Up button: Press and release to raise the suspension height. SOURCE: i have a 2003 range rover the air suspension inactive came on it could be from many reasons...sometimes even the ABS system will cause this fault or even the Steering position Sensor.

Operation of the electronic air suspension system remains available for a few seconds after the ignition is switched off and the driver's door is opened. Normal operation of the compressor generates heat. Copyright © Jaguar Land Rover Limited 2020. Care should be taken with all suspension height changes, when a trailer is attached to the vehicle.

If safety permits, it is recommended that the engine is running during air suspension adjustments with the vehicle at a standstill. Suspension locked in access height indicator lamp: Illuminates when the suspension is locked at access height. In the event of overheating, switch off the engine and allow time for the compressor to cool. if it comes and goes then inspect your height sensors as the early version of the height sensors are getting weak and like melting so it gives wrong reading which cause the fault...offer more info. Range Rovers have five solenoid valves on top of the valve block. Access height is 50 mm lower than normal height. In this event, allow time for the compressor to replenish the air reserves. The button’s LED indicator lamp illuminates during suspension height adjustment and extinguishes when complete. The air compressor forces the correct amount of air in to the suspension system.

Normal height indicator lamp: Illuminates when the suspension is set to normal height. If a door is open, press and hold to raise the suspension height. Frequent successive air suspension adjustments may deplete the vehicle's air reserves. Access height button (driver's door): Press to set the suspension to access height. Make sure that the vehicle is clear of people and obstacles before adjusting the suspension. Springs fail if moisture is present and they may rot. The steering system helps the driver use headlights, windshield washers, the horn, the ignition switch, the cruise control, and the radio. To maintain control of the vehicle at a standstill, during suspension height adjustment, make sure that the Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is applied. If you suspect your Range Rover may have steering or air suspension malfunctions, bring it to Desert Oasis European Auto Service & Repair. Access height indicator lamp: Illuminates when the suspension is set to access height. These problems occur more frequently in late model Range Rovers. Range Rover l322 is listed in the Land Rover Category.

Similarly, air suspension compressors fail in the Range Rover.

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< Previous Thread | Next Thread > dragon3.6HSE New Member. Rover air springs deteriorate when the truck drives across rocks, potholes or other debris. Also make sure that the transmission is engaged in Neutral (N) or Park (P). Desert Oasis Auto Repair September 16, 2014 Land Rover. The electronic air suspension system can also be remotely operated via the vehicle's smart key. These problems occur more frequently in late model Range Rovers. The electronic air suspension system controls are located on the centre console. Air springs allow air to enter and exit the suspension system. Simply put, the steering wheel does not stop the correct way. The electronic air suspension system is used to raise or lower the vehicle by adjusting the height of the suspension. Off-road height indicator lamp: Illuminates when the suspension is set to off-road height. For example, the driver presses a button to tilt the steering wheel and it traps the driver’s leg. This causes other air suspension parts to corrode or malfunction. Two of the hallmark features (and notorious repairs) of the famed Range Rover are its unique steering and suspension systems.