Pick out a headlamp that has beams that can both shine broadly and narrow down to focus on objects. Nothing else came close, and unlike other lights which became dimmer and dimmer over time, the Zebralight maintained an even level of lighting the entire test time. In fact, BD makes several advertising claims about the Spot we found dubious. Hunting season doesn’t stop simply because the weather has turned a bit nasty. This could be an issue if you are someone who backpacks into their hunting area, as you would not be able to recharge it once the battery runs out.

It has only a lumen output of 575 and yes I know what you’re thinking, how can this light be brighter than the ones boasting a whopping 5000 lumen output? Petzl – NAO 575 Lumens. This is especially true for the different types of batteries available nowadays. The headband on the headlamp is adjustable, so you get optimal convenience here. Required fields are marked *, Best Headlamps for Hunting in 2020 Reviews, What You Need to Look For in the Best Headlamps for Hunting, Aimpoint CompM4 Red Dot Sights Review [2020]. There are options to enhance the brightness of the light with high, medium and low settings for the distance of the beam.

It comes with high, low and strobe modes. The nyteBright T6 has both a white light and red LED too which make it incredibly convenient when you would normally have to have 2 different headlamps to get these features. It is the light we'd want on hand in an epic situation like a backcountry medical issue, finding a lost trail or a rescue situation (bring a couple of extra batteries and you can run all night at super-bright lighting in much less weight and size than the Black Diamond Icon).

The Zebralight blew us away on both long-distance, with an average 1201 meter beam that lasted for 3 hours, and also in the low-mode test, with regulated output that threw a very usable 25 meter beam for 9.5 days. The weight is distributed evenly across your head thanks to the battery being in the back and the headlamp in the front.

And as always, this list is just based on my own opinions. In prior years the Tikkina just didn't have the lighting power we wanted, but Petzl has doubled its power in the last few years while keeping the price unchanged. The Browning Nitro hunting headlamp is a pretty astonishing example of how versatile a simple piece of gear can be. This compact, hands-free option is much better than choosing to use a lantern or a flashlight but buying the right one can be confusing.

You can also choose RGB colors to preserve your night vision and/or to make sure you don’t spook that 12 point buck you’re pursuing. Because lumens are a measure of light energy in any direction. Although we found the Storm shines 11 meters less far than the Spot, we preferred it over the Spot for trail finding due to a wider beam (and it has longer battery life too!). Please bare in mind a lot of these products have exaggerated the lumen rating by A LOT.

The headlamps that are featured below have reviews from experts that have actually used them out in the wild.

The Wiz is not a great general purpose light for grown-ups (or even older kids), due to the limited beam distance, but it is perfectly adequate for walking the dog at night, reading or use around camp. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. If you need an ultra-bright lamp in the backcountry, something for casual home use, or a blend of something in-between, this review illuminates every competitive option for a range of budgets.

The worst scoring products were those whose operation required reading the manual. It’s rated at 760 lumen which is really powerful for a headlamp of this size.

First off the unit utilizes a CR123A Lithium-ion battery instead of standard AAA alkaline batteries. Otherwise, it will last a lifetime to the average user. But, two strong performers, the Fenix (which lasted 2.8 hours), and the Zebralight (which lasted 3.1 hours), both offer a strong regulated beam that holds a consistent distance for most of the time period, both shining more than a football field length (shown in the beam path photos below).

Included in the 8 different lighting modes are; brightness levels in close proximity and distance modes, dimming, red, green and blue night-vision, strobe as well as lock mode. These are presented in no particular order and remember; these choices represent the opinions of our review panel.

It comes with four standard modes: low, mid, high and strobe.

Something interesting, I’m not sure whether this is a typo or not, is the fact that they claim it has a service time of 1,000,000 hours. Its enviable long battery life can be attributed to the 1 LED design.

One issue to be aware of, the Storm packs a lot of features behind a single button control, which makes accessing the light's advanced features a confusing mix of single, double, triple clicks and press-and-hold combinations.

We love the light adequacy of this headlamp, which ensures that you are provided with enough light for any activity you participate in. It provides so little light down the trail, that it can't really be considered for any use except around the campsite.

It has acclaimed the highest rating for durability as the main head unit is made from aircraft grade aluminium which makes it extremely scratch and damage resistant. The Petzl Strix VL hunting headlamp has a serious profile that perfectly expresses its serious performance and toughness.