Anyway, the app is just a secure gateway to revolut servers, I hope it’s not too complicated to create a web based version of revolut.

Revolut Ltd is authorised by the These new APIs will allow you to share the data in your bank account safely and securely, without having to hand over your password.

+1. Rgds, I … Open Banking relies on something called an API.

Of course, you’ll have questions about how it works and how secure it is, and we’ll cover all of that in this article. Come back to the Play Store a few minutes later and download the beta version. Get the most out of your Revolut Junior account, anytime, anywhere. See your external balances and transactions in Revolut, Credit cards, analytics and budgeting, coming soon. Say, in Revolut? My experience is that the app no longer works on an iPhone 4, so without access to another phone it is useless. Hi @rossdanderson

Welcome to Revolut 7.23. What this authorisation means for you, is that if you wanted to connect an external bank account to Revolut, you could do so securely, safe in the knowledge that access will only be used to provide the service you’ve asked for. The Revolut Business app makes managing your corporate expenses easier.

Thanks but she is also on Revolut. These also allow us to see what pages and links you have visited so we can provide more Visit to get the fast Chrome browser for Windows. Greatly needed ! Don’t worry though Still used my Revolut card to pay for stuff, but had no idea if or when it would run out of funds. If you’ve lost your SIM then you can’t log in at all. With 2019 drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that’s passed, and look forward to the exciting year ahead.

Manage your everyday spending with powerful budgeting and analytics, transfer money abroad, spend easily in the

With Open Banking, you’d be able to track your Revolut transactions and (for example) your HSBC and Barclays transactions, all from within Revolut. Just to recap, as a beta tester you would be able to: Whether you’re on iOS or Android, getting involved as a beta tester is easy.

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All offer UK account numbers and sort codes as well as debits cards you can use in retailers or to pay for items online.

At no point in this process does Revolut have access to your credentials, so it’s completely secure. You have no real ownership of them, and the only way to see them is through your bank’s website or app.

Oh, and if you want to leave the Revolut Beta programme at any point, simply opt out from the Revolut page on the Play Store. When you sign into any website using your Google account, the Google Authentication API helps you login securely.

Number26 does it better IMHO. Take the example of Uber : they give you access to simply by asking the support to enable web access.

We are looking into alternative ways of verification. An Online portal would be good, it should allow you to transfer money to a traveling companion or one of your normal bank accounts. One app to manage your entire financial life. We’re excited that you made it this far, and would now like to invite you to take part in the official Revolut Open Banking beta. But if you do lose your phone, you can still access your Revolut account from another phone. where necessary. relevant ads. We may share this information with other organisations, such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, for the same purpose. Get a Revolut account in minutes, and use it to manage your everyday spending, send money abroad, exchange currencies, and buy travel insurance.

Problem is, it’s almost 2020, and most of us have more than one account.