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Dior Goodjohn Dream Moms Margaret proudly announces the she now has the confidence to wear Raven's fashions "Every day in Every way!" Resides in

Production Due to Chris' recommendation, he takes on Booker as an assistant, for the boy's scholastically required volunteer community service, which mostly consists of sweeping up the accumulation of fallen hair on the floor 

Herbert "Pump-Fake" Mutesa (twin brother) Mrs. Mutesa (mother)Lloyd "Lil Lo-Lo" Mutesa (cousin) But Chelsea's hope proves false as Sasha replies with a "Whatever" and wants to be angled to bring the beige jacket to the forefront. Gabriel Patel She says that Carmichael appears to cry when she leaves home. On the last dollar, the small boy insists on taking the final shot.

Relationships Logan says Booker B would never be caught wearing Ballet slippers, and Booker agrees, as the duo leave the gym. In-Vision of Privacy Appears in Levi finally asks his father the questions he has waited three years to ask; "Why'd you do it, Dad? I'm an Aquarius, so I'm super sensitive to cosmic energies. But Raven tells him not to, assuring him that if he had kids, he would understand.

William corrects Booker by showing him the vape pen. Burton was played by Isaiah Russell.

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Mrs. Mutesa was the mother of the Mutesa twins, Gilbert and Herbert, and the aunt of Lil Lo-Lo. Eye color Brown Levi told her the Baxter twins were animatronic mannequins. In celebration, everyone has an enjoyable meal together. Portrayed by He explains that he got it from his older brother,  and offers the device to Booker for him to sample for himself. The Foreign Identity Appearance

Logan openly declares that Booker is his best friend and awesome.

General Stymied, and muttering that they had been hacked,  Booker and Levi retreated back to the fort. The other woman still objects, pointing out she saw seaweed wraps, facial masks, and what-nots on the webpage.

Kyle Brandt and Peter Schrager discuss second-year players that will have impressive seasons in 2020.

Friends The Manager with her client, media star, Liz Anya, made a late appearance at the Paisley Studios Fashion Show for canine vests, encountering an exiting Raven Baxter and her son, Booker.

Relationships Bailey Renn

At that moment, Bailey reveals that her father was against hiring her assistants, however, he relented when Bailey pointed out that he had only given her a mere million dollars to start up the company in the first place. Brown Family

The Student Journalist was played by Xochitl Gomez-Deines. Mr. Patel

Portrayed by Unnamed mother Relationships Hair color

But on his turn, Booker offers a conciliatory tone to his rhymes, first to Quatro, then his mother, and finally his twin sister, Nia.

Maral Milani "(to Duchess about Raven), "Sorry, do you mind clearing the space?

Just as Booker was holding the vape pen near his mouth, Coach Spitz entered the room, demanding to know what is going on. Wally (son) Chicago Hair color

Appearance Female Originally in the script, Leslie demonstrates her powers by lifting her bookbag, an apple and a soda can in midair and juggling them all briefly. However,  the mothers were anxious to reunite with their kids, but the Captain informed them that Homeland Security forbade intercepting a cruise ship in a non-emergency situation. "Ma" (by Phil) "The Witch of 2A" (Raven and Tess) Loretta Evans was played by Karen Malina White.

Yet, only a short time later, Officer Seeley pulls over the same vehicle, this time headed in the opposite direction, towards Chicago, after it briefly skids wildly over an ice sheet. Antonella Rose During Gym class, Quatro was roughly eliminated from a dodgeball game by  (at least in his opinion) a cheap shot to the face thrown by a gloating Booker Baxter-Carter.

She gave Raven a $100 dollar bill, but she took it back after Carmichael chased after the falcon.

NFL and the NFL shield design are registered trademarks of the National Football League.The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated. By sheer chance, the action coincided with her mother actually being the subject of that particular point in Nia's speech.

William says he does feel sorry that Booker got caught, but basically concludes that it is better that Booker get in trouble than him, and sees absolutely no reason to wreck his perfect record and risk trouble with his clueless parents on Booker's behalf.


LaTonya then tells Nia, Levi, and Tess to get dressed and reminds Tess to attend to the DJ booth, before noticing that Booker is missing as well.

Raven then asks the group if they have any crimes to report, and Ms. Pearl states that Raven's lemonade is so sweet it threatens to cause her to lose a tooth. Raven and Chelsea get the idea of taking Garrett to court by listening to the Announcer's request for the audience to provide possible cases for Judge Giovonni to adjudicate on the program.

After the retreat staff have completed setting up the main meeting room with traffic cones to her exact specifications,  Councilwoman Sylvia Johnson officially welcomes all the participants, the young female leaders of tomorrow and their mothers. Male

Appearance Running back Mark Ingram II did not participate in Wednesday's practice as he continues to rehab his ankle. Chelsea claims when she invented the Schmop, she only had $5.99 and a Magic 8 Ball to help her make business decisions. Deleted lines would have revealed he already knew all about Chelsea, as his Uncle Anthony and Aunt Sofia had taken a cruise with her.

Family However, as their discussion becomes more heated, Nia unknowingly drops the whistle and Taylor retrieves it. Male

Mr. Patel explains that cannolis were saved for them, but as he reaches for the plate, he realizes he made a mistake by leaving them on the desk of the gluttonous Gabriel, who by his guilty face, reveals that he ate them. "Carnie" is a slang term for anyone who works at a carnival. Anneliese van der Pol has also appeared as "Ronnie Jenson" on the ", Chelsea states that she contacted Norman in, In the original script the character was known as "Passenger," and Ernesto the falcon was named "Freddy. Coach John Harbaugh says they're trying to use all of their guys and Brown is not a selfish player. Booker counters that Logan was robbed during his cooking show, although Booker questioned why he named his dish "urban crusted octopus." Black

Leslie and everyone else from the Sleevemore Center are elated that Booker will soon be back to normal. After listening to all the other speeches, the councilwoman thanks everyone for their participation and retires to her room.

When the decision was made to advance Levi Grayson to a higher level Science class, Principal Wentworth chose her class to send him, as Booker Baxter-Carter, Levi's best friend, was already there.

At the bottom, she finds what appears to be a dark misty wooded area. Production Chicago She explains that the weekend will consist of several exercises designed to develop leadership skills. Manager

Booker laughs the dog's actions off, claiming it is a sign of how much Mr. Manchego loves him, but postpones their walk until after he wrings the "love" out of his socks. Which units are the most potent? Before handing over the bribe, Norman warns Raven not to look directly into the falcon's eyes. Bailey Renn was played by Afomia Hailemeskel.

Somali Rose plays "Skyler Brooks," on the Disney Web-series. Sheridan Decker Relationships While spending time with various senior citizens at Golden Meadows, two of Tess' friends Booker Baxter and Levi Grayson try to engage Jordan in conversation, but their various assignments keep them apart.

Spitz reasons that Curtis originally accused Booker, so how can it be certain that he is telling the truth now. Male General Gender Student General Booker spouts off about the dangers of vaping, But Jordan explains that's only what grown ups said to keep kids from having fun. Appearance Chelsea brings up that one customer could not get enough Schmops, but Bailey stated Miss Bertha did not count. How can I help you get there? Raven and Chelsea eventually return, and Dreamweaver Kema does manage to finally fashion Raven's hair to her ultimate satisfaction. George Washington Carver Community School Doctor Seuss?". Eye color Portrayed by

A scene where N'Charmony encountered Raven and Chelsea near the stage, and mistake them as craft service workers, ordering "pumpkin spice smoothies with oat milk,"  was deleted.


Student Female William glances at him dismissively and gathering up his backpack, leaves Booker behind.