-Samuel Adams. Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. This is a discussion on Repeal the NFA within the Off Topic forums, part of the Sniping Related category; In less than 5 minutes of effort you can do something to help restore the 2nd Amendment. And there’s much misinformation that public is bombarded with. There are laws that are passing, in response to the tragedies that have taken place in our country. Designed by, October is another month of record gun sales. Printable View. It's a petition. Near zero! Is this the ‘Trump Won & we’ve got the Legislature’ Complacency that people were afraid might happen?” observed tactical trainer Rob Pincus on social media. A grassroots movement to repeal the NFA and the Hughes Amendment are only just gaining ground. This website is just starting.

A Certified Instructor since 2009 he has taught concealed weapons courses in the West Michigan area in the years since and continues to pursue training and teaching opportunities as they arise. G26Raven. This website is just starting. There’s many Pro 2nd Amendment organizations fighting for our rights, daily.

Too busy or disinterested in your 2nd Amendment rights?” posted Molon Labe Industries. The second, to “Repeal the 1986 Hughes amendment,” the law which bans new production of machine guns for civilians, has only picked up a meager 8,712 signatures. California has some of the strictest Gun Control Laws in California. This petition to the White House has already garnered the 100,000 signatures needed to expect a response from the administration. A pair of We The People petitions to the White House for gun reform started on President Donald Trump’s inauguration day are slowly gaining steam. The 1986 Hughes amendment (as part of the Firearm Owners Protection Act) is an unconstitutional ban that limits law abiding citizens from owning fully aic weapons that were manufactured past May 19, 1986. Petition to repeal the NFA! Jump to page: January 23rd, 2017, 09:29 AM. "The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms". The effort has been publicized by a number of those well-known in Second Amendment circles including NRA commentator Colion Noir, the Military Arms Channel and the IV8888 crew. ... the individual, the right tools and information to make an impact. And Jerry Brown also opposes President Trump regarding Sanctuary Cities. It reached that threshold within six days and by the end of the month, there was a total of 308,272 signatures.

Kevin Smith. NES Life Member. While this is only a small measure and could result in a “we’ll look into it” response it puts the federal government on notice that we as gun owners are actively seeking to shape the policies that surround our Second Amendment rights and to remove now asinine limitations and regulations. Read on to find out. On February 19th of this month a petition on the White House official page calling for repeal of the National Firearms Act of 1934 closed for signatures…. If there’s something that you feel should be added, please exercise your First Amendment right, and share with us. Voice your opinion to social media outlets, your state officals, and the media. The NRA and Gun Owners of America to name a few. Four Years Later: IWI Tavor SAR Revisited. However, some have chided their fellow gun enthusiasts for not being more responsive to the drive.

The "repeal the NFA" petition is at 280,000 or something. Keith is the Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Group So how does the no-frills Ruger AR-556 perform when put to the test? There are laws that are passing, in response to the tragedies that have taken place in our country. editor@gatdaily.com

The potential is there for this to be one of the most Pro-2A administrations in a long time but it will only follow through if we continue to put that pressure on through written notice, education, and vigilance of the issues.