Often referred to as: Urethane Foam Tapes Then a pop-up window opens.


Available from .015" to .120" thickness and in clear, white, gray Oven and Cooktop – Tape Solutions for Appliance Markets Our appliance adhesive tape assortment covers many different applications for ovens, hoods and other cooking appliances. Urethane Foam sheets are available plain or with acrylic or rubber adhesive in various thicknesses and densities. Metal cooktops can be kept in place with tape to avoid movement and prevent scratches.

Depending on the chemistry and construction makeup, foam materials are commonly used for mounting, gasketing, sealing, weather-stripping, industrial and medical applications.

Available from .015" to .120" thickness and in clear, white, gray and black. Our website is set to allow the use of cookies.

3M Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4026 15 Options Add to compare Compare Our Company About 3M 3M Careers Investor Relations Partners & Suppliers … Our 365-day return policy guarantees you'll always get the right part! Our appliance adhesive tape assortment covers many different applications for ovens, hoods and other cooking appliances. Acrylic Foams, often referred to as VHB Foam Tapes, offer outstanding visco-elastic characteristics and excellent resistance to many environmental elements, such as sunlight, ozone, temperature, and water, makes it ideal for long-lasting, ultra high end or extreme outdoor bonding applications. Often referred to as: More Foam Tapes Thanks. Start doing it yourself with the confidence that comes with 100+ years of experience.

Acrylic Foam Tapes Currently no data is transferred to social networks. If you are happy with cookies please click 'Proceed' or simply continue browsing. Only then, and not before, a data connection will be built up. Polyethylene (PE) Foam Tapes In stock and ready to ship. It is a black, 0.040 in (1.0 mil) modified acrylic adhesive with a very conformable, foam core. Please contact us for any questions regarding our products and services. Closed cell foams do not absorb water and are excellent for outdoor applications. Tape can also fix other film or boards.

Answer K, the double sided tape comes with one 1" x 1/2" (approx.) Double Sided Tape - Whirlpool WP74009014 - Part differ in appearance or color, but functions same as original. Polyethylene Foam is a strong and resilient closed-cell foam. Foam sheets are available plain or with acrylic or rubber adhesive in different thicknesses, densities and colors. Sponge Rubber Foams are closed cell products that are flexible and compressible, often used for long-lasting indoor/outdoor applications; sealing, gasketing, insulating, and weather stripping. Vinyl foam tapes are durable, weather-resistant and remain flexible on exposure to extreme temperature and light.

info@mbktape.com. Dream, Design, Deliver with our 3M VHB Flame Retardant Tape 5958FR. With double-sided tapes, emblems can be mounted without punching the metal or plastic substrates – ideal when pre-assembled. MBK is committed to excellent customer service, quality products, on-time delivery and innovative cost-effective solutions. From the model given, your unit uses two of these and six of the single sided tape, part number WP74004224 . First we loosened the oven handle which required removing 4 screws.

Mounting of Emblems フォームテープには様々な用途があり、ガスケットや 接着、 シーリング、 被覆剥き、 熱絶縁及び振動減衰にとどまりません。フォームテープは、家電製品、 自動車産業、 シャワーとバスタブ、 窓製造などで使用されます。, 片面テープ - テープの片面だけに接着剤が付いており、 このテープはガスケット、 保護パッケージなどに最適です。材料の表面が不規則でサイズが変化しそうな場合、隙間を埋めるのに使用します。, 両面テープ - フォームの両面に接着剤が塗布されています。主に取り付け用途に使用されますが、 他の用途もあります。熱で硬化しないため、両面を異なる率で膨張させながら、接着したままにすることができます。, EPDMは、耐候性に優れ、低温にも高温にも強い合成ゴムです。屋外での使用に最適です。, PVC は、経年劣化に対して優れた耐性を持つ汎用フォームで、 紫外線に強く、耐候性に優れています。片面テープと両面テープがあり、柔らかいものから硬いものまで密度もさまざまです。PVCは、EPDMに特性が似ている汎用テープです。経年劣化に強く、耐候性に優れています。通常は圧縮状態で難燃性があります。, ポリエチレンは、片面テープと両面テープがあり、柔らかいものから硬いものまで密度もさまざまです。経年劣化に対する耐性に優れた汎用フォームで、 紫外線に強く、耐候性に優れています。ポリウレタンは、低コストのため汎用性があるテープです。片面テープと両面テープがあります。 ただし、ソフトな密度のフォームは、風雨や紫外線にさらされた場合、経年劣化に弱い特性があります。高密度フォームは経年劣化に対しても強くなります。. Interested in getting news about tesa® products and promotions. EPDM is blended with neoprene and SBR to create a general-purpose foam that offers good resistance to water and wear. Sponge Rubber / Neoprene, EPDM, SBR Blended Foam Tapes Vinyl Foam Tapes are closed cell foams that are chemically resistant and low cost, used as gaskets to seal out light, air, dust and noise.

Buy Foam Tape, Part #WB02X26088 with fast shipping! Larger displays and other design reasons have led to increased requirements when it comes to mounting control panels to appliances. For more details on cookies and how we use them please refer to our This happens first when you click on the referring icon. 818-998-1477 DISCUSS YOUR PROJECT Sponge Rubber Foam sheets are available plain or with acrylic or rubber adhesive in various colors, thicknesses and densities. Fixing a metal construction with screws is an unsatisfactory solution.

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