The deadline to complete the ESA Contact Form to identify the person that will complete the Cybersecurity (NIST SP 800-171) questionnaire was July 13, 2018. Exostar Certification Assistant offers CMMC and NIST 800-171 assessment tool which helps customers prepare for CMMC certification and/or NIST 800-171 audit. Supply Chain Collaboration and Management. If you pay via credit card, the Renewal Date in MAG for the selected subscriptions will be updated within 24 hours. Click the Purchase or Register Credential link. ISO 27001 certification is NOT a sufficient substitute for demonstrating NIST SP 800-171 compliance. Many applications within MAG accept Phone OTP (unless you are working with Boeing applications, which require a Hardware Token for access). .rater img { background: url(/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.rate:rate/resources/themes/v2/gfx/rater.gif) no-repeat top left; } Tokens cannot be shared, each user needs their own token. You only need to purchase a token if your company has not already (i.e. ThemePress.toFinalize(function ($) { EXOSTAR and ESA’s support to the suppliers does NOT include assistance in the understanding or advice in answering the questions to the forms. It is important to note that you will need to: 1. 3. Select one of the following: Step 8. You have entered the One-Time Password One or One-Time Password Two incorrectly too many times, or your OTP Hardware Token is out of synch with Exostars Token Server. .rater img { Step 3.. Click the Purchase or Register Credentials link to continue. Corbett WaltherVice President of Supply ChainElbit Systems of America, LLC, Wayne BellucheChief Security OfficerElbit Systems of America, LLC, Robert BiggersChief Information Security OfficerElbit Systems of America, LLC. There are 2 things we ask of suppliers in this process. Step 4. To purchase an OTP Hardware Token, complete the steps below: Step 1. In order to safeguard covered defense information, companies with limited cybersecurity expertise may choose to seek outside assistance in determining how best to meet and implement the NIST SP 800-171 requirements in their company. Complying with DFARS Clause 252.204-7012, Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting, requires that DoD contractors implement NIST SP 800-171 as soon as practicable, but no later than December 31, 2017 for information technology systems that collect, develop, receive, transmit or store covered defense information. background: transparent url(/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.rate:rate/resources/themes/v2/gfx/loading_mini.gif) no-repeat scroll center left; .rater .links { Since you already completed your OTP Hardware purchase, select the I do not need to purchase a credential link. Step 4.

Select the appropriate subscription. It is imperative that suppliers for Elbit Systems of America understand the significance of this issue and our shared role in complying with DFARS 252.204-7012, Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting. Step 6. If somebody else purchased a credential on your behalf, contact this individual to obtain your license key. } Click Activate to complete the process.

.results.caption { Covered Defense Information Assessment - NIST SP 800-171. We are using EXOSTAR’s Partner Information Manager to collect information about our suppliers. padding-left: 8px;

What happens next? Scroll down, and click the Renew button. If you want to learn about Exostar OTP products and pricing, browse the Exostar's Webstore, or click the links below to navigate directly to the subscription options for your OTP product of choice: If you already have a MAG account, you can access this information directly from your MAG account by clicking Billing and Support in the upper right corner of your MAG account. } Do not complete this step until you receive your Hardware Token in the mail. This help document can provide further assistance for user management activities:, The ESA contact form is where you identify the person at you company who is responsible for reporting on your company’s compliance with the new Department of Defense (DoD) cybersecurity standards. font-size: 11px; Press the button on the front of your token and enter that number into the Token Code 1 field. }

We do not require any higher level of proofing for this.For more info please visit:, The Exostar administrator at your company can easily share the already completed NIST SP 800-171 form by hitting the “Share” button in Exostar following our request. Based on the primary contact we have listed for your company, that person was identified at your company as the person who should complete the NIST SP 800-171 form. Still not sure about Exostar? Complete your first time login for help go to: 2. .rater td { Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Please contact EXOSTAR’s Support Team at 703-793-7800 (US) or 0203 3007093 (UK). Following our email, you should receive an invitation to PIM from Exostar if you do not already have an account. From your MAG user account, select the My Account tab, then the Manage OTP sub-tab. Select Manage OTP.

1. Step 5. Contact Exostar Customer Support in order to resume activation of your token. You receive an email with the license key for your newly purchased OTP, but it happens only after your payment is processed. EXOSTAR’s support is limited to the use of the form not the content of the questions. To learn more about Exostar, please visit: Proceed the the Proofing process if you purchased proofing. If you are a contractor who receives Covered Defense Information from Elbit Systems of America in support of DoD project, NIST SP 800-171 does impact you. We are now in the second part: ELBIT AMERICA INFORMATION ON CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19),,,,,,,,, Customer, Please expect an invitation to complete the questionnaire and other related communications from our company and Exostar over the next few months. cursor: pointer; } To register your Hardware Token purchase, complete the steps below: Step 1.. Go to and log into your Exostar MAG account. The price on this is $20.00 USD for domestic suppliers and $47.00 for international. .rater { Use the License Key to register your OTP product in MAG. Please check your email filters and spam if you have not received the license key. Solutions. Go to the My Account tab. I purchased my OTP, and have a purchase confirmation email.

If you don't need identity proofing, enter the License Key and proceed directly to activation.


Step 8. .rater .right-space {

Click on the link for the "External Customer" role. Step 2. Click Activate. With the help of Capterra, learn about Exostar, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other Identity Management products and more. Issues related to setting up your Exostar account, please contact EXOSTAR’s Support Team at 703-793-7800 (US) or 0203 3007093 (UK). }

Step 3. Enter the License Key, and proceed with one of these scenarios: To register your Hardware Token purchase, complete the steps below: Step 1. MDA Pilot participants, please see the MDA Pilot Registration page for the information regarding your sponsored credential. Maximize visibility and redeploy resources to critical tasks while improving your order response and fulfillment cycle times. Step 11. Go to the My Account tab and select the Manage OTP sub-tab. } During this time you will receive communications from both ESA and Exostar instructing on the next steps to be taken for this.We are requiring all suppliers with systems that collect, develop, receive, transmit or store covered defense information (CDI) to complete the NIST SP 800-171 self-assessment in Exostar. .rater .right-space {

How can I purchase an OTP renewal for other users? Follow the steps below to renew the OTP subscription for other users: 1. In order to access the Exostar application, Partner Information Manager (PIM), where the NIST SP 800-171 questionnaire is hosted, you will be required to access it with at least a phone-based “OTP token” for security purposes. .rater .wait img { /* sprites */ For more information, please visit: .rater img, .rater { background-position: 0 -128px; } cursor: default; 3rd party assessments or certifications are not required, authorized, or recognized by DoD. height: 18px; The person to complete the NIST SP 800-171 is typically the person responsible for reporting on your company’s Cybersecurity controls. You answer ‘Yes’ to every security control in the 800-171 questionnaire OR If you answer ‘No’ to some controls, you also have a SSP (System Security Plan) and a POAM (Plan of Action and Milestones) in place for those controls, where you answered ‘No’. } Typically the person to complete this for is someone responsible for Cybersecurity or related matters.Although your company is still responsible for completing the requested form, the Administrator can delete the user(s) via the Administration tab in your Managed Access Gateway. .results.caption { Step 3. NIST 800-53 has controls, but the mechanisms vary by the risk level that you have associated with the info system that needs to be protected. .rater a.out img { background-position: 0 -275px; } .rater img { By signing the contract, the contractor agrees to comply with the terms of the contract. A cost is associated with the access (avg. Check out alternatives and read real reviews from real users. } Please note that you can renew subscriptions for yourself, for other users and yourself, or for other users only. We highly recommend this option for two reasons: Complete these steps to register your token: Step 1. Follow the steps below to renew your OTP credential: Step 1. .rater .disabled a { Step 5. If a supplier believes they are compliant with NIST 800-53 Moderate or above, they most probably can show compliance, but it is not guaranteed. As a result, your contact details were provided to EXOSTAR to receive an invitation to complete the form(s) we have requested. }

However, EXOSTAR does offer professional services to assist suppliers with their cyber programs. We have elected to require the authentication credential because it mitigates security risks by providing a stronger assurance level and better identity protections than conventional username/password technologies vulnerable to theft. 800-171 is derived, but they have identified specific requirements, such as 2FA for network access for normal users (I do not believe 800-53 goes to that level of prescription)Our advice to the supplier is they should complete the NIST 800-1717 Compliance Questionnaire.