RHDV only affects rabbits, it doesn't present a danger to cats, dogs, or any other type of animal. We also support the development of rabbit control tools through funding programmes. confident and no. Rabbits have been a constant source of trouble for New Zealand since they were first introduced in the 1830s. Often three passes are needed for control to be achieved, and at least 70% of the area must be accessible before contemplating night shooting.

As a result, MPI has imposed a number of conditions to ensure the virus will be securely transported, stored, and used in accordance with strict protocols. While they play and hang out on the streets, the woman who says she owns them is a self-purported “rabbit lover,” and claims to be raising the animals. No one is going to eat a worm filled rabbit.

The SPCA or your veterinarian can recommend a good pellet food for rabbits. Give carrots only as treats because these are high in starch. Previous 1 2 template Next. Hay provides fibre and helps to wear down a rabbit’s teeth. On average, 7-10 rabbits consume as much as one ewe. Since 2012, through the Sustainable Farming Fund, MPI has provided funding for 3 projects relating to rabbit control: Search for Sustainable Farming Fund projects. To find out where the RHDV1 K5 virus has been released, contact your regional council. Night shooting is a reasonably efficient technique for killing rabbits and can be undertaken throughout the year as required. Check with your regional council or local agricultural store to see what is best for your circumstance. Celery must be cut into 1cm pieces before being given because larger pieces can get caught in rabbits’ intestines. It’s actually safe, despite what myths might tell you. When introducing any new food, always do so slowly over a few weeks to avoid digestive upsets. Rabbits thrive in dryland and semi-arid environments, especially in New Zealand’s South Island. No interior the spring and summer time simply by fact of inner and exterior parasites which will properly be transferred from the rabbit to the guy who cleans and eats the animal. Rabbits love grass, dandelion leaves, thistle/puha, plantain leaves and dock leaves.

MPI also considered risks to animal welfare and sought independent advice from the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC). The SPCA (Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporated) is a registered charity. These 2 viruses are completely different and don't jump between species.

I'm Australian and in Australia theres literally hundreds of thousands of wild rabbits. For welfare performance of animal traps go to https://www.bionet.nz/control/pests-under-management/performance-traps/.

The virus could not be imported or used without MPI's approval. Choose pellets with a high fibre content (>15%) and less protein than fibre. These include the following: Provide a variety of different types of vegetables and fruits daily. Rabbits are infected with the virus which then spreads through the population.

Early-born does may breed in their natal year. ... Rabbit meat if cooked right is safe to eat any time of the year. Some wild rabbits may live up to seven years but life spans are generally much shorter, with high rates of natural mortality among young animals. It affects the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). MPI assessed the potential benefits and impacts of the virus before granting the application. Today, landowners, including the Crown, are responsible for controlling rabbits on their own lands. Night shooting is also a useful monitoring technique to allow problems to be noted and dealt with if the shooting is not making headway. Under the Biosecurity Act, MPI has a role facilitating coordination among those involved in rabbit control (such as the Rabbit Coordination Group).