Rock spring(wy) ı-80 cross changed now no red light or stop. Friend: FS19 mods. We hope that ATS Maps mods free examples will help to bring your game to the next level! At least we can’t find them! July 22, 2020 at 1:32 AM .

-Mitchell(s dakota),Kadoka(s dakota) added. Long time user of the Coast to Coast map mod.

Adds incredible variety to the game in terms of roads and cities for ATS players. Download mod CanaDream Map v2.12 by ManiaX (1.38.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.CanaDream Map - is a truly gigantic modification that extends the standard American Truck Simulator map. It requires all SCS map DLC’s. -Some nebraska low poly vegetations change with high polys. -İnvisible walls deleted in rapid city.

Iowa sexton-waterloo far landscapes improved. This Mod Makes It Possible To Enjoy Some Parts Of The New Colorado DLC Already Now! CREDITS: Team Peru ETS/ATS VİVA MEXİCO (latest version) Changelog V2.11.8 Compatible with Coast to Coast 2.11.8 map Changes V2.12 Removed all 17 of the custom tollgate_at prefabs added by ManiaX and the associated tollbooth.sii, which caused incompatibilities with the Mexico maps tollbooths. İnvisible walls deleted in rapid city. You will see new landscapes in Colorado and Florida. TOP5 ATS TRAILERS … MAP BACKGROUND OR ZOOM MODS(LANDSAT) This will let you improve the strategy and create new scenarios.

Changelog V2.11.3 Update for 1.38 Changelog V2.11.2 From 23.06.20 Update for 1.38OB Changelog V2.11.2 Fixed bugs Changelog V2.11.1 Fixed broken roads Invisible Walls Fixed and other bugs found Changelog V2.11 Update for 1.37 Fixed bugs Changelog V2.10.3 Fixed all detected bugs and errors Changelog V2.10.2 includes some extra details in Montana and hopefully fixes any previous issues. With both it and the Idaho DLC released, it’s time to put them together with the map. Username.

-Fixed game crashes on some users -Some iconic points added like Lake francis case in ı-90. Categories Maps Tags ATS 1.38 mods Post navigation. This will let you improve the strategy and create new scenarios. -New 600 mile high quality road added. Changes V0.8 Fixed sign errors causing missing stands and blank boards in 1.39 beta fuel triggers adjusted map wide started messing with new distance terrain method east of Circle you will need to update both the map and asset file for sign fix Edit ✔ I need to add that this version only works in the 1.39 beta, do not download if your using 1.38. This map have a realistic Australian landscape off-road, muddy roads, water Descriptions: Coast to Coast Map – map has both huge highways and small roads through the desert. This is possible because SCS leaked those areas of Colorado in 1.38 and 1.39.

[CDATA[ 7 Nov, 2016. This mod remodels extensive areas in northern California and the vast majority of Nevada in the base map of ATS. Gillette(WY) completly rebuilded. American Truck Simulator is a game that can be modded in many ways and you should take advantage of this. New signs added all around map. -New 7 garages added in iowa and nebraska. MEGA RESOURCES 2.1.13 (latest version) montana_GA_road_connection Always able to address issues that pop up with the mod, and they have a … MEXİCO EXTREMO (latest version) All of your mods -Adapted only to version 1.38x, If you want to collaborate financially with the map on a voluntary basis you can do it by: Your competitors as well as fellows will get surprised. You have to respect a certain type of mod ordering. ATS Maps.

-Road names added all around map.