The farmer crossed in just one pair of pigs, the sow Matchless with a boar named Samson. The Large White is a big, white pig, with erect ears and a slightly dished face. The Large White is a British breed of domestic pig. Vitamin B12 as a supplement is necessary for pig diet. addyae61b233c1724e48cacdf01f45dbe861 = addyae61b233c1724e48cacdf01f45dbe861 + 'genetic' + '.' + 'by'; The pig type eats an average of 2-3kg of food per day.

Of the uterus a multiple of 10 to 12 piglets, sometimes 14 or more per 1 litter. Blades without cavities. Usually, the sows’ part of such commercial programs has more than 50 % of their blood.

Their diet must include grains and protein supplements. And average live body weight of the mature sows usually varies from 260-300 kg. Some of the traits they have are pink, big and slim. It is thin can not sufficiently protect the animal from the cold. Characteristics. Its neck is fine, long, and evenly full to shoulders with deep and wide chests. Data pigs used in breeding work to create and improve many other breeds. The official website of the company «Grodno tribal enterprise»-Belarusian exporter of bull semen, semen, boar, breeding cattle, young stock, bulls, boars-producers, heifers. As the name suggests, the Large White pig is large and of pure white coloration. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Modern animals are almost entirely black in color, but the original stock was sandy-brown. Some vaccines such as deworming are required once every year.

A Large White pig has a moderately long head, has a slightly dished face, and a broad snout.

It derives from the old Yorkshire breed from the county of Yorkshire, in northern England. It derives from the old Yorkshire breed from the county of Yorkshire, in northern England. var addyae61b233c1724e48cacdf01f45dbe861 = 'info' + '@'; This breed fattened to produce high-quality bacon and meat. Some major vaccines or medicines which are required for maintaining pig’s good health are listed below: For the farming of Large White pigs, suitable land which is free from noise and is calm should be selected. They love to eat fresh food and enjoy a variety of food having a variety of textures and tastes. A big indicator of slaughter weight carcass. Due to their high reproductive abilities fit for breeding sows.

It was toned and slender animal, with good Constitution of body, larger relative to other breeds, just not obese, which is usually observed in other pigs. The Large White breed of Great Britain is known in Canada and the United States as the Large Yorkshire, or Improved Large Yorkshire. It is huge in size and coarse boned but is quite sound in feet and legs.

The breed was developed in Yorkshire (UK) in the mid-19th century.

Most typically corn-based feeds are used because they are high in digestible carbohydrates, low in fiber, and cost-effective.

Pigs are Yorkshire give excellent offspring. They will even eat happily all the unfinished food and scrap. And they have a relatively short snout with an upturned nose. Crossing with local varieties of pigs helps to get rid of such key flaws in individuals. Due to their high reproductive abilities fit for breeding sows. The productivity of beef cattle, The Aberdeen-Angus cows. [2], The Large White is one of the most numerous of all pig breeds, widely used in crossbreeding for intensive pig farming around the world. In 1851 Joseph Tuley was first presented to the Yorkshire breed at the exhibition of agricultural animals. Marbled meat, is in high demand among buyers. Berkshire Pig Characteristics. :+375 (1514) 72146   + 375 (29) 1566007. Berkshire pig is a medium to large sized animal. Within 24 hours of birth oral iron paste which contains iron is put in the mouth of the piglet. A broad and straight back smoothly into the lower back. Most often this problem affects young piglets. [3] It was originally developed as an outdoor breed, but today it is one of those favoured by commercial pig breeders, lending uniformity to pigs produced for meat on a large scale.

Diet will vary upon age and weight of the pig. Pig was a favourite pastime of Joseph. Worldwide Yorkshire as the best breed for the production of fat and meat. Mature boars have weights between 300 kg and 450kg and mature sow weighs between 250 kg and 350 kg. For pigs of this breed build a warm and comfortable stable. They have relatively short legs, and have prick ears.

Sow white, the torso is elongated, which is characteristic of bacon breeds. The ears are semi erect or erect, look up, forward and around. [1], The Large White is a big, white pig, with erect ears and a slightly dished face. They will eat a wide variety of food such as water plants, fruit, nuts, meat, bush and all kinds of vegetables especially cabbage. Today in Russia there are about 10 plants for the breeding of Yorkshire pigs.

If you put on feeding the animal at the age of 3 months, year pig weight up to 180 — 212kg. The hobby grew into a business of his life, thanks to which the breeder has made history and have earned no small state.

Mineral supplements should also be given for good growth. The Yorkshire breed experienced many ups and downs over the years. Large Yorkshires occupy a prominent place in Great Britain, where they are regarded as the leading bacon producing breed. Description and characteristics of the breed, The farrowing of pigs: preparing for farrowing, farrowing, care of a pig and piglets after farrowing, Vietnamese pigs. If any symptoms are seen related to any diseases then immediately consult the vet. The head is medium in size, broad forehead. Boar large white suit. The breed is highly prolific and an efficient feed utilizer. [4], Breed Standard and Standards of Excellence: Large White,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 21:10. The modern animals have white points on the feet, nose and tail. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; There are a few characteristics a Yorkshire pig has.

Yorkshire pigs are great for improving meat production when crossed. The Large White is a British breed of domestic pig.