To quote Saxman: Word File Viewer: Allows you to view word files even if you don't own Word. Welcome to this small corner of the SRZ, where I provide information and utilities that help you edit music in Sonic 2, as well as the latest version of my ROM hack, Sonic2 Alternative Soundtrack and Music Porter, a program that ports music from Sonic 2 Beta to Sonic 2 Final. To fix it he suggested that pointers from the palette load cues should be removed. Has information that allows you to edit music with a hex editor! Sonic QX, as you've probably guessed, is a music editor for Sonic2 beta with incredible (and somewhat unused) power to completely change the music in-game. Updates Now with a Windows Interface! Contributors: mazmazz / heyjoeway / Jimita. Image guide to the compression used in Sonic 2. ymx.txt: 4KB Saxman A guide to … Check the utilities page! Saxman.. Sonic QX however, isn't perfect, and can only edit music in the Sonic 2 Beta rom. Has information that allows you to edit music with a hex editor! Menu. At the time I didn't understand what this meant, so I blagged my way through and simply used Nemesis' guide to find that the overwritten data was between F0160 and F1E06. Click to Enlarge. Tails still uses Sonic's life icon in the 2-player mode. This utility allows saving directly to the rom, simple and straightforward.

This is my progress so far. This is a beta of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the beta is similar of Simon Wai Prototype, but trying completing the zones to 100%. Tails Glitchiness. Image Unfortunatly lacks some of the more advanced features of music editing - hopefully an update can rectify this. After posting a message on the Sonic 2 beta messageboard, I was told by Hivebrain that I had to port offset 0EC000 to 0FFFFF from the BETA to the Final. It comes with a very detailed and easy to understand manual that will be with you whenever you get stuck. What I really wanted to do next however was to replace the entire soundtrack to the final Sonic 2 with my own score, which meant I somehow had to port the music from Sonic 2 Beta to the Final. Sonic QX however, isn't perfect, and can only edit music in the Sonic 2 Beta rom. Sonic QX Build 15 is now avaliable at the utilities page! *NOW FIXED* - A library problem stopped this working on system's other than mine. Well sort of... Emerald Hill, Hill Top, and Metropolis all crashed when you selected them in the level select.

2-player mode still uses the same music as 1-player mode, like all prototypes before CENSOR. Now with Windows Frontend! The incredibly old predecessor to Sonic QX, the Sonic Sound Editor can perform basic functions like editing the tempo and replacing the Sega PCM sound with support for both Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 Final. If Tails gets hurt, he can lose rings for Sonic. #platformer Apparently, it works very well - for more precise information on what the program does specifically, go here. Image A score counter is present in 2-player mode.

Now with Windows Frontend! This doesn't mean that you can't put your own midis into Sonic 2, but you will need to port the Sonic 2 beta music into the ROM instead since that doesn't use compression.

Music Porter v1.0 released! The 16-bit Audiophile Project High quality videogame soundtracks for retrogaming fans. Similarly, the Nick Arcade and Simon Wai versions use Sonic 1's serial code, while all the Beta builds have Sonic 2's serial code. Home; 3-D Dinosaur Adventure ( DOS / Yamaha YM3812 ) Aa-MortalKombat Dummy Test; Aero Blasters; Agony Soundtrack ; Aladdin; Alien 3; Alien Breed Special … This software is licensed under GNU General Public License Version 2. A guide to the YMX file format used in Sonic QX. He commented that it said this in Saxman's Sonic 2 Hacking Guide... "Music is a great interest to many people. SQX even boasts limited MIDI importing ability.

Sonic QX BUILD 15: Import your own MIDI files into Sonic 2 Beta ROM.