I’ve graduated from a British International school and have successfully taken a number of Cambridge certificates such as PET, FCE, CAE, GSCE, IGCSE & IELTS. Then For a month or so, we practiced once per week, just 5 shots at a time, at a distance of about 8-10 steps. .38 Special is a heavier, slower bullet than the 9mm.

You’ll need to practice a lot because revolvers do take more work to be proficient at.

armsmaster270, Jul 24, 2012. armsmaster270, Jul 24, 2012. If you carry a revolver and prefer to shoot .38 Special, what ammo do you choose and why? They are mainly used in hunting, self-defense situations, and target shooting. HPR or any other manufacturer with a 158-grain bullet will do. At 1,200 FPS, it’s the fastest round of the bunch. In 1930, Smith & Wesson introduced the 158gr. These weigh in at the heaviest end of modern production .38 Special bullets, typically at 158gr. What Makes The .38 Special Revolver… Special?

As we’ve mentioned above, you can’t shoot a .357 ammo in a .38 chambered gun. A 150 round, produced 777ft. Everybody knows about the American Eagle series of ammunition, which is available in almost any gun store for the past few years. Late last summer, she plugged a rabid raccoon raiding the garbage can, 10 steps two holes, three cartridges still in the cylinder. If you want maximum energy, go for a +P round, such as the Black Hills or Creedmoor. Both work great from both guns. Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance, Best 9mm Ammo for Target Shooting [Reviews & Guide], Best .38 Special Ammo for Snubbies [Training & Home Defense Rounds], Best .38 Special Ammo for Snubbies Comparison Table, .38 Special Ammo Frequently Asked Questions, Ruger SR9c Review 2020 [Handgun Performance, Features, & Benefits], Best 10mm Pistols in 2020 for Home Defense [Reviews & guide], Ruger SR22 Review 2020 [Best Pistol for Home Defense? Revolvers do have another intrinsic value, they make it easy to count shots in a high-stress situation.

.⁠ These aren’t the only .38 Special self-defense rounds available today. Best 38 Special Ammo For Home Defense. Before we continue with our list of best .38 special ammo for snubbies, we are going to answer some of the most common questions regarding .38 Specials. The characteristics of a SWC bullet are a flat point, conical nose, and the base of the cone is less than that of the cylinder diameter and is accentuated by a sharp shoulder.

It is one of the heaviest rounds, designed to produce maximum expansion, thanks to the gilded jacket and special serrations. However, if bullet design is less than optimum, some of these offerings do not expand and instead act like full-metal-jacket ammunition--particularly when passing through clothing--and occasionally will overpenetrate. Yep. The .357 inch caliber cartridge was originally introduced with 21 grain of black powder. Rem Golden Saber 125

In fact, a revolver can run a mix of any type of ammunition, with every load variation because the action has no reliance on aic feeding and cycling. The velocity is consistent with other brands of the same type and weight. Why would anyone depend on it? While modern semi-aics are highly reliable, they do still have to deal with stovepipes, jams, and failure to feed issues on occasion. A Bulgarian native law student, and a gun aficionado. Of course, carrying legally isn’t an option here either: carry permits are required, but not issued. To start out, even if you have a revolver chambered in .357 magnum, I would still recommend carrying .38 spl. Wadcutters have traditionally been popular for use in short-nosed “snubby” revolvers. Also fires some old (1950s) 200 gr super police It works. These take the classic lead semi-wadcutter and add a cavity to the flat nose, with no copper jacketing at all on the bullet. HPR’s website is no more, but typical velocities for a round like this are between 700 and 900 FPS with energy around 200 to 270 foot-pounds. At the time of its introduction, the .38 Special was considered a modern cartridge. For practical purposes the Hawaii Democratic Party -and it is the Democratic Party, not a single Republican state senator and fewer than half a dozen state reps- is firmly on the side of violent criminals. Particularly since advances in alloys and polymers have produced “snubby” revolvers weighing in at well under a pound. Perhaps 30 years ago I bought three cases of them, one each of Federal, W-W and R-P. The snubby is a short-barrelled revolver made for concealed carry. Let your fellow shooters know – share this article using the Facebook, Just like the Black Hills Ammo, these rounds fire at a velocity of 1,050 FPS, delivering 306 foot-pounds of energy. If you do it right, the .38 Special can be just as effective for close-quarters self-defense. Barrel length is a huge factor in expansion and terminal velocity. However, with a speed of 800 fps, it is not the fastest bullet, which means that you’ll need a quality projectile to receive maximum power. As a nation we have gone too far down the road to anonymous vulgarity. of 9mm Luger. At the time, it was a new introduction that was comparably better than other competitors, so it quickly gained popularity. have around 950 fps and 250 ft. lbs. The lower pressure of the .38 Special cartridge can easily be handled by firearms chambered for the robust .357 Magnum cartridge. It packs a manageable punch that’s different from the lighter, faster +P rounds.

What was once the marquee police caliber in the United States, the .38 Special fell out of favor in the 1980s. .38 Special and 9×19 ammo have a similar diameter, .38 Special measures in at .357 inches and 9mm at .355 inches.