Since the early 1990s, it has been the largest-selling ground coffee in the United States. Our new TV Commercials Trivia game has some easy, some not-so-easy, some current ones and some from the past. Its headquarters are in Purchase, New York, USA. Miles Medicine Company of Elkhart, Indiana. Almond Joys and Mounds were products of the Peter Paul Candy Manufacturing Company. The slogan was meant to remind folks that American Express wasn't just great for travel; it was also for everyday purchases. Accompanied by Gershwin's soaring "Rhapsody in Blue," United still pushes their "flyer friendly" image. Hair was worn long, greased up, and combed into a V formation at the back of the head. Elvis wore his DA well.

District Attorney.

This top-ranked site now has over 4,000 pages of humor, nostalgia, senior advocacy and useful information for seniors 50+. Q30) What product does its maker hope that "Once you pop, you can't stop!"? Q54) Who promised, "We will sell no wine before its time"? Q45) What beverage is "The choice of a new Generation"? It was founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith. Slogans can even evolve over time — way back in its early days in 1886, Coca-Cola went with the straightforward "Drink Coca-Cola" slogan, which evolved into 1969's "It's the real thing" (and the supremely popular 1971 "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" commercial), and then into today's "Taste the feeling" and Twitter-appropriate #ShareaCoke hashtag. to "Can you hear me now?," these phrases have become part of our collective cultural database.

Chili's Grill & Bar was founded on March 13, 1975 by Larry Lavine. See all our buyable TV commercial trivia rounds here. If you are having trouble loading the game we suggest you try using a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox , and make sure your Adobe Flash and Javascript are up-to-date. a. Hairstyle featuring hair combed into a “duck ass” in the back. 1943, Casablanca. Q33) What gas company wants you to "Trust your car to the man who wears the star"? Take this quiz now to find out! After the war years with their masculine fashions, Christian Dior designed a line of clothing featuring nipped waists and long “Flower Petal” skirts topped with head-hugging hats. Take it all off"?

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State Farm is a large group of insurance and financial services companies in the United States. 1. c) 1946, Paris. A young couple lived in an apartment and had neighbors Fred & Ethel Mertz. Q8) What product says, "It's the real thing"?

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Starting in 1979, GE brought good things to life until "imagination at work" took over in 2003.

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