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There are various paths and roads following the river Severn through Gloucestershire. Mallards Pike Short Circular is a 4 mile loop trail located near Lydney, Gloucestershire, England that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. In case it’s of interest, I think I read somewhere that Mallards Pike was closed today/tomorrow. As well as supporting the forest you will receive a 12 month car park pass. Sports Events and Sport Clubs Gloucestershire, Kayaking, Canoeing & Stand Up Paddleboarding in Gloucestershire.

I’m not there this weekend else I would happily show you around. This includes riding as far as Cannop Ponds or beyond.

2. The trail offers a number of activity options.

But even the more hardpacked off piste stuff like the Dowies are looking sorry for themselves. Those looking for a more peaceful visit can enjoy a lakeside walk followed by a visit to the cafe.

Family cycle trail at Mallards Pike Lake. I don’t ride Dowies much but went the other week and noticed how hammered the trails were. (Google go ape FOD)easiest way to find trails is explore but to get in the right area. Going easy on them during late winter / spring gives the boar and deer a bit of respite when their young are born and keeps the nitwits from the FC off everyone’s back.

There is also Gruffalo Orienteering for adventurous youngsters.

There are bike routes throughout The Cotswold Hills, Forest of Dean & Severn valley. Orange launches its lightest ever mountain bike!

Also, as good fun as those trails are, in reality they’re not as good as the ‘approved’ ones at Sallow Vallets. You can also register and book parking with RingGo online. I’m a full on enduro guy haha. Location Codes - 31037 (car), 31038 (minibus or motorhome), 31039 (coach). These are the trails outside my house and they’re getting properly mashed up during winter at the moment because of their rising popularity.

The money you pay for parking helps us to look after the forests. Unfortunalty, I’m pretty useless with Strava, And I’ve searched many times and it’s very vague and protected. these trails like much of FoD ‘off piste’ are getting hammered by big groups & ‘EnduroBros’ .. .

With bike hire included it doesn’t matter if…

Picturesque church at Parkend – Mallards Pike Loop from Parkend is an expert bike ride.

For Forestry England’s coronavirus guidance please follow this link - view now.

It was fun whilst it lasted. A few weeks ago I was out on my own and didn’t see another old school pedal bike but i saw around 20 e-bike riders . The area offers cycle tours to suit all abilities and interests. If you can’t find stuff with a map & a modicum of common sense then probably best to leave it alone.