Mako demonstrated this ability again when he discovered where the Equalist airfield was hidden. Haru |

As they sat in the car, Mako told Korra that Wonyong Keum had been kidnapped as well, and he and Bolin told Korra the details they knew of his disappearance, as Korra suspected that perhaps it had been the Triple Threat Triad that had been involved with both kidnappings. At the end of the battle, Kuvira managed to force Guan to surrender, and the entire Earth Empire army stood down. His time as a cone attracted the attention of the gang known as the Triple Threat Triad. Desna & Eska | Mako, with the help of his teammates, was able to lead the team to second place in the championship. The angst he has built has lead to a deep-seeded anger that Mako can easily call upon at any moment. During Wu's coronation, Mako was shocked to see Kuvira denounce Wu's authority and dissolve the Earth Kingdom in favor of the Earth Empire under her leadership. While Asumi's skill with these devices is superior, Mako's time with her saw him become adept at riding the newly created motorcycles. A defeated Tarrlok quietly had different plans, however. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. While Korra and Tenzin freed the several airbenders, Bolin, Mako, and Jinora searched for Kai. The only practical way for Mako to keep himself and Bolin fed was to resort to crime, petty at first but later the two perfected con-games to make money without needing to resort to violence. After answering that despite Kya's treatments, he can't firebend with it, Mako then asked Korra how she was doing and learned that Tokuga blamed her for his disfigurement. Attending a meeting with the other world leaders, Mako learned of Kuvira's super weapon when Bolin and Varrick returned to the city. After the ceremony, he was found by Bolin, who tried to sway him to stop being Wu's bodyguard and join him and Kuvira's army instead.

Mako and Bolin went to Keum Enterprises' headquarters to try and meet with Wonyong Keum. When he was eight, Mako witnessed his parents being killed by a firebender, leaving Bolin, his younger brother, as his only immediate family and his treasured red scarf as the sole memento of his father. This list contains the deaths in the original series, and in the Legend of Korra All villains will be listed in bold. M*A*S*H 6. Hiroshi Sato, Amon, Equalists, Tarrlok (formerly), Unalaq, Dai Li, Red Lotus, military of the Earth Empire Avatars | Ty Lee |

As Bolin attempted to trap him through a rock wall, but Skoochy climbed over, only to run into Mako who grabbed him by his shirt and said it had been a while, and asked how he had been. After the tournament's conclusion, Mako joined Korra in her efforts to stop the Equalists. [39] Spending several days at the city, Mako was alerted by Bolin one night that Korra was being kidnapped by the Red Lotus. Mako defensively responded that he was fine, and that he thought it was great that the two were dating. [35] When Korra and Tenzin decided to scour the Earth Kingdom for those new benders, it was only when Bolin convinced Mako to come along that the firebender relented and joined the rest of Team Avatar on their quest. As the Triple Threats start invading the Creeping Crystals' turf, Korra insisted that the police move in and stop them, but Lin argued that Tokuga would demolish the whole neighborhood with everyone inside if they tried, a fact Mako supported, considering how he almost killed them before. Much to their shock, however, they learned that the canon was mounted on an enormous mecha suit and had already crossed into United Republic territory.

Suyin Beifong | He is the first bender shown to stop Amon from taking someone's bending away. For two seasons, Mako Iwamatsu was the voice of Uncle Iroh in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but things changed when he was recast in season 3. The actor passed away in 2006 after doing the … Click the button below to start this article in quick view. While Korra and Asami searched Aiwei's abandoned vehicle and discovered he was set to meet Zaheer at Xai Bau's Grove, Mako and Bolin investigated the town, finding Aiwei resided at the local inn. Later that day, Mako went to the Triple Threat Triad headquarters with his brother and saw Shady Shin bribe Toza, a pro-bender. He joined his friends in an effort to stop Unalaq and Vaatu from merging. As some of you may know, today marks the death of Mako Iwamatsu. Joined by his dragon Fang, Roku was soon overtaken by the lava. Written by Avatar and Korra co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino and with art by Michelle Wong, ... Bolin became a cop just like his brother and even served as Mako’s partner for a while. Chronological information [19] The raw strength of his firebending is also considerable, able to offset a large and point-blank explosion unharmed.

Tui, Firebending, including lightning generation/redirection.

Mako, Bolin and Wu were taken to a tent, where Korra read aloud commands to reverse-engineer their brainwashing. Mako is willing to threaten others to protect the people close to him.

Mako died July 21, 2006, "Tales of Ba Sing Se" was aired first September 29, 2006. Mai | Mako has an emotional attachment to his scarf, which belonged to his mother refuses to part with it as his only keepsake from his family. [16] Outside of pro-bending, Mako demonstrated great skill in traditional firebending combat. As the two walked away from Ping's cell, Mako remarked that Bolin had displayed some good thinking, and would make a fine cop one day, to which Bolin responded that he had learned from the best.

He said he thought it was possible, and suggested that they bring Wonyong in for questioning. Lightningbending is a relatively rare skill for firebenders but Mako is one of a handful that have mastered it. Ping responded that they changed hideouts every few days, and that he had no idea where they were right now. Bolin, Naoki, San, Korra, Pabu, Toza, Asami Sato, Naga, Tenzin, Lin Beifong, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Rohan, Tarrlok, Gommu, Iroh, Skoochy, Shady Shin (formerly), Tonraq, Varrick, Suyin Beifong, Kai, Wu Mako and Team Avatar worked with members of the Metal Clan to retrieve Korra from the Red Lotus. However, when Wu ended up kidnapped, the team rallied together and were reminded of their old adventures. After the royal left for dance floor, Mako was thanked by Korra for his help with Kuvira, and he told her that he would always follow her into battle, emphasizing that he was there for her and always would be.[54]. The ruse worked, and the two learned that the true mastermind had been Tokuga, a dangerous criminal whom they quickly bumped to the top of their most wanted list. Tonraq | He ultimately led the Fire Nation attack on the Northern Water Tribe during the climax of the first season, targeting the powerful spirits who resided there and empowered the moon and the ocean. She covers entertainment news. Returning to the Southern Water Tribe to find it overrun with Northern Water Tribe soldiers,[25] Mako was forced to sit by helplessly as he watched Tonraq and several other Southerners be sentenced to life imprisonment for their attempt to kidnap Unalaq.

[40], With Naga's tracking abilities, the team followed Aiwei's trail to just outside the Misty Palms Oasis. He reminded her that the Triple Threat leader was unhinged and that she should not let him manipulate her as such. Team Avatar Varrick | Fighting styles

His sense of duty also caused him to divulge information that would strain his relationship with Korra, ultimately ending it. Greg Baldwin was chosen as his replacement; he already had experience as Mako’s voice double for years, re-recording lines and additional dialogue when Mako was unavailable. Bolin had encouraged the Pro-Benders, a man called Toza, not to throw the match out of altruism, Mako warned his brother not to interfere in Triple Threat Triad deals, but Bolin had his morals. Afterward, Shin told them that if they did not acquire enough bets to recover the ten thousand yuans given to Toza, he would abandon Mako and Bolin on the streets, after which the two brothers speedily departed.[12]. Hobby Mako's "cool under fire" style of pro-bending bears similarities to the defensive styles of boxing, and the styles of iconic boxers such as Willie Pep and Muhammad Ali. As they left Lin's office, Bolin remarked to Mako that he guessed that the lead on Wonyong had been a dead end, but Mako remarked that he did not think so, and that the two should pay a visit to Two-Toed Ping.

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Inside, Mako and Bolin headed to the power core of the machine, where they took to battle with the present guards. The three of them met up at Asami's mobile office, only to discover it had been nearly destroyed by earthbenders. Jet | A few weeks after Harmonic Convergence, he rejoined Team Avatar in their search for new airbenders.

Mako later gathered outside Gaoling City Hall when Wu gave his speech proclaiming that the Earth Empire would need more time to move to democracy, with each state setting its own timetable according to its citizens' wishes. Mako told Bolin to go easy, and told Skoochy that he had been in his shoes once, and understood where he was coming from, but that at the end of the day he had a responsibility to the other people in Republic City, and that people could die if they did not find Tokuga.

Despite his best efforts, however, Mako could not fend off Ming-Hua, and the two brothers eventually ended up being captured and loaded onto a truck to Ba Sing Se.[41]. But the moment he did i completely heard a difference. Two weeks later, Mako attended Jinora's airbending master ceremony[45] before joining Asami, Bolin, Tenzin, and Jinora on the ferry dock to say goodbye to Korra, who was set to return to the Southern Water Tribe in order to recover from her physical and mental trauma.[46]. Mako's main ability is firebending. Bolin remembered how, when they were kids, the Triple Threats had used them to move messages between Triad members, and remarked that maybe Tokuga was doing the same thing. According to IMDB the last episode he voiced was S03E01 "The Awakening" but according to Avatar Wiki the last episode he voiced was S02E20 "Crossroads of Destiny".