-dessert/desert Please type the correct word to fill in the blank below:How was _____ weekend ladies and gentlemen? Biological and Biomedical If a cat falls ( of / off ) the counter, it will land on its feet. These two assessments are short, but effective tests for frequently confused words such as to, two, and too or they're, there, and their; great for a diagnostic test. stream Certain words are easy to mix up, but these two commonly confused worksheets can help. Then/than errors are pretty easy to spot and correct. (C) is quite similar to (A), in that “dispute," like “contest," shows a direct conflict between two things.

But in the right context, one of them can also mean showing greater importance. (5), to have two different feelings about something, a substance or activity that stops something bad, space between intersecting lines measured in degrees, something that goes well with something else, the part of you that makes you feel guilty, guess something based on the information you have, a verb phrase indicating that something could happen but is not certain, confidence level in the success of an endeavor, to go by something; alternatively, to qualify, potential buyer, or applying to the future, feeling or awareness of something; one of the 5 senses, narrow waterway or channel connecting two bodies of water, preposition used to describe a definition or identify the object of something, conditions in the air above the earth (wind, rain etc), pronoun identifying what belongs to someone. � 8�;g^�����E���}R)�R�Ru�@���hZ?��zhg1d��4w� i�,���\�J8#Kv���i.�������1�b(S�˞Δ�E�ۙ�I���,uf31l3S:�� x�D%)/D�J�>���谓���pƾ�~����������n≎>y��(�8>F�z�v֔+. Includes common homophones like there, they're and their; usage errors such as its, and it's and should have vs. should of; as well as words suc, This test is a silly story I made up to test my students on some commonly confused words. Scroll down for a list of lessons and topics.

Grammar Worksheets and Tests: Grades 7-8 NO PREP Printables, Grammar Worksheets and Tests: 6th Grade NO PREP Printables, Commonly Confused Words #1, Homophones, Slides + Note-Keeping Sheets CCSS, Their, There, They're, and To, Too, Two, Frequently Confused Words: Homophones. Cheese, as the western world knows it, is unpopular in Morocco. - a Word document with the words, their definitions and example, Commonly Confused Words Vocabulary Practice and Test topic: Problem words, words commonly confused in English 1 | level: Advanced Below you'll find pairs of words that are commonly confused in writing. 2. Have any questions about this article or other topics? Want to improve your ACT score by 4 points? There are 20 questions. An assessment testing if students know the differences between contractions and other confused words! Choose an answer and hit 'next'.

2 0 obj All of the words here imply some sort of contrast or conflict, but in very different ways.

1 0 obj Good spelling help and standardized test prep. SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination BoardTM. <> Services, Quiz & Worksheet - English Words that are Frequently Confused, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Punctuation: Using Colons, Semicolons & Periods, Comma Usage: Avoid Confusion in Clauses & Contrasting Sentence Parts, Using Hyphens, Brackets, Ellipses & Quotation Marks, Spelling: Words That Sound Alike (Homonyms & Homophones), Sentence Structure: Understanding Grammar, The Writing Process: Development & Planning, The Writing Process: Writing & Structuring an Essay, The Writing Process: Revision & Improving Your Essay, Historical, Cultural & Critical Contexts of Literature, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, The correct use of their, there and they're. (accept / except) 2 Everybody turned up at Fiona's party ..... her exboyfriend. Choose that as the answer. But don’t bother spending a lot of time worrying about this list.

Commonly Confused Words Exercise Get your dictionary out Choose one of the words in brackets to fill the gap. a) loose b) lose 2. Dickinson’s last twenty years of letters -- many over 1,500 words in length -- reveals the breadth and depth of her connection to the world through a wide circle of correspondents. In speaking, people tend to pronounce “have” like “of” because it’s faster and easier to say. These questions cover two of the most common types of diction errors that you will see on ACT English – commonly confused words and understanding meaning in context. If you liked this English lesson, you'll love our program.