlogger. the only Christian YouTuber I like is Micarah Tewers. Their is nothing better than spending time with family. Positions of power are like catnip to abusers, About 20 years ago my dad sustained horrific burns on his legs in a freak accident and was staying at the hospital. I've brought it up to admin and they brush it off. apparently she's not even a christian, lmfao. Sometimes we'd get a 6 year old but it was so rare. “He needed more.” In the video, which has amassed more than 500,000 views, the couple then assures their viewers that Huxley is “thriving,” and asks for “grace, support, and privacy.”. We have been ultra busy working and making memories with lil miss bean.

I can't imagine how hard it was for a child with autism and reactive attachment disorder. All those sisters have legit serious issues. The only Christian YouTuber I follow is Jesus Christ and I watch his channel live every day through prayer.
I watch their videos occasionally. she also says it's her children's jobs to pack their lunches. The fact that she dumped this 4 year old in inpatient breaks my heart. Proud parents Myka Bellisari and Joshua Colliver.